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Lyn is a respiratory therapist and Jan is a server at Wynn Hotel and MGM Resort

Lyn and Jan first met at Cat House, a nightclub at Luxor Hotel & Casino. “We had a mutual friend that introduced us to each other and he had asked for my number. Our first date was at a restaurant named Cathay House. He was actually late a couple of minutes and to this day he denies it saying that he was just in the car. We talked for hours and he even stated he didn’t want to go to work that same day because he wanted to prolong our date.” 

It will always be tough for a father to give up his little girl to another man. Lyn stated. “The most memorable moment in our wedding day was the father daughter dance. I wanted to give my dad the spotlight and he delivered. We even had a surprise dance number. At the end of the dance my dad and I were crying and that was the first time I ever saw him cry.

Every moment was magical throughout the wedding but my top favorite was when I was walking with my parents towards my soon to be husband. Our first dance ending with the fireworks, and the father daughter dance.” added the couple.

For any future couples planning their wedding, Lyn and Jan have some advice.  One piece of advice I can give to couples while planning their wedding is to not stress… and do all the planning together. The week prior to the wedding I couldn’t sleep and kept dreaming how the wedding will turn out but when that day came, everything fell into place. Everyone that we loved was there to celebrate our new beginning.”  

Lyn and Jan’s wedding took place at the beautiful Anthem Country Club.  “The key factors that helped us choose our venue was the top to bottom glass window that overlooked the strip. It looked so peaceful and magical, especially at night.” stated the couple. 

The vendors we chose also helped make our special night memorable. Josh Derek photography was excellent. Josh and his wife knew the best spots to take pictures and make us look good. Elev8 DJ also had the crowd going with their choice of music.

We heard about Memory Lane from a couple of friends. Memory Lane was their number one recommendation when it came to Videography. Ultimately, our friends recommendations made us book Memory Lane. They only had good things to say about their services. We saw different videos from Memory Lane and immediately knew they were the right choice.” added the couple.

After every wedding, you find out specific things weren’t worth the over exaggerating stress. “What I learned from the wedding that matters most, are the people that are there and care for both my husband and I. Stressing over how everything will turn out was not needed. Everything worked out beautifully.” described Lyn. 

On the day of the event, what the couple admired most was “how memory lane took pride in getting the perfect shot. We also liked how they had on the spot ideas such as getting the aerial view of the fireworks from outside the building!

The couple shared a great point by adding, “Having a video I think is necessary for weddings. It’s like rewinding time and reliving that special day. It also captures a different point of view. You can see how your guest saw you from their perspective.

Lastly, Lyn and Jan let us in on some details where they will be honeymooning! “Our honeymoon will be in Hawaii. We chose that location because we both haven’t been there and wanted to experience the magic of the island.“.

Memory Lane Video wishes nothing but the best for the both of you.

Photo Credit: Josh Derek, Josh Derek Photography

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