Emerald at QueensRidge – Samantha + Dustin – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: Emerald at QueensRidge | Photographers/ Photography Company: Cashman Brothers Photography | Florist: Blossoms by Gayle | Hair & Makeup: Makeup in the 702 | Cake/Sweets: Freed’s Bakery | DJ/Band: High Flyin’ Entertainment | Invitations: Heart Star Design | Wedding Planners: Bree and Cicely from Emerald at Queensridge | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Dustin actually proposed on a family trip he had planned to Lake Tahoe in December 2015. He kept insisting that we must go in spite of all my complaints about the weather being cold. We eventually packed up the kids and went. We stayed in a nice hotel just across the lake. Despite the cold, it was a wonderful weekend for us and the kids. Lake Tahoe was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. On the second to the last day of our stay, Dustin insisted that we visit the lake so we went out in the cold to enjoy the beautiful sight of the lake. It was really beautiful as we stood right on the shore with the sun shining and snow falling. Landon and Ava were thrilled to see the snow fall. We all enjoyed the view. While we stood there, Dustin requests that I help him take his hand warmers out of his jacket pocket. I put my hands in his pocket the first time but feel nothing. He asks me to try again the second time. This time, I feel a velvety box. I pulled out the box and just screaming like a little girl. Dustin gives the box to our son and asks him if he would ask me to marry his daddy. Landon does exactly as he is told and of course I said yes. It was just too romantic. Dustin then turns to me and says, “See, now this is our spot.” Our children standing there watching our expression of love made the proposal so perfect.

We chose our wedding date because we had always wanted an outdoor summer wedding. September is also a very special month for us because it was the month our first child was born. We chose a date close to the Labor Day weekend as most of our guests had to travel. This date was quite convenient as they didn’t need to ask for too many days off because of the Labor Day Holiday. It would also give them to enjoy Vegas during that holiday weekend.

Our wedding venue was selected because one of best friends was a bridesmaid in another friend’s wedding at Emerald at Queensridge. She advised us to consider Emeralds so I decided to visit their website and I instantly fell in love with their outdoor ceremony area and their all-inclusive package. We had an evening ceremony that looked so beautiful with tree lights. The weather in Vegas around that time of the year was favorable. It was such a beautiful and romantic setting that we couldn’t help but have our wedding there.

Choosing Emeralds as our reception venue was indeed money well staff. The staff at Emerald were just AWESOME. They didn’t give us any stress at all even though we had to spend above our budget. It was worth it. The ceremony, reception, and staff were so great to work with, we definitely do not regret spending the money.

All out vendors were just so great. We were privileged to work with Memory Lane, Blossoms by Gayle, Freed’s Bakery, and Makeup in the 702. Gayle worked hard to stay well within our budget and chose the most beautiful flowers and colors to fit our theme. Freed’s bakery made our custom cake and also helped to make the Groom’s cake. They listened to all our suggestions and in the end, our two cakes turned out great! Makeup in the 702 made me and my bridesmaids feel so beautiful! Our makeup felt light but lasted throughout the ceremony and reception. All our vendors were wonderful. They didn’t give us any stress at all.

We got to know about Memory Lane Video from as they gave a list of vendors they worked with. Ricky, in fact, contacted me and was quite patient with my procrastination.

Our decision to use Memory Lane was based on the fact that they were so informative and friendly. Ricky gave me a heads up by telling me that I needed to book them in a timely fashion because even though it was over a year away, they get booked quickly. My special appreciation goes to Ricky as he gave me the reality check I needed. When he gave me this information the only thing I had done was booked the venue. He also went over sample videos of weddings they did and we loved their style and the montages that they provided.

On the day of the event, we really enjoyed Memory Lane Video. What we really loved the most about Memory Lane is that we totally felt comfortable with them. Both of us are usually camera shy people, but during interviews or filming moments, they made us feel totally at ease. It simply felt like we were just talking to old friends. They were always in the background, filming, sometimes we forgot there were cameras on us. They also quite professional and friendly with all our guests.

In our choice of Memory Lane Video, we didn’t even consider other companies as we were totally convinced after looking at the sample videos.

Videography is indeed an important part of any event especially a wedding event. I initially didn’t even think about videography services. After seeing the sample videos that Ricky sent, I was convinced that having more than just pictures was super important. The memories you have from that day are captured on film and you can relive the ceremony, reception, music, and the guests anytime you wanted to reminisce. Having moments captured so you can watch them after is truly something special.

I can confidently say that Memory Lane is truly professional and friendly. They care about capturing those special moments for you without any stress. They ‘ll capture all the moments you’ll want to see again and again.

Venue: Emerald at QueensRidge | Photographers/ Photography Company: Cashman Brothers Photography | Florist: Blossoms by Gayle | Hair & Makeup: Makeup in the 702 | Cake/Sweets: Freed's Bakery | DJ/Band: High Flyin' Entertainment | Invitations: Heart Star Design | Wedding Planners: Bree and Cicely from Emerald at Queensridge | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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  1. Beautifully done by the videographer. Thank you Emerald and Memory Lane for making this a special day for both bride and groom.