Paiute Golf Club – Kaide + Russ – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Kaide is currently a Service Manager at 24 Hour Fitness while Russ is an Airplane Mechanic.

While having met online, this couple exchanged emails, texts and phone conversations which eventually led to a nice brunch at The Cracked Egg.   Figuring this would be a great place to get to know each other, it eventually lead to more conversations about when they would see one another again.

One of the many highlights that they just couldn’t stop thinking about from their wedding day, happened to be the weather! They had gone from sunny blue skies with not a cloud in sight, to wind and rain, which surprisingly lead up with the most breathtaking sunset. “The weather is definitely a big part of our memories when we think about our wedding day.”

Some words of wisdom coming from our newlyweds were “Try not to stress over things that are out of your control.  Always remember that at the end of the day, you are going to marry the one you love.”

In choosing their venue, Paiute Golf Resort, they had heard many great things from a co-worker who had recently been married at the same location. “Upon our first arrival to this venue, we knew that this was the perfect location for our wedding and reception.”

“We were extremely happy to have had our vendors joining us on our special day! Our photographer Norina, with Maple Hill Photography, had set the stage for a breathtaking experience. Brook and Michael from Paper & Home took our visions and made them a reality on paper for all of our family and friends to see.  Of course, The Popcorn Girl was a major hit! Our guests really enjoyed all of the different flavors to choose from.”

Kaide had found Memory Lane Video at the Bridal Spectacular and as soon as she got home, everyone began watching some of our videos of recent weddings.  This ultimately led to booking Memory Lane Video as their videographers’ because they create a vision, making your special day, truly unique. “We loved the helicopter and how it captured some truly amazing aerial shots” said the happy couple.

Kaide and Russ wanted to share their admiration of Memory Lane by saying this: “The day of our wedding, we loved how professional they were. They went above and beyond to make sure the helicopter was able to fly in this weather. Furthermore, they had the ability to be there, but not be in the way at all. You could not even tell they were there. They truly gave us everything we wanted while having the most enthusiasm and personable features about them. Memory Lane Video took the normal and made it extraordinary!”

In choosing video for their wedding day, the couple says, “Pictures are worth a thousand words, but video will let that picture speak for itself! Entirely allowing everyone to capture all of the moments of your special day, and relive the experience over and over again.”

Our newlyweds will be honeymooning in Seattle and Portland, since they had never been either place. “We love going to new places and being outdoors. These places will surely have various hikes for us to adventure on!”

Memory Lane Video is sending their best wishes to Kaide and Russ during their many more years together as one.  Las Vegas Wedding Videographers.

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