Caesars Palace and Wellington Place | John + Kurtis | Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photographers:  Zoltan Wedding Photography | Decor Company & Linens:Wellington Place | Florist: Aracia’s Arrangements,  Caesars Palace, and Wellington Place | Hair & Makeup: glamwithkoko | Cake/Sweets: Wellington Place | DJ/Band: DJ BXone aka Tito Rivera | Invitations:  Family Friend | Wedding Planners: N/A | Lighting: Wellington Place | Photobooth: Wellington Place | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video

John McLendon & Kurtis Jewell chose their venue for a whole slew of reasons. One of the main ones was the various positive reviews they saw online. The positive reviews, in addition to cost and the ability to have all of their needed items taken care of at one location, led them to choose Wellington Place. The more they could have handled by one vendor, the less likely they would have issues with coordination and follow-through since it was a destination wedding.  Wellington Place handled the reception, catering, desserts, deejay, and transportation to and from the hotel. They went above and beyond to ensure John and Kurtis had an excellent experience.

Despite thinking it was cliche, Kurtis felt that the entire experience was money well-spent. They paid less for a four-day wedding experience in Las Vegas than they would have if they had the wedding been in Columbus, Ohio as a one-day event! In addition to Kurtis, John felt  The Nobu Sake Suite was “money well spent” for him because it was a large enough space for everyone to hang out at a centralized location. Everyone was able to get ready without people feeling like they were on top of each other.

As well as Memory Lane, John and Kurtis also were extremely happy with Zoltan Photography, Caesar’s Palace, Wellington Place, Glamwithkoko, and DJ BXone as part of their special day. The wedding could not have gone more smoothly or as big of a success as it was without all of these vendors. Each one of them provided a special experience we will be able to reflect on for the rest of their lives.

John and Kurtis were referred to Memory Lane Video by Zoltan from Zoltan Wedding Photography.  John and Kurtis booked Memory Lane Video because of the preview videos that were sent to them. They really enjoyed the promo videos that they had seen and felt they needed the video as a way to remember their special day

On the day of the event, what John and Kurtis admired most about Memory Lane Video was the friendliness and professionalism shown by the team. Each Memory Lane Video Team member was respectful of the other vendors and made them feel like they were extremely happy to be a part of our special day.

Upon the referral form Zoltan and the praises that were received from them regarding MLV, John and Kurtis did not feel the need to research or consider any other cinematography services.

 If John and Kurtis were to describe the necessity of future video to clients, it would be because photography catches a frozen moment of your special day where videography catches the moment in real-time and puts words to that picture. Also, video can capture so much more in a quick moment than photography. There may be several different emotions that are all captured by video, but photography only has the ability to capture one of those emotions.  They think future clients should book with Memory Lane Video’s service because of its elevated customer service and professionalism. You can tell the team wants to partner with you on your special day and has a passion for what they do. Anyone can provide a service, but when the vendor you hire to capture those special moments makes you feel like they are just as excited as your family and friends to be a part of your wedding, you know you’ve hired the right people! As was the case with them hiring Memory Lane Video.