Four Seasons Hotel – Andrea + Tony

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Four Seasons Weddings filmed by Memory Lane Video – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
How they met – “I went to dinner with two friends to celebrate my birthday.  A few of the people that worked at the restaurant had worked for me before and they sent the manager over to meet me.  We talked for about 30 minutes and he gave me his card.  When we left my friends bet that they would offer me a job.  I said no, but that maybe Tony Fisher would ask me out to dinner.  They laughed and said that he wasn’t interested in me.  The next day they called me about a job, which I took.  It took almost 6 months before Tony finally caught up and we started dating.  Almost 8 years later and I still have that card in my wallet.

For Andrea there were a few things that really stood out and are somewhat tied for the most memorable thing…”For me, it was probably the way he looked at me.”

“In searching for a venue, we wanted to be somewhere timeless and elegant, with amazing food and exceptional service.  For us, the most important thing was that our very inmate wedding felt personal, and that our guests were catered to in every possible way.  The Four Seasons was all that and more.  We love the fact that we will be able to return throughout the years and that there is a history and a legacy to that property that doesn’t feel gimmicy or Vegas-like.  It’s just a beautiful tradition and life style, and and that no matter where we are in the world there will be a Four Seasons that brings back the feelings of our wedding day.”

“There was never any doubt that Memory Lane would be there to capture the wedding day.   Our wedding day was only going to happen one time, and we needed to know that it would be captured and preserved by the best.  MLV shows up on time, dressed professionally and is never intrusive of the actual day.  You somehow manage to capture the emotion and the highlights of the day without impacting the overall feelings. Very ninja-like!”  Video is the only media that truly allows you to relive your wedding day from a sensory perspective.  A photo can freeze a moment in time, but video allows you to go back there and walk through it again. It reengages your senses and brings those memories back to life.  The sites, the sounds, the way someone moves.  Not only will I get to see the day again through my eyes, like the look on his face when he saw me for the first time, but I will get to see the day through his eyes – what he saw as I turned the corner…Through the eyes of my mother as she watched us take our vows.  The perspective of video is unmatched and allows you to relive the day and see things that you missed in the flurry of emotions.  I know that there are a million little details and nuances that I failed to notice because I was so wrapped up in the emotion of the day.  Looking back on it now it going to give me a whole new appreciation for our wedding, and what we notice and connect with will change year after year…. Also, I know that none of us are going to be here forever.  Someday I will be able to go back and see my mother walk and talk and move, I’ll be able to hear her voice and see her face when she’s gone.  And as my kids get older I’ll be able to go back to a time when they were small and vulnerable, and so attached to us.  They won’t be little people forever!  But this will keep them small and let me go back to the days when Mommy and Daddy were the center of their little worlds! …………………..As for why Memory Lane…Booking Memory Lane ensures a video that is true and authentic, rooted in love and designed to tell a your very unique story.”

Ceremony/Reception: Four Seasons Hotel – Dennis Silknitter
Cinematography: Memory Lane Video
Photography: Alt-F Photography
Florist & Decor: Naakiti Floral
Hair & Make-Up – Your Beauty Call