DragonRidge Country Club – Emily + JR – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Venue: Dragonridge Country Club | Photographers: Sarah Tribett Photography | Decor Company & Linens: Jovani Linens | Florist: Enchanted Florist | Hair & Makeup: BridalGlam LV | Cake/Sweets: Peridot Sweets | DJ/Band: Knight Sounds Entertainment | Invitations: Minted | Lighting: LED Unplugged | Photobooth: Shutterbooth | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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DragonRidge Country Club – Megan + Hammed – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Photographers/ Photography Company: Let Me Show you Love Photography| Decor Company & Linens: By Dzign | Florist: By-Dzign  | Hair & Make Up: Viva Blowout | Cake/Sweets: Las Vegas Custom Cakes  | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations: Minted.com  | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers | Instagram (names): Meganteed and Itshammed

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DragonRidge Country Club – Samantha + Jay – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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DragonRidge Country Club – Susie + Tony – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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DragonRidge Country Club – Nina + Phil – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Phil is a phlebotomist at a hospital and Nina is an occupational therapist who works with children with special needs. The couple are currently living in the Bay Area, California. They met  in Las Vegas in October of 2008 for their mutual friend’s birthday celebration. At the time, Nina was living in Las Vegas, NV and Phil resided in the Bay Area.  From the first weekend that the two met, both knew that what they had found something special and worked very hard to make a long distance relationship work.  On their first date Nina & Phil had dinner at a romantic Cuban restaurant in Las Vegas and then went to a club with a beautiful rooftop view called the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio hotel.

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DragonRidge Country Club – Jessica + Eric – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Memory Lane Video is introducing our lovely couple Jessica and Eric, both being Internal Medicine Residents at the University of Utah.

The two met while they had attended the same medical school entrance exam preparation class. Not too long afterwards, they had their first classic dinner and movie date! This is where history and fate began to take place.

“I met the love of my life and had always thought Jessica had the most beautiful voice. I waited for the last day of class and waited for Jessica to walk out. I calmly and confidently asked her for her phone number and she said YES to my charming self!”  Said Eric so happily. “I called her that very night and our conversation seemed to last all through most of the night!  Even calling each other during study breaks, which lead to our first date, and then the 2nd and here we are!”

“I had never expected to meet my soul mate the summer after graduating from Duke and attending medical college admission test prep course!” Said Jessica with a smile. “Eric was shy to talk to me during the first couple of weeks of the course, but I remember thinking that he seemed like a nice guy.  Then came the final day of our course and Eric waited for me to exit and with hands shaking with nerves, he asked me for my phone number.  I gave it to him and to my surprise he called me that very night! We ended up talking and getting to know each other over the next several weeks and then August 31 2010, Eric asked me to be his girlfriend!” Said emotional Jessica.

We asked our sweet couple to give us their most memorable moments from their wedding and of course we loved their answers. “Seeing my bride to be and the love of my life walk down the isle.” Said Eric.  “The moment when Eric and I exchanged our vows and having Eric place my wedding ring on my finger, gave such a beautiful and special moment to cherish.” Said Jessica.

When it came to their favorite details of their special day, Eric shared that his favorites were, “Jessica’s dress, the matching shoes of the groomsmen, and the Flowers.”

Jessica shared that her favorites were, “ Saying I Do to the love of my life, amazing speeches from our family and friends, and the dancing! The music by Elev8 put everyone out on the dance floor, from Eric’s 11yr old cousin, to his 80yr old grandmother!”

Memory Lane Video asked our couple to shed light on some advice for future newly weds to be and this is what they shared. “Remember your partner is experiencing the same stress you are, so remember to work together to negotiate obstacles. Try to enjoy every step of the wedding planning and try not to stress. Allow the special moments to soak in and do the planning one detail at a time.”

In choosing their venue, our couple is both from Las Vegas and wanted a classy venue! Definitely one that could accommodate all of their family and friends, “We selected Dragon Ridge Country Club due to the location, amazing staff and high quality of food!” Cheerfully said Jessica and Eric. “The ballroom was completely stunning. It even contained elegant rock walls that sparkled in the light. They had excellent previous reviews and good reputations with vendors as well as the Las Vegas skyline view was amazing!”

“We were very happy with all of our vendors and planned very carefully who we selected based on price and recommendations.” Shared Eric. “We were very happy to choose Jenna Ebert Photography to be our photographer as our photographs turned out amazing! We also loved MakeUp in the 702, Annie did a superb job with everyone’s makeup that lasted all night through the tears and dancing. Gimme Some Sugar did a fantastic job on our wedding cake and turned out exactly how we had envisioned it to be and taste. We were even really impressed with how the floral arrangements turned our. Robert at Flowers in the Field created such beautiful centerpieces, turning out better than we even imagined!” Happily said Jessica and Eric.

“We chose Memory Lane Video due to their high recommendations from our venue and their impressive reviews. Not only that but we had seen Memory Lane Video at the Bridal Spectacular show as well. We were impressed by their booth and did our research when we got home and fell in love with the quality of work. We found that they were excellent at what they did and well worth the price!” Shared Jessica and Eric.

