Bellagio Hotel – Melody + Wayne

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Bellagio Hotel Weddings filmed by Memory Lane Video

Melody & Wayne secured Memory Lane Video’s services in March 2012 for their wedding at the Bellagio in May.  The couple resides in Florida and did not plan on getting a videographer since they were already spending a good amount on photography.  Their co-worker advised them do to their research and they found Memory lane Video.  The closing deal for them was that they were sold after viewing the sample videos on the website and hearing what past clients had to say.  The highlight reels were something they had never seen before for weddings.  The quality and editing made them seem like high-budget music videos and they are definitely something you can watch over and over again.  Melody stated. “We’re most excited about being able to share the highlight reel online with our friends and family who were not able to make the trip to our destination wedding.”

On the day of the event Melody and Wayne recalled the staff being very professional, friendly and punctual. They also liked the attire, dress shirts and ties even though they were hauling camera equipment.  “It’s just so very Vegas Strip to me to always be dressed up no matter what you are doing It was a step up from the ordinary company embroidered polo shirt.  We also liked how they helped direct us on where to face when we were doing certain things, bouquet and garter toss, etc.  We were all over the place and it was nice to get some guidance.” Melody stated.


The importance of a wedding videographer was answered by Melody stating : “As soon as the wedding was over, we kept saying to each other how glad we were to have a video to look forward to.  The event went by so fast and we are so grateful that we will have a video to replay everything and to show us what we missed, most importantly.  We were thinking that photos would be enough, but after all the words that were said and dancing moves that were busted, we really would have regretted not investing in a videographer.

Getting Ready:  Bellagio Hotel

Ceremony:  Bellagio Hotel

Reception:  Bellagio Hotel

Cinematography:  Memory Lane Video