Emerald at QueensRidge – Amanda + Ian – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

When it comes to the proposal, Amanda had already foiled Ian’s plans multiple times. His original plan, according to Amanda, was to propose at the cheesecake factory and put the ring in the dessert. However, it was also Amanda’s birthday and Ian wanted to make sure that she chose what she wanted to do that day. However, Amanda didn’t want the cheesecake factory anymore, she wanted to go for a walk on the beach and then get sushi. So, Ian had to change his plans, and he would ask Amanda while they were walking on the beach. But, once again, Amanda changed her mind again because she didn’t want to get all sticky and sandy before dinner, so she just decided on getting sushi. So, Ian’s next plan was just going to have the sushi place to the same thing he wanted to do at the cheesecake factory, but he had never been to the sushi place before so he didn’t know if they would do it. He finally decided to just ask Amanda in his dorm room while they were getting ready. According to Amanda, it “Could not have been better, because it was just the two of us, he was nervous but without all the added pressure of a bunch of strangers eyes on him.”

The couple has been together on and off for 10 years, officially becoming an item on May 10, 2011. During the bumps in their relationship, the couple would always go to May 10th, because it “Felt like home to us.” They got legally married on May 11th, 2016 and Ian wasn’t very happy with the situation because it was like they lost their special date. The couple knew that they were going to have a ceremony, so the date for the ceremony was definitely going to be May 10th.

When asked about why they picked the venue that they did, the couple states that they really like how family oriented Emerald at QueensRidge is, how they were understanding about the fact that they are both in the military, and how much was offered with the package that they chose. With all that Emerald at QueensRidge had to offer, there was no competition for the couple.

Both Ian and I think that the videography was probably money well spent. The night went by so fast that it felt like there were moments we didn’t get a chance to enjoy. I’m excited to see our reactions from when we first saw each other, to us hearing each other’s vows, the moments where he was looking at me and I was looking at him. I think making the decision to have a video was great because we can relieve this day for the rest of our lives.” Amanda says when asked if she felt that her money was well spent.”

When asked about the vendors they chose, Amanda states that she, “was very happy that I chose  MakeUp in the 702 because Megan and her team did a great job doing my hair and makeup exactly how I wanted it. They made my bridesmaids look like superstars. Also Blossoms by Gayle, I’ve never been a fan of the color pink but I don’t think that my flowers would have looked better in any other color. All of the bouquets were amazing and not only did I love them but so did everyone else.

Memory Lane Video asked about what the couple liked about the service that was provided. Amanda says that she admired how Memory Lane was extremely patient, as Ian needed some time to prepare himself for the interviews. “Also, they played along with my quirkiness, I’m excited to see the shots throughout the video of me throwing up the peace sign all night. Honestly, there wasn’t any other company that we looked at other than Memory Lane, we liked what we saw from the get-go, they were extremely professional and nice. I think that having a video is 1000% percent necessary, people were telling me ‘the day is going to go by so fast you won’t even realize it’ and I didn’t think that it was true and although I still remember a lot of the details from the day I am still looking forward to watching our video to see the moments that I may have missed or forgotten. I believe that it was an added bonus to have them there with us, they got to capture moments that a picture doesn’t always show. I think others should book MLV because they knew exactly what moments to look for, during the interviews they knew what questions to ask for different reactions, and most importantly they make you feel comfortable about the fact that you are on camera if you aren’t used to it and develop a good relationship so it doesn’t feel like they are complete strangers throughout the day!”

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