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Venue: Chandelier Banquet HallLou Photography: Jhun Cano and Jun Saldito | Florist: Jayr Celestino | Hair and Makeup: Stevee Danielle’s Salon | Cake: Cake World | Invitations: Chic Favors and Invitations | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Meeting my wife Mary was one thing I never believed was possible. I never believed it would be possible to meet such a wonderful person through my friend Jayr Celestino whom we both shared as mutual friend back then. We physically met when Jayr Celestino invited us to the birthday celebration of his Nephew which he hosted at his place. That was where I’d met Mary for the first time and believe me it was so hard keep my eyes off her.

I remember our first date where I had so many challenges because I wanted everything to be so perfect and in doing so, I had to make sure it would be at the right place, I had to be on the right outfit. I just had to make the best first impression since it was our first date. Communicating with her was such a thing I became so addicted to, we exchanged text messages, spent hours over the phone, and we even had a lot of chat via Facebook. This is what we were used to till we finally met for the first time.  Within a short time, we got to know our likes and dislikes and this helped us move up the ladder in our relationship. P.F. Changs was the perfect spot for our first date and it was ensured that everything is just in the right place. It was a time for us to have an outing together as lovers and so I wanted to be as memorable as it could. Being a gentleman as I was, I ensured to be the first to get to the venue of our date and I could feel a lot of moisture swelling on my hands as I started to sweat profusely. Being able to keep up a conversation during dates is very healthy for new relationships and so I began to think of possible questions I could ask her but to my greatest surprise, I lost the ability to remember these the moment she arrived the scene. Her warm smile had a way to sweep me off my feet the moment we saw each other, my nose were further mesmerized by the gentle smell of roses which reached my nose as she reached her arms to give a warm embrace. As we sat, the jokes started coming and the way she laughed at these jokes, even though they’d sound like nothing close to it made me feel so comfortable throughout our time at P.F Changs. I also discovered she was a shy person. Everything else became history as the beauty and sweet feelings took over our existence.

The engagement part of this lovely story of our love didn’t happen like every other one out there. It want about me asking the biggest question of a lifetime while on my knees. It took Mary and myself about a year after our first date in order to publicly make our intention to spend the rest of our lives with each other known to everyone that mattered. During the one year period, we got to learn more fascinating things about one another, we learned about each other’s goals, family and history of our respective origins. Moving in together presented a different ball game entirely as you get to learn many new details like her pattern of sleep, how she snores, you’ll get to know how she looks early in the morning as she wakes up. At this stage, you find yourself falling deeper in love with your lover even though you continue to see more flaws. There is absolutely no need to turn back now because we have seen the deepest things about each other. What gain will there be in turning your back on someone that opens their heart to give an unconditional love to you. We continued living together for a period of five years after which a new topic struck our heart and that’s how we began to talk about marriage every day. Our intention was to have a small wedding at the chapel which would be nice for our budget. This was an idea Mary Loved but I changed my mind as I began to see reasons why we had to get the best. For me, I wanted everybody to know the woman who has stolen the most delicate part of my existence-my heart, I wanted the world to know the woman I’m getting married to and more to this, I wanted to teach the younger generation that marriage is a beautiful thing.

We both agreed to have a bigger event but as usual, the bigger the bill, the harder you work and so we had to save for the biggest event of our lives, even though it was going to cost a lot, we were willing to put in our very best. One evening, I went out just before her arrival from work as I went to look for a perfect ring for her. Though I had eyes on one I knew she’d love and the only thing left was for me to check to see if it was available and then swipe my card to complete the payments. I initially planned to surprise her like everyone always does by taking her out on a dinner and present the ring to her but out of excitement I couldn’t hold the news any longer and so I surprised her with the ring at home. Mary was so happy that I’d never seen her smile the way she did all my life. Mary also took me by surprise as she brought another ring a few weeks later and this was a very new ring as I’d never seen it before. I was shocked to learn that there would be two rings for the whole thing (Promise and engagement). Bankruptcy was all I could see (jokes though) as for this reason, we contacted Jared to size the ring she’d gotten for me. When we got to Jared’s, I asked Mary to pick one, she was stunned to hear me say that but I made sure never to propose to her there. I was able to hold the joy in my heart till we got to the car and then those four little words ensued.

Due to the weather condition at that time, we decided to make it on the 14th of many 2016. This was because we never wanted to get married at a period of the year where it was too hot or cold and based on this, May was our best shot. The choice of May as the special day was also based on the fact that the family saw more of May Babies which was more reason to bring happiness to the home.

The choice of a wedding reception was based on 3 main factors and these includes:

  1. The space was perfect and this was enough for the number of guest we’re expecting
  2. The level of flexibility offered by the venue and staffs along with their concerns and idea that we wanted to bring to the theme and colors.
  3. To complete the list, the venue provided dinner, music and other services upon request through other venders which made our planning process easier.

One of the most memorable of all events that occurred during our wedding was the way and manner Elias Loya and Alicia Sparks read their speeches.  They were able to touch hearts with their utterances. Another thing that I will never forget in my marriage was when we saw our self for the first time that day just by the garden inside J.W Marriot. Even though it was such a short time, we were happy.

The money spent on booking the services of memory lane videos to capture all beautiful moments of our event was worth it. Other vendors also exist that we owe the success of our special event. The services of Cake World, Jayr Celestino Flower Arrangements as well as Chandelier Banquet Hall is highly appreciated.

Memory lane videos was listed among the search result from google when we were making our research for the best video services in the area. We chose memory lane video services because of the certain degree of clearity and quality of sound and picture they provide. We’ve seen previous works by memory lane and then we realized we’re contacting the right company for the Job.

Memory lane is a company endowed with the best team players, I was quite impressed when I looked from where I was sitting beside my wife and saw how organized the staffs were, and they were so professional about everything from the filming process to creating and capturing the great moments of the event within such a limited time.

We made inquiries from companies like Was Foto Lab 45, choosing memory lane over Foto Lab was based on the no other fact but how mastered they are in the business of video recording. More to that, we wanted a video with more cinematical feel and we knew Memory Lane could do this perfectly well than Foto Lab would.

Having video services on memorable events like a wedding is very necessary and Memory lane actually knows how to make the best with Pictures, sound quality and cinematical effects are also perfected by them. This will be one thing that the family can revisit several years to come. It will be able to teach our future generation the beauty there could be in love. I am not asking anyone to believe what=at I am saying, I recommend you get the services and see what happens to your event.

Our gratitude goes to John Sanchez and to all staffs of Memory lane for their hard work and commitment towards bringing the best in our event as they did everything within their powers to make sure the most important day of our life is never forgotten

Venue: Chandelier Banquet Hall | Lou Photography: Jhun Cano and Jun Saldito | Florist: Jayr Celestino | Hair and Makeup: Stevee Danielle's Salon | Cake: Cake World | Invitations: Chic Favors and Invitations | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video - Las Vegas Wedding Videographers