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Shani and Rich both met a bar in Town Square. It was his birthday and Shani was out with her girlfriends. Towards the end of the night, Rich’s friend asked Shani to dance. After doing so, he introduced her to Rich and another guy. Shani eventually had a conversation with Rich in which they discovered they both grew up here in Las Vegas and continued on from there. Shani gave him her number and shortly after he left he called her to reassure her that he would call. Rich apparently liked Shani enough that he still asked her out even when she couldn’t remember his name. Soon after that, they went on their 1st date. Their 1st date was dinner at Kaizan sushi restaurant. They really had a good time and Rich always remembers how Shani jumped on his back for a piggy back ride to his truck.

“Rich says his most memorable moment was not screwing up the choreographed 1st dance. I think mine was coming in on the gondola to make my entrance for the ceremony with my Mom. I can’t really say I have one exact moment I can’t stop thinking about because there are so many things that were great,” Shani recalled.

“The 3 details that were our favorite were, 1, the beautiful ceremony. The arch, our beautiful wedding party, the way our minister did our ceremony and the music. 2, was our 1st dance. We were very nervous about getting through it and my dress but it went pretty smoothly and that made us so happy. 3, our signature cocktail was awesome! Better than we expected and knew that it would help make our guests happy as well. We have to add how gorgeous our flowers were. We really had no idea how beautiful they would end up being,” said the couple.

“My one piece of advice for other couples is to communicate explicitly with your vendors to make sure they know exactly what you want,” said Shani.

“The key factor in choosing our venue was that it was out at Lake Las Vegas. We always had our hearts set on getting married out there. The Lake Club was the 1st & only place we visited. It was pretty reasonably priced and loved the gondola entrance option. Plus Millie, the onsite coordinator was amazing and sweet. She was always given high praise from other vendors. The other vendors we were happy choosing were Floral 2000 and my friend Mathias who DJ’d at Rumpleskilton Events. He did everything just as we asked,” the couple explained.

“I heard about Memory Lane Video from attending an open house at Bear’s Best. They were there and I viewed their save the date videos and I was set on having that. At that time, I didn’t even plan on having a videographer for the wedding until I visited I came in for a consultation. I’m happy we were able to have the video for the wedding and I’m so excited to see it,” Shani said.

“Now that that wedding has commenced, we learned a lot about weddings. It’s important to cherish every moment of the day and try to relax and just take it all in. We loved our day and it was all worth it,” said the couple.

“Our advice for other couples planning their wedding is to do your research as soon as possible. The internet is an amazing tool and we wish we had done more research sooner.  We had no knowledge of weddings and cost and such but just googled everything. is an amazing site for all wedding ideas,” Shani and Rich explained.

“We chose Memory LaneVideo because of the quality of their videos. On the day of our event, what we admired most about them was their promptness and filming of all parties-the guys, the girls, us and our family. Our videographers were very nice and easy to talk to,” recalled the couple.

We think it is important to have a video of your wedding because it will capture those moments you want to cherish and remember. Memory Lane Video films and combines all the essential components of the day. We are going to enjoy watching our video,” said Shani and Rich.

Shani and Rich hope to go to Ireland and tour the castles or a beautiful tropical place for their honeymoon in the future. They are going on an Alaskan cruise in September with his family.

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