Canyon Gate Country Club – Pamela + Stephen – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: Canyon Gate Country Club | Photographers/ Photography Company:    Exceed Photography | Decor Company & Linens:  RSVP Rentals  | Florist:   English Garden | Hair & Makeup:  Makeup Now Vegas | Cake/Sweets:   LV Custom Cakes | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations:  1st Impressions Invitations | Lighting:  LED Unplugged and Harry O Productions |Photobooth: Harry O Productions | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

The love Pam and Steve felt for each other grew stronger day after day as Steve constantly cared for her with all his heart. Pam was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2013 which made the year 2014 quite difficult. Steve never left her all alone and was always gentle with her throughout the whole period. It got to a point during this period that Steve thought to himself about taking his relationship with Pam to the next level knowing fully well that he had grown to love her so much and he would love to spend the rest of his life with her.

For some time, Steve had been searching for a ring and also seeking for assistance from Pam’s cousin Sharn on how he would be able to ask permission from Pam’s Dad. During the 2014 thanksgiving, Steve had decided to go with Pam to spend it with her family at Patterson. There Steve took the bold step and asked Pam’s Dad for permission to marry his daughter Pam. It was a very delightful moment for Palm’s Dad as Steve and Pam cuddled on a love seat in the living room as Pam’s Dad said, “Yes.” to Steve.

During the month of December, they decided to splurge, get a room on the strip and go all out for New Year’s Eve. They both thought it to be a good idea to plan a staycation for the weekend, but Steve was able to persuade Pam to go all in on a high-end room.

Pam had gone to the Cosmopolitan Hotel after work to meet Steve. They had a beautiful room overlooking the Bellagio fountains with a balcony; Pam went ahead and quickly got ready because she wanted to bring in New Year feeling her best. While Pam was sleeping, Steve was busy Googling on ways to propose and which knee to kneel on as he made a few practice to calm the nerves. When Pam woke up, she joined Steve in the celebration; she never knew Steve had already started the party. As they both went on to enjoy the music and good conversation as they usually do!  Pam began to observe that Steve was really throwing them back but she did not think too much of it.

Pam sat out on the balcony overlooking the strip as midnight approached, she began to think about the preceding year, how she and Steve had been able to pull through and how lucky we were! At this time, Steve was busy running around in the room, what he was doing, no one has an idea. Pam could remember telling Steve to hurry up that he was going to miss it all! Steve had music playing in the background, while he brought champagne, a thing which was not new for the both of them!  At 11:55pm, Steve took Pam’s hand and asked her, “What was 2014 about?”  Pam began to cry as she said, “Cancer.”, this made Steve change the conversation immediately because it began badly. As Steve talked to Pam about the life he wanted them to have, Palm realized that Bruno Mars Marry Me was playing in the background; she burst into tears and began to cry. Steve professed his love to her as he got down on his knees, Pam immediately knew what was about to happen next as Steve was kneeling, she couldn’t help herself as tears streamed down her face whilst she set sights on the Vegas strip with fireworks going off in the background, she said “Yes.”

After the proposal, Pam told Steve that he had put the ring on the wrong finger! I guess I should have had a few less drinks Steve said as they both laughed. The night and weekend was spent at the Cosmo as they celebrated their engagement with family and friends via the phone & face time!  This was how they began a wonderful 2015!

April was a significant month in the life of the couple. Most of the important events in their life had happened in April. This led them to choose the Month of April to get married.  April was the month they met, was the same month they decided to move to Vegas and we also bought our home in April. These brought up the idea of getting married in the month of April. Although they fell there is nothing special about the date, but they just knew we wanted to get married in the Month of April.

The Canyon Gate Country Club was the wedding reception. They chose this venue for their wedding because of the scenery at dusk as they felt it was a perfect place to express their love for each other. They felt that special feeling when they walked in and talked to Dawn the wedding coordinator as she made them feel special, letting them know how special their day meant to her. They wanted a naturally beautiful space and red rock canyon was one of their favorite spots in Vegas, as they could be able to see where they would get married from the balcony of their home. They knew the location was close to their home and really had a lot of benefits for getting married there. The wedding coordinator really made them feel important and mentioned that she would be there with them every step of the way in the planning process. We couldn’t have felt more at ease with Dawn and Brittney there for us! They said

According to them money well spent was everything they had as they felt it was perfect, thought if they were to make a pick, they would say.

For Pam, money well spent was in the area of photography, as the pictures were beautiful and will be with them forever. The pictured Edtya the photographer took will be greatly cherished and would leave a lasting memory in their heart all through their lifetime!  Edtya was amazing and made them feel so comfortable throughout the entire day and wonderful shots! The coupled acknowledged.

For Steve, money well spent was in the area of flowers, it was used the second day at a BBQ at their home. Tacy was so nice and generous to them. She helped them make sure the flowers were there and didn’t even charge the delivery fee. We couldn’t have felt more spoiled by English Garden and Tacy! They said.

They both appreciate the fact that memory was also part of money well spent. Although they are yet to see the video or preview as of yet, they had a great feeling when one of the owners, Ricky, who was not privileged to be at their wedding paid them a visit to see them and their family.  Ricky felt really interested to know how they have been able to merge their wedding with East and West, feeling Pam’s family had not seem such a wedding because Pam’s family is from India. They felt so loved!  Memory Lane also told us that they have never had so much footage of a wedding like ours which gave us the feeling that the product of it all is going to be really amazing and nothing will be missed.

The couple felt really happy with English Garden, Exceed Photography, Canyon Gate Country Club and Harry O Productions.  They have heard of Memory Lane Video from Harry O Productions, their DJ and had gone ahead to read reviews on their website.  They wanted to book Memory Lane from the videos they have seen, but they knew the way they felt with the staffs will be what actually mattered. An appointment was scheduled and unknown to us there had probably been a miscommunication or they felt they probably got confused with the mix of meeting invite on phones and their busy work schedules.  They ended up the office on Christmas Eve by accident because they had gotten their days mixed up, yet at the office they were made to feel like it was a sign!  At Memory Lane, they were made to feel like it was not a big deal by John and the couple even made a funny post on Instagram about it. They couple knew they had to feel no worries with their video in the hands of Memory Lane.  The couple also appreciated the fact that they were given a very comfortable payment option, which did not make them feel stressed about paying the day of the wedding or a week before when every other payment was due.

They really admired the job did by Memory Lane describing as great. They liked the feeling they got about Memory Lane being in hiding making them feel that nothing was in their way. The personalities of the staffs and the fact that they were all happy to be at the wedding was admired by the couple as well as they ability of the staffs being able to work with other photographers at the wedding making it feel like they were from the same team! They confessed not to have met with any other video company because they had already met a lot of them at open houses and they did not feel like they wanted the services of any of the company for their wedding.

They thought it needful to advise future clients that it is not just enough to share a video that has nothing unique to tell family and friends. Pictures could be great, but Memory Lane helps you tell a story and summarizes them up in ways in which you will never miss a thing.  It could be expensive, but when it’s all said and done what will be left with you are the gracious memories! A video is always an amazing way of remembering everything you see including the things you must have missed or experienced due to the fact you were trying to get ready or taking pictures!  With great staff, wonderful service and quality video, Memory Lane remains the right place for your booking.

Venue: Canyon Gate Country Club | Photographers/ Photography Company: Exceed Photography | Decor Company & Linens: RSVP Rentals | Florist: English Garden | Hair & Makeup: Makeup Now Vegas | Cake/Sweets: LV Custom Cakes | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations: 1st Impressions Invitations | Lighting: LED Unplugged and Harry O Productions |Photobooth: Harry O Productions | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers