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Venue: The M Resort  | Photography: Ella with High Class Studios  | Decor: Lori Jimerson | Florist: Lucia with By Dzign | Hair: Arlene Williams with Arlene’s Creations  | Make Up: Kiera Bright with Las Vegas Makeup Girl  | Cake: The M Resort  | DJ: DJ ToneArmz | Invitations: Ryan Hartley with Heart Line Press | Lighting: Ella with High-Class Studios | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Wayne purposed to me on my birthday (National Holiday/Month) – July 11, 2014, at The Mr. & Mrs. Carter Tour in New York. I am a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE Beyonce’ fan. My birthday fell on a Friday in 2014, so I took off work, and Twayne kept saying he had to workFriday. So when Friday rolls around, and he goes to work I decided I would go to work as well. All morning he never calls or texts me, which is weird because he usually texts me every hour “Happy Birthday” but NOTHING this birthday. By noon he texted me and asked me if I can you be ready by 2 pm. So now I’m super excited and my birthday is back on. I get home, and there is a knock on the door, someone has a platter of food,  he texted me and said eat before we leave. About an hour later he texts me asking if I was ready, a few minutes later he tells me to come outside… there is a driver in a black suburban, but when I get in I don’t see Twayne. The driver and I were driving and driving when we finally pulled into an apartment parking lot, and as we turn the corner, I see Wayne standing in the middle of the lot with flowers and a CD. He took my breath away I was so surprised! He got in the truck and put the CD in, and it’s all birthday songs playing the whole time. AWWWW! Finally, after about an hour and forty minutes, we get off the exit, and I turn to him and say OMG I’m going to the Mr. Mrs. Carter Tour! He said, “why wouldn’t I take you, it fell on your actual birthday.” I was soooooooo happy!! When we got inside, we took our seats, and I was so overwhelmed that I was really at the concert! I started talking to people, and then he tells me he is going to the bathroom, when he comes back up he asks me to come here… and that is where the video starts….. It was the perfect ENGAGEMENT for me. I’m getting chills typing this. It was AMAZING! So that is where our wedding hashtag comes in, it was just so perfect! #MrMrsBushTourWhat led us to choose The M Resort for our reception was the gorgeous view from the top floor. I love pools and beaches, so when Mariann told me that I would be walking by the pool I was SOLD! Wayne was happy that I was happy and he was EXTREMELY happy with the price and that it wasn’t on the strip.

Twayne thinks the money was well spent on the Venue – The M Resort. The fact that it was off the strip and everything was in one place, and Henderson NV was perfect. Our big day was a huge success and to have 113 people fly to Henderson, NV was nothing but love.

Another vendor that we were happy with was Ella the photographer (High-Class Studios ). She is AMAZING! Her energy, her visions, and her high-quality photos are what sold us.  I love to hear her talk. LOL! She captured EVERYTHING. She sent me 20 sneak peeks pictures, and I thought I was going to die! AMAZING WORK!

We chose Memory Lane Video because the presentation was AWESOME! Also, they are very professional and helpful. I love the fact that we could contact them at any time because we planned so far in advance and they were always there ready to answer questions. I know this film will be EXCELLENT and I am dying to see the feature film starring #MrMrsBush LOL! Money well spent I am sure about that.

On the day of the #MrMrsBushTour, I admired Memory Lane because they were on time and ready go. I also loved that they worked with Ella and everything went according to plan. You guys are AMAZING, and we would choose you again and again!

Venue: The M Resort | Photography: Ella with High Class Studios | Decor: Lori Jimerson | Florist: Lucia with By Dzign | Hair: Arlene Williams with Arlene's Creations | Make Up: Kiera Bright with Las Vegas Makeup Girl | Cake: The M Resort | DJ: DJ ToneArmz | Invitations: Ryan Hartley with Heart Line Press | Lighting: Ella with High-Class Studios | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Image by Ella with High-Class Studios

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