Emerald at QueensRidge | Meagan + William | Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photographers:  Cashman Photography | Decor Company & Linens: The Emerald At QueensRidge | Florist: Albertsons | Hair & Makeup: Makeup in the 702 | Cake/Sweets:  Las Vegas Custom Cakes | DJ/Band: The Emerald At QueensRidge  | Invitations: Alysha Press | Wedding Planners: The Emerald at QueensRidge and Myself | Lighting: The Emerald at QueensRidge

While they toured many venues, Meagan and William chose Emerald at Queens for four specific reasons. For starters, it was the perfect spot for their masquerade/Phantom of the Opera Theme. There were ample options to personalize their wedding through the menu, decor, and lighting to make their perfect day as impressive as it was. The grounds of the Emerald were beautiful without it being your standard golf course, and the staff there was accommodating by breaking up the substantial planning events with designated meetings and tasting events, assigning a wedding coordinator for the big day, and having a staff that was not only on point for the big day but also the months leading up to the heavily anticipated big day.

Now weddings can cost a pretty penny, but Meagan felt that the marriage was most well spent on the photographer and Memory Lane because the day went by so incredibly fast, and she didn’t feel like she was able to soak the entire event in. With photos and video of the wedding, she can re-live it over and over again and even see the outside perspective of the wedding, almost as a guest at her wedding to see how everyone was enjoying the event as well as the moments she was unable to see such as her husband getting ready and the thoughts he had leading up to the event. William, the groom, felt that the money well-spent award belonged to graphic designer Alysha Press. She isn’t an official vendor, but they save the dates, wedding invites, and programs that were so impressive in William’s opinion, and the amount of work she put in for them was phenomenal.  

William and Meagan can’t recall the specifics or their Memory Lane encounter, but they are sure glad they found them as the videos they saw on YouTube made a bold impression. 

After watching countless Youtube videos and seeing the Videos in Meagan and William’s consultation with Memory Lane, they were blown away and surprised how far video for weddings has come since the days they watched their parent’s wedding videos that were super basic.  They booked Memory Lane because they loved how their wedding could look on video in the end and the potential it had to look so professional, and more like an actual movie instead of the standard wedding video you typically see.

Meagan and William admired how much the team worked together and how to put together they were. The professionalism was fantastic, and they believe the constant seeking of those unique shots were excellent.

Meagan and William didn’t consider any other options, and to be honest, they were so incredibly impressed with Memory Lane, they couldn’t even remember the names of those other companies we looked at. After John’s presentation during their consultation, they were sold. 

When asked why they would recommend a video, Meagan and William would say the video is essential for the same reason the photographer is vital. However, they would go as far as to say it’s more important because the day and event go by in a blink of an eye. There are so many things happening, and you’re almost hyper-focused that day. It is so hard just to stop and look around and soak it all in. You can re-live the event over and over again from a completely different perspective. Families that we’re unable to make it to the event can see it and celebrate with you even though they were unable to be there. Also, pictures are great memories, but your photographs can’t capture those sacred vows you said to each other and the sentiment behind them the way that video can. They know the first big argument they get into, we’re going to have to re-watch those vows and remember the love we have and the promises that we made. They feel the ability to do that would help married couples through hard times by remembering that day in a way that their parents and grandparents couldn’t do. They feel so blessed with the technology in the current generation now that they have the ability to re-live the moment as a play by play. Both Meagan and William would say if you’re on the fence about videography for your wedding, it is one hundred percent worth every penny just for these reasons and many more.