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Jim and Amanda first met while working in their local hospital. Jim worked as a nurse in the area of the hospital where people would have pacemakers and internal defibrillators placed in them surgically. Amanda would occasionally be in that part of the hospital to provide anesthesia before the surgery. After getting to know each other more, Jim and Amanda went on their first date that lasted for 9 hours!

It was supposed to be just a brunch date but they soon came to terms that they did not want the date to end. Therefore, the two walked around the downtown area to grab some coffee. After lunchtime, they went to an Irish pub and stayed there until the early evening. When they thought the date was over, intended to drive Amanda home. However, they made another stop to eat some appetizers and have more drinks. They did not want the day to end!

When taking a break from working in the hospital, Jim and Amanda planned a trip to San Francisco. It was not like any other vacation. Usually people would go to the hotel, drop their luggage off, and take a walk around the town. However, Jim did not want to check into the hotel yet, instead he took Amanda to a beautiful, tourist type restaurant for lunch. After lunch, the couple went sightseeing. They went to the famous Baker Beach and walked towards the Golden Gate Bridge that was covered with fog. Walking closer to the bridge, the fog did not clear up. But Jim was determined to see a better view of the bridge. Amanda knew that he would not see it with the excessive fog cover. They began to climb the mountain of stairs that led to a walking path towards the bridge. It would have been no problem for Amanda if she was not dressed in a long maxi dress and her hair all done. Amanda became slightly irritated. After the stairs ended, they reached a sign that said “Golden Gate Bridges­1.1 miles”, with the 1.1 miles all being uphill. Relentlessly, Amanda and Jim began the uphill climb. Amanda soon let her hair down only to put it up again, she hiked up her maxi dress, and continued to walk up the hill. The more they climbed, the more irritated Amanda became and the less patience’s she had. Jim reassured her that the view would be beautiful As soon as they reached the top, it was nothing but fog! It did not feel like a vacation for Amanda as she was covered in sweat and waiting in a ten minute line for the restroom. After using the restroom and cleaning herself up, Jim and Amanda continued their walk to the bridge where other tourists were taking pictures with the fog covered Golden Gate Bridge. While on the bridge, Jim pointed out a flower patch to Amanda. As Amanda was distracted by the flowers, Jim handed his phone to another couple for them to take Jim and Amanda’s picture. With Amanda’s back turned to the camera, Jim kneeled down on one knee. As Amanda turned around to pose for the ‘picture’ and released what Jim was doing, she became shocked. Once the shock feeling passed, she began to laugh and said “Oh my God, I’m so sorry” because of how she was moody on the way up to the bridge. After Jim asked Amanda to marry him, and Amanda saying yes, they made their way back to the hotel where their room was upgraded in honor of their engagement. Jim planned a dinner to celebrate their engagement and they were greeted with celebratory champagne and finished their night with a delicious dessert. And at the end other night, Amanda said that “it all came together into the perfect story” that that she will forever think that it was the most “perfectly imperfect proposal”.

The couple admits that there was no reason for choosing their wedding day except that they would frequently go to Las Vegas and they love the weather during October so it only seemed appropriate to get married in the month they love the most. Having not following a ‘traditional’ path of dating. They continued their path and fell in love with the idea of being married in Las Vegas! They wanted their venue and wedding to be unique and untraditional in order to give back to their guests by giving them an experience that their guests would never have again. That is how they chose to have their wedding in a two­-story villa at the Palm’s Hotel! Nothing like having a wedding in the sky!

With the wedding day just one day away, Amanda and Jim woke up to all their friends and family posting on social media about arriving in Las Vegas and about their upcoming wedding. They said that it was a “truly unique experience” to see everything being posted was related to them and their wedding. Once the big day came, their most memorable moment was when Jim was waiting for Amanda at the end of the aisle. For Amanda, she said that as soon as she saw Jim her “heart stopped”. They could not believe that it was actually happening and that the ceremony was a blur except when Amanda surprised Jim and his kids with her vows to all of them. Another memorable moment was when Elvis made an appearance at their wedding and he even sang a little!

The couple does not regret spending the extra money to have an amazing reception venue. The two-­story sky villa was an experience that no one will ever forget. People are still saying how Jim and Amanda’s wedding was the wedding of the millennium! They also spent more money on inviting Elvis to the wedding and it was worth every penny!

Jim and Amanda heard about Memory Lane Video by Amanda studying multiple reviews and Jim was assigned to find a videographer. Memory Lane was the first place Jim called and he “fell in love” and knew that Memory Lane was right for them. The couple wanted a video of their wedding day because they knew that everything would fly by them. Therefore, they wanted something to always remind them of the emotions, words, and events that happened on their wedding day. Jim and Amanda complement the Memory Lane videographers on their professionalism, organization, and timeliness. They added that the videographers “hid behind the scenes” and were not “in your face apparent”. For future couples that are debating on whether to book with Memory Lane, Jim and Amanda gave advice. They said that “pictures show moments but video captures the words and the feelings”. Only video can capture the whole day in one viewing and the emotions behind words.

Other services Jim and Amanda used on their wedding day was Ron Miller with not only photography but vendor recommendations and planning. Also, Amelia Hair & Co. Amanda’s hair stylist and makeup artists were “absolute miracle workers”! Amanda loves them and their artistic talent!

In the future, Jim and Amanda plan on traveling. However, right now Jim is focusing on achieving his master’s degree in nursing for anesthesia just like Amanda. In five years, they hope to be in a comfortable place and to start traveling the world, especially to Europe and the South Pacific areas.

Photography: Ron Miller | Florist: Pam at The Palette | Hair & Make Up: Amelia C & Co. | Cake/Sweets: Gimme Some Sugar | DJ/Band: DJ Godzilla (Calvin Duncan) | Wedding Planners: Scheme Events | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video

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