Now that the wedding has passed, we asked what our couple had learned looking back on their special day. “We learned to not stress as much about all of the details and how everything would come together. Eventually everything will turn out exactly how you envision it to be and you will be able to really enjoy the day. Don’t stress and try to please everyone else, remember you cannot make everyone happy. It is not worth getting upset at each other during the process, but work together to accomplish your visions.”

“We were so pleased with Memory Lane Video and how they put up with me when I was stressed to the max!” Laughed Eric. “I never felt like they were in the way or interrupting the wedding in any way!” Said Jessica. “We believe video is important and essential to capturing your special day, so that you can relive the experiences we felt for years and years to come. It is able to capture the heart-warming speeches and your first dance as a married couple. It truly captures such wide emotion of the events and you will always remember exactly how happy you were looking back on this day!” Emotionally said our couple.

Our two lovebirds will be spending their Honeymoon in Europe! Visiting England, France, Spain, and Germany. “We choose this location because Jessica had never been to Europe and I wanted to do something really special!” Said Eric.

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DragonRidge Country Club – Hali’s Quinceanera – Las Vegas Videography

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Look at this exquisite room of Disney themed Quinceanera celebrating Hali’s big day.

 Jovani Linens, Flora Couture, LED Unplugged, Shutterbooth, Freed’s cake,  Caricature, and Jen Spraul with DJenneration

Memory Lane Video


las vegas wedding videographers, memory lane video, dragonridge country club,  Jovani Linens, Flora Couture, LED Unplugged, Shutterbooth, Freed’s cake,  Caricature, and Jen Spraul with DJenneration

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DragonRidge Country Club – Brooke + James – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Blog post by Las Vegas Wedding Videographers, Memory Lane Video.

We own a dance studio in Henderson named  B. Sharp School of Dance.  James is also a bartender at Wet Republic pool at MGM Grand.” shared the newly married couple. 

Let us take a trip down memory lane to when Brooke and James met. As stated by the couple, “We met in the dorms at UNLV in 2004.  We lived in the freshman dorms and our rooms were across the hall from one another.  When we went on our first date neither of us had a car so we took the bus to New York New York and ate dinner at Chin Chin.  We then walked to the Bellagio and watched the fountain show.  During the fountain show I looked up to the top of the Bellagio and told him that someday we would get married up there.  Well, we didn’t get married up there but on the night of my 26th birthday we had a room in the Bellagio and James said to me as we watched the fountains from our room, ‘Brooke, I know we can’t get married up here, but we can get engaged.’ Then he got down on one knee and proposed.”

One moment I always think about is how I held it together all day, but when Memory Lane interviewed me about two minutes before I walked down the aisle, I completely broke down!” confessed Brooke.

The couple’s three favorite details from their wedding were:

  1. The way our reception looked with all the decorations that we picked out.  I loved that we picked out every detail on our own and it was completely our vision.”
  2. We absolutely loved our cakes. Yes, we had five cakes.  Five of the most amazing looking and tasting cakes I have ever seen or tasted.”
  3. Our food…now I am hungry.

One piece of advise Brooke and James have to offer is to “Have fun, and take your time. It took us three years to plan and actually pull off our wedding.  I still feel like I needed more time, but you have to pull the trigger sooner or later!  Don’t let anyone talk you into anything.  It is your day, decorate how you want, eat what you want, and listen to the music you want! Also, pick the vendors you click with.  Don’t worry about who the venue wants you to use, if they want your money then they will work with you, if not, leave and go somewhere where you are comfortable and are able to use who you want!

Brooke and James actually explained the key factor that helped finalize DragonRidge Country Club as their venue. The couple admitted, We wanted a view of the strip; that was number one.  Since we were not having any events on the strip we at least wanted the view.  We loved the way Millie worked with us at Dragon Ridge and how we were 100% able to customize our menu, tables, etc.”  

Apart from Memory Lane, we chose Gimme Some Sugar, as their cakes are out of this world. They took my creative vision,  and made it come to life!  They were wonderful.” said the couple.

James insisted that we find the best for our wedding video and spend a lot of our budget to do so. When we saw what Memory Lane Video produced at a Dragon Ridge event, we said that we had to secure them for our wedding. We can’t wait to see our video!” exclaimed the couple.

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DragonRidge Country Club – Beth + Alexander – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Beth is a marketing and public relations manager at retail technology company and Alex operates his own construction and renovations company.

Alex and Beth met online within a week of signing up. He was her first and only date she went on. For their first date, they met up for drinks at a restaurant and later went on to play pool where he “let” her win a game and they shared their first kiss. 

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DragonRidge Country Club – Traci + Case – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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Traci is an owner of Scheme Events, a wedding and event planning company in Las Vegas. Case is a sportswriter for the Las Vegas Sun and other Greenspun Media Group publications, covering a wide variety of topics ranging from sports betting to combat sports in Southern Nevada.

