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Photographers/ Photography Company: Cashman Photography | Florist: Blossoms by Gayle | Make-up: Sarah Ordo, 24Luxe Hair & Makeup LLC, Southgate, MI | Hair: JoAnna Thomason-Miller and Jules Estes of Infinity Salon and Spa, Monroe, MI | Cake/Sweets: Las Vegas Custom Cakes | Invitations: The Design Brewery | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

John Thomason the groom and Samantha Stanfill a serene and beautiful bride have been known to each other for quite some time. Both live in Las Vegas. Their love for each other has been happening and countless.

John was remembering why they decided this day for their marriage, ‘We were into the great conversation through the years on deciding the date, while we have been living together for eight years.’

‘Samantha being shy never wanted to open the box of a proposal in front of everyone. So what I decided was to give it a personal and amazing touch. I came back early from the job especially to arrange and cook a lovely dinner for Samantha and myself. So as she came back home, a surprising dinner was ready.’

‘I made Samantha’s favorite dish, fettuccine alfredo with chicken. Initially, we talked just normal. And towards the end of the dinner, as I planned already, I simply got down on one knee and asked Samantha to marry me.’

‘She was absolutely caught by surprise. We think that besides our wedding day and the day we met first eight years ago, this was one of the best days of our life. We could not be happier than that as we were finally being engaged after a lot of years!’

‘Our wedding date October 7, 2016, was a very special day for us. We picked up that date because exactly on October 8, 2007, nine years ago, we had our first date.’

‘To finalize our venue for the event, we considered many places in Las Vegas. Finally, Emerald at Queensridge became our first choice. In fact, it was more beautiful and attractive than it’s pictured even.’

‘It had a magical ambiance. Especially from the outer landscape that had a waterscape (where the couples stand) to the bridal suite; everything looked as if you were in a fairytale. How could we explain that sunset with mountains in the background with the palm trees in front? Everything was just flawless for great photography and memorable pictures.’

‘The staff at Emerald was taking care of every one of us at every step of the way. They provided us everything as a package that was all inclusive. They were extremely forthcoming and hospitable all that we wanted. Everything was reasonably priced. Emerald is just perfect for any gathering whether small or large.’

‘Weddings can be extremely expensive, but the day is also special. I think we managed to expand with balance and wisdom.’

‘All the vendors on our wedding day were top notch, in terms of customer service. The Emerald staff at Queensridge were on top of every detail to make sure everything went smoothly throughout the day. Alicia was our photographer from Cashman, she was FANTASTIC! Not only was she a phenomenal wedding photographer, she was a great seamstress too, having fixed snags and rips of the brides dress on more than one occasion that occurred throughout the night.’

‘We first heard about Memory lane Video via referral as a preferred vendor from our Wedding Venue, soon followed by an email from Ricky.’

‘We happened to watch several wedding videos from both Memory Lane and their competitors. Memory Lane had just inspired us. Their results were so impressive that we simply couldn’t find another one.’

‘We now know that they put a lot of time and effort into their product. Their equipment was top of the line, and as John Sanchez was showing us all of that we could tell that he took pride in Memory Lane and genuinely loves what he does.’

‘We just wanted to get our video as they made for others. It was so exciting and irresistible. Other couples wedding videos really amazed us. You could see they did a fantastic editing while perfecting the videos they created. It looked as they were just part of us that day.’

‘On that day, we really admired how the Memory Lane Video staff gave attention to the details. They already knew all of the answers to the questions. You could tell they wanted to be there to capture everything that happened throughout the day, from gift exchanges and getting dressed, ceremony and reception, to interviews, dances, and drinks.’

‘We initially considered using two other companies for Video services. We discussed video options with Cashman since we were already using them for photography services. Kristine from Cashman, while being a great salesperson for her own company, acknowledged that the products offered by Memory Lane were on a different level from what others could offer.’

‘Memory Lane was great in working with us to give us all the information to consider, met with us about 6 months before our wedding date, and we decided to use them shortly thereafter.’

‘John wanted to see happen three things only; the wedding, the photos and the video (I think the third one was more important for him)’, Samantha smiled.

‘In fact, wedding is an event that provides you the opportunities to create a video that you can remember throughout your life. Videos would always be with you, friends and family may not.’

‘A video covers everything that doesn’t necessarily get captured in photos. The entire day flies so fast that you won’t remember everything so it is nice to have the video from Memory Lane to look back on.’

‘The importance of quality video and photo services cannot be underestimated. These are the things you will have for the rest of your lives to help you remember that special day.’

‘Really Memory Lane Video Services made our day happening and memorable.’ John and Samantha were remembering the day they got married.

Image by Cashman Photography

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