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Photographers/ Photography Company: Mindy Bean and Doug Photography | Decor Company & Linens: Jovi Fernandez ( décor) Linens through Emerald at Queensridge | Florist: Jovi Fernandez and Fields (all flower arrangements and Bridesmaid’s bouquet) | Flowers of the Field LV ( Bride’s bouquet) | Hair & Makeup: Amelia C & Co’s | Cake/Sweets: Las Vegas Custom Cakes | DJ/Band: High Flyin’ Entertainment | Invitations: Shutterfly | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

A family is something that is incredibly important to us, which is why they played such an essential role in our engagement. I could not think of any better way to propose to my future wife than at a barbecue put on by my family in Arizona. The inspiration behind my proposal came from my mother, who wanted to be there to witness this amazing moment of my life. I am so fortunate that Joahnna feels the same level of importance of my family. I had this entire day planned out to ensure that it was going to be the most magical moment of Joahnna’s life and something that my family could feel like they were a part of. We headed out to Yuma, Arizona to visit my family and we were at my Aunt and Uncle’s house as they were hosting a family barbecue while we were in town. Everyone came to show their support, something that was probably helped by my mother who called everyone to tell them about the proposal. The whole time, I could feel just how excited everyone was. I wanted to share in their excitement but I needed to keep clear so that I could get through this proposal without Joahnna without letting her know what was about to happen.

My little brother was going to be the guy in charge of the ring. He was there when I bought it that day and he was always there for me, so it made sense that I trusted him with the most important piece of jewelry I had ever bought. My cousin was also a crucial part of this plan. When he came to the family gathering, the smell of amazing food was in the air and there was such happiness that everyone felt. He came late and when he did, we began playing “Uptown Funk” from Bruno Mars. As a dancer, it only made sense that he would take this moment to put on a routine for everyone. When he completed his part, I came out and started dancing as I went over to Joahnna. The ring was in my pocket and I was ready to start my forever with this amazing woman. By the time I made it to her, I busted a miraculous move that landed me right on my knee in front of her with the ring in my hand. She screamed “Yes!” and the rest is history.

Joahnna’s Point of View of the Proposal

I honestly did not expect it. I was so shocked. His family was always so welcoming to me, so when we went down to Arizona to visit his family I was very excited to spend time with them. They put on the barbecue knowing that we were in town and they invited his entire family to join us. There is a language barrier between us but that did not make them any less welcoming. It can be very challenging to discuss things like the current issues or interesting gossip of the day but at the end of the day, none of that matters. All that matters is that we were in amazing company with delicious food. I had no idea that my life was going to change that day. The next thing I know, his cousin starts showing off his dancing skills, something he does frequently enough that I was not suspicious of anything. At this point, we were done eating and we were just talking and drinking beer when I noticed that there was a lone chair sitting there in front so I sat down. At that point, his cousin called Jorge out to join him while dancing. Everyone was cheering for him and it was just such a happy moment where everyone was having a lot of fun. It was, even more, fun for me as I had a front row seat to my love busting moves. This was really the most amazing day at this point. I had no clue that this was going to get even more perfect. His finishing move landed him right on his knees with a gorgeous ring in his hand. I did not even realize what was happening but everyone was cheering. I basically passed out in the moment. I was in total shock and I ended up saying “Shut up!” I quickly realized that everyone was in on this. I nervously gave him the wrong hand as I screamed “Yes!” We kissed and everyone hugged us and made me really feel like I was part of the family.

Planning the Wedding

The wedding date really came down to Joahnna’s decision. One day, September 28th to be exact was a gorgeous day. We were not really making solid plans for the wedding at that point in time, so a date was not something we even had yet. I was at work and she texted me, “How about a year from now today?” I agreed and the rest is history. Our wedding planning had officially begun.

We had a general idea of what we wanted before we started looking at venues. Having an amazing outdoor atmosphere for our Las Vegas wedding was definitely important to us. Joahnna really wanted a place that had lights in the trees and we wanted to be out in the open air during our ceremony. It was also extremely important for us to have a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding and a nicely sized dance floor. We checked out a couple of venues before we found ourselves at the Emerald at Queensridge. We instantly loved how it looked even without a lot of decorations. Joahnna seemed to really love the draping on the ceiling and how the place was simple without her needing to do a thing to make it perfect for our special day. The trees had twinkly lights and they had a gorgeous spot for the outdoor ceremony. An added bonus was just how large the bridal suite was, plus they had this gorgeous and dramatic staircase that really added to the beauty of this venue. It was a no brainer to get married here and everyone loved the venue.

As many people know, weddings are not the cheapest thing in the world. Among the best of the investments for our big day was the dress Joahnna wore. The dress was perfect for her and it was exactly what she wanted. It was perfect and I will never forget how gorgeous she looked as she walked towards me. Even though you go into the day knowing how expensive they are going to be, you never actually know just how expensive they are going to be. We discovered that in addition to a dress, finding the right Las Vegas wedding videographers and photographers for your wedding are going to make a huge difference. The reason for this is because the day is going to just fly right by and you are going to miss a lot. With the right team, you can get these moments on camera so you can keep reliving the day. You would be surprised just how amazing it is to relive that day whenever you want.

For Las Vegas Weddings videography, Memory Lane Video was the right choice for us. Our venue recommended them to us and when we met with them, we were just blown away by their quality of products. We did not really know we were going to go this route but after we saw that they shared the same vision we did, we knew they were going to be the best choice. They managed to tell our story in such an innovative way that it really captured our story without being too stuffy or boring. We never considered anyone else for the job and we are so glad that we did. Everything was just so natural with them that we did not even notice that they were even there. They really managed to capture the amazing day for us in the perfect way and I’m not sure anyone else could have done what they did. Having a good videographer is really a priceless part of wedding planning. When you are able to rewatch the video over and over again without feeling like you are watching the same thing, you know that this means they did a great job. If you are looking for a great videographer, you should book with Memory Lane Video. They are true masters of their craft and they have such an appreciation of the art of filming. You will love your video when you see it. We were so amazed at our video and you will be too.

Images by Mindy Bean Photography

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