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Curtis works at a goldmine in Northern Ontario, Canada as a millwright and Nicole is a dentist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. They met thanks to Ashley, Curtis’ sister and Nicole’s good friend. They were introduced in December of 2010 at Ashley’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. They both tried to play it cool on the trip, but realized their connection and started dating soon after returning home. Their first “official” date was dinner at a quiet, local restaurant, followed by drinks and music at a local club.

“The most memorable part of our wedding, for the both of us, was our ceremony and vows. Our dear friend, Dayna O’Gorman, wrote and performed our ceremony, and she couldn’t have done a more perfect job. Other than the vows themselves and our “Footloose” exit, the rest was a complete (fantastic!) surprise to us. Unique and true to both of our personalities, it was humorous, yet meaningful, and we were really able to focus on each other in those moments.  The whole wedding went by so quickly, it was a bit of a blur, but time seemed to slow down during the ceremony and we both remember each moment of it and how we felt. The one moment that we can’t stop thinking about happened during dinner.  Sitting at the head table, we were able to look out at all of our family and friends who traveled to be there with us on our special day.  We have a lot of family and friends who don’t live near us and that we don’t get to see very often. It was a very surreal moment for us looking out and seeing everyone we love so much all together in one place to show their love and support for us.” recalled Nicole and Curtis.

“Our three favorite details from our wedding would have to be: 1, the music. Music is and has always been a huge part of both our lives, and it’s what we initially connected and bonded over when we first met and started dating. Choosing the right songs for the ceremony and the special dances was very important to us, we’ll remember those moments and those songs forever. But we’ll also never forget the great selection of music our DJ from All Night Long Entertainment chose to play throughout night around our requests.  He did an excellent job of keeping everyone dancing and enjoying the party which was very important to us. 2, the toasts made by the Best Man and ‘Those Girls’, that were touching and had everyone laughing, especially us, bride and groom! 3, my bride shoes! I’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ for shoes, with over a hundred pairs of heels on display in my shoe room at home, so I think my wedding shoes were almost more important to me than my dress!  I decorated my shoes myself with over 5000 individual Swarovski crystals. It took a lot of time (and even more patience!) but I felt like Cinderella in those shoes,” said Nicole.

“Our advice to other couples would be to stay true to what you know you want your wedding to be and not let other’s opinions of how they think it should be sway you.  We didn’t want a traditional wedding. We wanted a unique venue, a personal ceremony, bright colors, and most of all, a fantastic party with our closest family and friends! We also did away with a lot of the standard wedding traditions. Everyone is different and has different ideas about what a wedding should be like, but in the end it’s YOUR day, so have it the exact way you want it,” said the couple.

“We chose the Platinum Hotel to host our wedding because of their unique, modern atmosphere, their fantastic wedding reviews and their all-inclusive wedding packages.  Planning the entire wedding from not only out of town, but out of country, was challenging, especially not having seen the hotel and wedding space in person. But the fabulous online photos of the venue drew us in, all the positive reviews made us feel comfortable with our choice, and the all-inclusive package made it a lot easier to plan from out of town,” Nicole and Curtis explained.

RoxiFloral did a fantastic job with the wedding flowers! Roxi took care of the centerpieces and alter arrangements and we couldn’t have been happier with the way they turned out. The colors were beautiful and coordinated perfectly with the artificial bouquets from LilyOfAngeles on Etsy that I was in love with.  Our wedding cake from Tiers of Joy was also a huge hit!  Everyone told us how pretty and delicious and it was. We only had time for a couple bites but the service provided by Kathy was outstanding,” said Nicole.

“Now that the wedding has commenced, we’ve learned to confirm and triple check EVERYTHING!!! LOL I didn’t want to be a bridezilla and be constantly reminding and checking with our vendors to the point of annoyance.  But because we didn’t follow up as closely as we should have, some details fell through the cracks and we had some disappointments. We didn’t let it ruin our special day though, in the end what matters is we’re married and everyone had a great time! The most important things went perfectly: our ceremony, the great food, and the fantastic dance party! And it was ALL worth the stress! LOL,” the couple explained.

Memory Lane Video was recommended to us by the Platinum Hotel, and honestly, after looking at their website and watching a lot of their videos, we didn’t even look at any other wedding video company. We were impressed by their quality of work and their reviews so we contacted them right away! On the day of the wedding, other than the interviews, we hardly even knew the videographers were there! They were so unobtrusive and we were completely comfortable being ourselves and having a good time without the feeling of awkwardness that we were worried would come with knowing we were being recorded,” recalled Nicole and Curtis.


It was very important to us to have a video of our wedding in addition to photographs.  Pictures are beautiful, and they definitely bring back certain memories, but video helps you go beyond remembering, it lets you get as close to reliving those special moments as possible. The day goes by so fast and your attention can’t be everywhere at once, so there’s bound to be things you’ll miss.  Having a video, the bride gets to see her bridesmaids come down the aisle and see her father give her away, you get to hear again the emotion in your voices as you say your vows to each other, you get to watch the faces of your friends and family, seeing looks and expressions that you probably didn’t get to see and enjoy on the day because you were so wrapped up in each other (as it should be!).  And one day, certain people will no longer be with us, and we’ll always be able to remember not only their faces in photos but also be able to hear their voices and laughter as we watch them having a great time in our video,” the couple explained.

“We haven’t decided yet where we will be honeymooning.  Curtis works out of town and we only spend one week together a month, so anywhere that we get to spend more time than that together is a honeymoon to us! We’re hoping to go somewhere hot and tropical in the fall, and spend two weeks lying on a white sandy beach,” said Nicole.

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