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A Same Day Edit Video presented by Las Vegas Wedding Videographers, Memory Lane Video.

Chris is a veterinary surgeon and works at the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center (LVVSC). Jess is a full time mom and part time VIP Host at the amazing Hard Rock Hotel’s concert venue, The Joint.

Jess and Chris met at the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center. “I had just moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and began working the front desk of the surgery department where Chris was already working.  It wasn’t necessarily “love at first sight”, but within a few months Chris and I started to see each other in a different light. I was the only Spanish-speaking individual at the hospital and Dr. Horstman, Chris, needed someone to help him with some Spanish-speaking clients. After I helped him communicate with his clients he said, he would like to thank me by buying me a drink sometime.  That is when things changed for us. Our first date was at the movies and I strategically chose to watch a scary movie. We saw “Paranormal Activity” and I was the brave one throughout the movie.
Love and words can be quite powerful don’t you think?   “The most memorable part of our wedding day for both of us was hearing the beautiful words we each had to say about one another in our vows during our ceremony.  It is crazy to try to write the perfect words for the one you love and it is even crazier to hear them say such wonderful things about you, but I think it turned out beautifully. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Jess and Chris’s three favorite things about their wedding were “1) having all our family come together to celebrate and spend our special day with us. Our families traveled from Mexico City, Nebraska, Arizona, and California.  It meant the world to us to have them all there. The support and love felt that day was overwhelming.  2) Seeing our same day edit video and everyone’s reaction to it was very cool. Everyone was commenting on how great it was and everyone was also wondering how the heck the team pulled off the video so quickly.  3) The maid of honor and best men’s toasts were very touching. It was awesome to hear such kind words being said about someone you care about.”

The couple shared a great piece of advice by saying, “One piece of advice for other couples planning a wedding is to compromise with all the decisions being made for the wedding. This is a special day for the two of you not just the bride or the groom.

What helped Jess and Chris in deciding to go with Emerald at Queensridge was the gorgeous venue itself. “As soon as we walked in, we were amazed by the elegance of the place, the high ceilings, the staircase, and the bridal suite.  Wow!  The outside space was also very nice with the water-scape, the trees with the draping, and the view of the mountains. It was just an amazing place!”

“Apart from Memory Lane we were happy to have worked with Cashman Photography. The photographers were very pleasant to work with and took some amazing pictures. I think we liked every single picture they took that day. The other vendor we also worked with and were extremely happy with was Sweet Addiction. They took care of our cake and dessert for the evening. Sweet addictions ice cream sandwiches and cookies are absolutely delicious and all of our guests were delighted to have something different served at a wedding. I first heard about Memory Lane Video when I was at the Bridal Spectacular Show with a friend of mine who was getting married. I watched one of their Grand Entrance videos.  It was a motorcycle chase of a guy looking for something that was stolen.  I won’t give away what he was looking for, but it was a really cool video.  I was happy to hear that our venue worked with them. There were a few different reasons on why we choose Memory Lane video. The creativeness in the Preview Trailers and Wedding Films, the quality of work they produce, and the planning that went into shooting our day.  It was clear to see that everything was very well thought out and we had numerous brainstorming conversations. They wanted to know what we wanted and what they could do to help capture this special day. There weren’t any other Videographers we considered. ” said the couple.

What is that saying everyone attempts to follow on their wedding day, is it go with the flow and shake it off? “Now that the wedding has commenced we learned to just go with the flow and enjoy every minute of the day because it all goes way too fast.  The things that were most important to us were being able to express our love to one another in our vows, we also wanted to modify our rose ceremony to let our mothers know how special we felt they were to us, and we really wanted everyone to have a great time.  I think we succeeded with everything. Looking back, the one thing that I think we stressed way too much over would be the table centerpieces.  We spent several days going back and forth on what to do.  I think our venue looked amazing, but I doubt anyone will remember our centerpieces but us.

Having a wedding film basically allows you to relive your special night. Why wouldn’t you want to capture your fiancé in tears on film? “The necessity of video for any event is being able to vividly relive the moments you were a part of and the things that you may have missed. The day goes by so fast and video just allows you to slow things down and relive the moments that made that day so special.  Being able to see what you experienced and felt that day is why it is important to have video of the day. It is a day that becomes immortalized through film. When we booked Memory Lane Video we felt confident that we would get to see a wonderful perspective of the way our day turned out.”

For our honeymoon we traveled to Paris for 4 days and then hit 5 cities in Spain in 10 days (Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville and Madrid). We chose Paris because it is said to be the most romantic city in the world, which it was. And we chose the cities in Spain because they are my dream destination.” concluded the couple.

Where there is love, there is life.” Memory Lane Video congratulates you!

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