The couple met when they were both 15-years-old through mutual friends — including Tom Hutton, a groomsman in the wedding, but didn’t start dating until two years later.
The first date was a memorable, and bizarre, one. Traci had become a close friend of Case, who decided to take her to his high school’s senior prom. They had fun through the dinner and dance, but it took an accident to really bring them together. At the after-prom party, Case began attempting flips and backflips with a couple of friends on an inflatable Twister board. He got a little too much momentum on one of them, and after landing, flew into a gym wall head-first. Blood splattered everywhere and a glut of concerned friends and chaperones surrounded him, but no one knew what to do as well as Traci. She delivered him to the emergency room, where her father was the on-duty physician.
What a first-impression for Case to make to his future father-in-law. Dr. John McMaster inserted seven staples into the back of Case’s head — the first without any numbing injection…ouch! —and then it was back to the party. The experience formed a bond that would only grow stronger for nearly nine years before they got married.

All the time spent with family and friends was wonderful, and included several moments we will cherish forever. But as far as the most memorable moment shared exclusively between us, it would have to be the band Mark & The Martinis dedicating Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” to us shortly after we reached the reception. As music buffs, we’ve always had an unexplainable fascination with the Welsh singer. We hadn’t planned on having a traditional first dance, but couldn’t resist when Mark unleashed his pipes to one of our favorite songs. We made our way to the dance floor and winged it, probably embarrassing ourselves in the process. But we were both so happy and lost in the moment that we couldn’t care less,” recalled the couple.

When planning our wedding, there were several details that we wanted included to make the entire day be a reflection of who we are as a couple. We wanted guests to feel welcome upon their arrival here in Las Vegas so we created a welcome bag for the hotel to deliver to guests’ rooms. The welcome bags had a variety of our favorite things here in Las Vegas ranging from Retro Bakery sugar cookies, chocolate caramels from Peridot Sweets, a deck of cards from the World Series of Poker and a bottle of champagne. Having a live band was a huge detail that we could not go without. We are huge live music lovers, Mark & The Martinis are a band that we had seen a few years prior to our wedding and we just knew that we had to have them at our wedding… even before we were engaged. The third and final detail that we knew we had to have was amazing photos. Traci has known Chelsea Nicole for a few years and always admired her light, airy and romantic style of photography and knew that she would be the perfect for for the wedding day and vision. No detail goes unnoticed when Chelsea is around and that was huge for us,” said Case and Traci.

​​”We wanted to give guests a more unique experience than a typical wedding in Las Vegas while still maintaining a formal nature for the special day. We were interested in venues away from the Strip and other locations guests from out of town usually associate with our city,” explained the couple.

Traci was well-acquainted with DragonRidge Country Club from her years in the Las Vegas events-industry, and thought it might be the perfect place but wanted to get Case’s thoughts. When Case first visited the ballroom, he was blown away when the curtains were lifted to reveal the beautiful view of the city on the balcony. Case and Traci agreed the tranquil setting, with a serene desert scene on the other side of the building, would be fantastic for their guests. It enabled them to keep their vision of a traditional wedding while visitors could still get a taste of Las Vegas.

I found out about Memory Lane Video by working with John, Ricky and their team the past four years of being in business with Scheme Events. John and Ricky have become amazing friends to me and I would not have chosen anyone else,” said Traci.

​”Now that the wedding has commenced, I learned not to procrastinate. Case kept telling me that we needed to be doing things for the wedding, as if I didn’t know. I have always had the mentality of putting others first and planning clients weddings was more important to me than planning my own. I knew it would get done, eventually. We sent out invitations one month before the wedding due to my procrastination and yes, it was over the Christmas holidays and we were stressed about guests not getting them or not being able to come anymore. In the end, it all worked out and we are so thrilled each and every person that did make it to the wedding was there to celebrate and be a part of this huge milestone in our lives,” Traci recalled.

Some advice for future couples planning their own wedding would be to take one or two tasks a month and plan them, take a break, pick one or two more the next month and cross them off your to do list; hire a wedding planner to keep track of all the details. We also would have to say even though it is a busy time in both of your lives, take some time for yourselves, even the week of the wedding, go on a date or two and don’t forget about what a special time it for the two of you,” said Traci and Case.

What made us book Memory Lane Video services was that they have such an amazing team of videographers that we knew they would fit in on our wedding day. Not to mention, their videos are truly amazing and show the emotions, love and happiness throughout the whole day. On the wedding day, I loved that they showed up and we barely noticed they were there throughout the day, but you know that they were capturing everything that was happening,” recalled the couple.

I think video is important and recommend it to all of my clients. We live in the 21st century and being able to capture the emotions, laughs, voices, etc. of your family and friends is something that you will cherish forever,” Traci said.

The couple spent a week in South Florida, and then a week on a Caribbean cruise shortly after the wedding. They love the ocean and Case had always wanted to set sail with Traci, who desired to visit a few Eastern Caribbean islands. Getting on one of the two biggest cruise ships in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, was a great way to accomplish both after having already entered a relaxed state with extended time in the Fort Lauderdale area.
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