Historic 5th Street School – Erin + Bobby – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: Historic 5th Street School | Photographers/ Photography Company: Chelsea Nicole Photography | Decor Company & Linens: RSVP Party Rentals , LED Unplugged | Florist: Layers of Lovely | Hair & Make Up: Hair-House and Parlour | Makeup: Spencer Lopez | Cake/Sweets: Chef Flemming’s Bakery | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations: Paper and Home | Wedding Planners: Paulina Clute Events| Cinematographers: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Bobby and Erin first met when both a friend and Erin were looking for a place to live.  Bobby had space to spare for them and suggested that the two should check it out. The mutual friend and Erin examined bobby’s place but ultimately decided not to move in with him.  Since Erin and Bobby were not going to be roommates, Bobby figured the next best thing was to ask Erin out on a date!

A few weeks after they first met, Bobby asked Erin on a date. He planned on grabbing a drink at a local restaurant. Right away, they noticed how their conversations flowed easily and Bobby did not hesitate to ask Erin on a second date. One thing that Erin will always remember (and still teases Bobby to this day) was when they said goodnight and hugged, Bobby did a little giddy skip on the way to his car.

In the Fall of 2014, Erin and Bobby went back to the location (a lake near his house) where they had their first kiss. A few days prior to this day, Erin had a medical procedure done and only wanted to rest for the next few days. Meanwhile, Bobby and his friends were conspiring a plan to get Erin out of her house and to the lake near Bobby’s house. Together they planned that Bobby and Erin had to go help a friend move and afterwards they would go to their favorite restaurant to have dinner. Erin took a long time when trying to pick out an nice outfit to help a friend move while still being nice to go to dinner with. Bobby thought that he would never get Erin out of the house. Finally Erin was ready, Bobby informed her that this ‘friend’ was still at work so they might as well kill some time being helping the friend. He suggested that they should take a walk by the lake where they had their first kiss. Erin did not think this was out of the normal so she went along with it without a second thought. On their walk, Bobby started to talk about their relationship and how much he loved Erin until they reached the spot where they had their first kiss. Still Erin was not questioning anything until Bobby got down on one knee and proposed to Erin with their friends secretly hiding and taking pictures of the moment. Erin was too shocked to cry. She started asking Bobby questions on how he prepared that moment without her knowing… eventually she said yes! All their friends popped out from their hiding spots. Finally, Bobby revealed that there was no friend that they had to help move and that he made reservations at their favorite restaurant on the lake. Erin could not even eat her dinner because she was too busy staring at her engagement ring and calling her parents who were eagerly waiting for the proposal details.

They planned to have their wedding on March 26, 2016 because Bobby’s schedule as a firefighter can vary. That was their only opportunity to have a Spring outdoor wedding. However there was one problem. Bobby ended up getting a job with the Pasadena Fire Department back in his hometown and he had to go out there for a few months to complete his academy training and he would not graduate from there until the day of their wedding rehearsal! While Bobby was in California, Erin was still in Las Vegas focusing on the wedding planning and wrapping up things at her job as well before the two moved out to Pasadena. Unfortunately, Erin, her family, and Bobby’s family were not able to attend his graduation. Right after his graduation, Bobby hopped on a plane because to Las Vegas and made it back just in time to quickly change his clothes and met up with Erin to start their wedding weekend!

Bobby and Erin agreed that they wanted their wedding and reception venue to be outside. They found the perfect place at the Historical Fifth Street School which they found adorable, open, and had an outdoorsy feel to it. It was also at the perfect location. Close to the Las Vegas Strip but not too close that it had the Las Vegas vibe. As for the wedding day inspirations, they wanted their wedding to express their laid back and easygoing personalities while still being beautiful and inviting. Erin wanted a simple, natural, and romantic feel so they used dark wooden tables with runners of greenery and flowers in shade of white. Their florist did an exceptional job bringing Erin’s vision to life! To continue with the laid back feel, they opted for lawn games during cocktail hour, an amazing barbeque for dinner, and cute little pies for dessert! They also added bistro lighting and marquee letters spelling L-O-V-E that helped set the mood for the romantic feel that they were going for.

On the day of their wedding, Erin was on cloud nine the entire day! However, one of the memories that stood out to her the most was during the ceremony. The usually very relaxed Bobby was shaking a bit and Erin remembers trying to calm him down as they held hands. Erin even surprised herself when she was calm and excited all day long unlike how nervous she thought she was going to be. Bobby did not have one most memorable moment but two! The first one was the first look with Erin and the second one was the dance he had with his mother. Both of these memories were his favorite memories because they were shared with the two most special women in his life: one who brought him into the world and one who will be with him on until the end of time!

With wedding being expensive already, Erin did not mind spending a little extra money on their “doggie bags” which were for their guests to take home the mini pies. These doggie bags were symbols of their two dogs, also known as their “fur-babies”. They wanted to make sure that their dogs were included in the wedding some how. For Bobby, his favorite money well spent part was hiring their wedding planner Paulina. Bobby commented on how awesome she was and how she made the day so easy for Erin and Bobby. They created a bond with her and invited her out for a drink after the wedding day to celebrate with them!

Erin and Bobby learned about Memory Lane Video through their friends Eric and Deepa who booked with Memory Lane for their Fall 2015 wedding. Over a double date night with Eric and Deepa, they told Eric and Bobby that hiring a videographer was a must! Erin was not able to attend Eric and Deepa’s wedding but she was able to experience the whole night through their wedding video. When Erin watched it, it made her feel as if she was actually there. Erin even shed a few tears from watching it! After watching the video, Bobby and Erin knew that they had to hire a videographer and decided to meet with Memory Lane Video.

They sealed the deal with Memory Lane right after their consultation. When they were able to the beautiful products that Memory Lane created for their close friends wedding, they were sold! The couple wanted more than a basic recording of their wedding and they loved the artistic and cinematic approach that Memory Lane took with the wedding videos that Erin and Bobby saw.

On the day of Erin and Bobby’s wedding, they admired how Memory Lane was well prepared and how they respected the newly wedded couple’s request to be able to enjoy their wedding with their guests. They barely even noticed that they were there except when they had to answer a few quick questions in front of the camera.

Before Erin and Bobby were in the group of people who thought that hiring a videographer was an unnecessary added expense to a wedding. After talking to friends about wedding planning, many of them had the same initial feeling but said that they were so thankful that they hired a videographer. Erin and Bobby were smart to listen to all the advice they received and the did not regret it one bit! It is true when people say the day goes by so fast and that the wedding couples will not remember a lot of it. Erin and Bobby are spreading the advice that they got and strongly suggest that future couples invest into photos and videos that will last forever.

Each and every vendor they hired made their wedding day flawless and so special. Erin wanted to extend her thanks to their “rockstar planner” Paulina for her hard work each month before the wedding and reminding Erin of things the Erin would never have thought about if Erin planned the wedding by herself. Furthermore, she loved how Paulina made everything run smoothly on the day of the wedding.

In the future, Bobby and Erin hope to settle nicely into their new life in Southern California. They want to find a home to make their own and get start on their family!

Venue: Historic 5th Street School | Photographers/ Photography Company: Chelsea Nicole Photography | Decor Company & Linens: RSVP Party Rentals , LED Unplugged | Florist: Layers of Lovely | Hair & Make Up: Hair-House and Parlour | Makeup: Spencer Lopez | Cake/Sweets: Chef Flemming’s Bakery | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations: Paper and Home | Wedding Planners: Paulina Clute Events| Cinematographers: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Image by Chelsea Nicole Photography