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About Memory Lane Video

Memory Lane is a group of filmmaking professionals who work towards pushing new boundaries inside and out of the wedding genre. Our team members are the proud auteurs of several award winning narrative films, music videos, and feature length films. Every wedding is a new challenge, and every finished wedding film is something you will be proud to show your family & friends. Memory Lane continues to set the highest standards for wedding cinematography. With over 900 weddings worth of experience, and several gifted & talented collaborating artists, we guarantee a unique and artistic perspective on documenting the most important day of your life.

New Boundaries

Always developing new ideas in film making.

Aerial Footage

Developed and pioneered the successful capture of aerial cinema. We own and operate with extreme intricacy out fleet of drones to artistically capture footage.

Concept Films

We offer a creative aspect to your wedding day, creating a story and video that gives you the grand entrance everyone will be talking about.


Unsurpassed quality is the fine orchestration of skilled filming, personalization, and creative editing.

Memory Lane Video is the #1 Wedding Videographer in Las Vegas!


Here is just a sample of some of the work we have done so far!


Marilee Lenon + Lee Jason Zafra

Preview Trailer

Nikki Nana + Elrod Bitor

Preview Trailer

Carrie Clayton + Kasra Ghaharian

Preview Trailer

Sarah Mickey + Patrick Mickey

Preview Trailer

Rachel Bell + Max Helmer

Preview Trailer

Ricky -

John  -