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It was already 7 years into their relationship. Andrew and Lawrence already knew that an engagement was bound to happen: it was only a matter of when. With the help of Lawrence’s best friends, when the day finally came, Andrew had made an engagement plan that Lawrence would never see coming. They both flew out to Seattle, with Andrew under the pretense that they were only going to see his best friend who he hadn’t seen in such a long time. The night that they had arrived, they already planned a dinner for what Lawrence assumed was a reunion. The restaurant sat right near a gorgeous beach, with such an amazing view of the skyline. Right before they ate, the couple took a nice stroll along the beach. As they were walking, Andrew suddenly stopped and expressed to Lawrence his love for him. He got down on one knee and asked the question, to which Lawrence, of course, said yes.

The couple chose the date of September 22nd for their wedding as they wanted to have a Vegas wedding, and they knew that the weather would have been either too hot in summer or too cold in the winter, so the fall just seemed like a perfect time in the middle. Both of Lawrence’s grandparents live here, in Las Vegas, and it would have been difficult for them to travel, so the couple decided to bring the wedding to them. They also just love the city of Vegas, and their venue was at, “The Conference of Las Vegas. Before we walked into the venue, we were stunned by how beautiful it looked from the outside. When we finally walked inside, it was even more beautiful! We were in love with the architecture and the fact that everything was designed with white with gold accents, which complemented our wedding colors of midnight blue and gold.”

Both Andrew and Lawrence were surprised at how much money a wedding really costs. However, for them, it was worth it. Andrew thought that their money was spent the best on, “the fireworks that were placed inside [of] the venue. We had the fireworks go off during our first dance and throughout the night. It took our wedding to the next level, and everyone loved it!” As for Lawrence’s opinion, their money was, “…well spent on videography! During the wedding, everything was a whirlwind, and we did not get to indulge in every single detail. We were so distracted by everything that was going on. Having a video allows us to see our wedding in ways we couldn’t. Also with the video, we can keep it forever, and re-live our wedding for years to come.”

Aside from Memory Lane Video, the couple was really happy to have Events by Bliss and Las Vegas Events Lighting at their wedding. “We had so many design ideas, and they were able to bring our “Night Under the Stars” theme to life.” The couple chose Memory Lane Video after the couple’s first consultation with us. “Within the first couple of wedding videos they showed, we were in tears. At that point, we knew we wanted to have our video portrayed with the same level of emotion, style, and professionalism.”

The thing that the couple enjoyed the most on the day of their wedding about the Memory Lane Video crew was, “how detailed and professional Memory Lane Video was. Their team was hard at work the whole day, and they were there at every moment of the wedding to film.” The pair also states, “Honestly, there were no other companies we truly considered aside from Memory Lane Video. We ultimately looked no further once we saw how many rewards and amazing reviews from other wedding couples.

The couple says that their advice for future couples is to enjoy their wedding at the moment. “You can expect to have the whole experience flash before your eyes, and before you know it, it’s all done… That’s why having a video is one of the most important things you can have at your wedding. The memories you mentally keep are very special, but with a video, it lets you re-live and enjoy your day all over again for the rest of your life.

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