Nelson Ghost Town – Christine + Brian – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photography Company: Todd Wilson of Bently & Wilson Photography | Florist: Gaia Flowers Hair& Make Up: Amelia C and Co. | Cake/Sweets: provided by Treasure Island | Invitations: Etsy Shops Lucky Lady Paper (invitations), and

Bunny Delicious (Thank Yous) | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Brian and Chris are a success story! They were both intrigued by the other’s profile. Brian was captured by all of Chris’s adventurous pictures and Chris was fascinated by Brian’s witty words (and of course his handsome pictures)! They soon began to talk more and eventually they just had to meet each other in person!

Before their first date, Brian admitted that he might be nervous and appear fidgety. Therefore, he suggested an active date that consisted of a walk in the park to help relieve some of the built up nerves. Chris was “instantly charmed” by his openness and agreed to his idea. During the date, Chris spent most of the walk thinking “Wow, he walks fast. I hope I can keep up”. Unknowing to her, Brian was thinking the samething! Even though he was “instantly charmed” by her smile, he was thinking “Wow, she walks fast. I hope I can keep up”. And as they say, great minds think alike! After their (fast and hyped) walk, the two spent the time talking more at Bread Company. And once again, both of them were thinking the same thing about how they wanted to spend more time with each other. They spent the rest of their days walking fast and chasing each other happily.

There was no “aha” moment when Chris and Brian knew that they fell in love with each other. To them, spending time together just always felt right. Brian knew he was ready to ask Chris to marry him but he was waiting for the right moment to ask her. He found a time to start preparing for that right moment during one of their Chinese take-out nights. Chris’s fortune cookie told her to “be prepared to receive something special within the week”. Chris seemed to not think much about it and she ended up throwing away the fortune! Luckily Brian thought it was special enough to fish out of the trash can. Just like the fortune said, a week later Brian came back from his guy’s golfing trip with a cheesy souvenir mug that he bought for Chris. Chris was confused by this. However, inside the mug was a box that held a beautiful ring and her fortune (that came true) tucked beside the box. Chris explained that she had never been more surprised than that moment. She was caught off guard but she only made him sweat a couple of moments before she said “YES”!

Brian and Chris dreamed of having a destination wedding in Las Vegas. Chris was ready to pull everything together in only three months! However, Brian wanted a little more time to plan their special day. Together they found a bargain hotel plus an airfare deal and selected a weekend. Down the road, they realized that they would forever have a hard time forgetting a wedding date such as January 23rd.

For their wedding, their plan was to get away for an intimate and meaningful ceremony and then return home to Missouri for a fun filled celebration party with their family and friends. With the big day finally insight, Brian did not care about the wedding venue as long as he could marry his beloved Chris! On the other hand, Chris wanted the wedding venue to be unique, special, and a place that reflected their personalities. Her criteria led her to find Nelson Ghost Town, an old deserted gold mining town almost an hour outside of Las Vegas. Now that is a very unique wedding! It was quirky and colorful with vintage vehicles and equipment. THe desert sky and landscape was the “most perfect decor imaginable”!

On the wedding day, it was filled with so many treasured moments that the newly wedded couple with hold close to their hearts forever!  One event in the wedding that Brian will always remember was how his bride surprised him by hiring an acoustic guitarist to play at the ceremony. Chris walked down the aisle to the strum of Brian’s favorite band and song: Foo Fighters Everlong. He could not help himself but to shed tears of joy. Furthermore, Chris prepared a hand embroidered handkerchief with a personal message on it and had her best friend hand it to Brian. Chris will never forget the personal vows that they recited to one another. Before the vow reading, they never compared their vows with the other. However, their vows ended up being quite similar as the both referred back to bicycles, healthy meals, zombies, and the Lord of the Rings. Once again, great mind think alike! At the end, they shared the same words again by saying “I Do”. For the guests that attended the wedding, their favorite moment was the magnificent double rainbow that appeared over the desert area during the “golden hour” sunset. Chris had planned for the golden hour but could never imagine such a wonderful natural phenomenon in her wildest dreams. It was the colorful ribbon and bow to top off a magical gift of love that Chris and Brian gave to each other.

Looking back on all the planning decisions, Chris and Brian had some complicated logistics to consider before their big day. They decided to stay at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip with a few close family and friends but they had to figure out how to get everyone to and from the Ghost Town. They said that their rental bus was money well spent and allowed them to stretch out and be comfortable while still having plenty of room for the photography and the video equipment. Chris came to realize that a bride in a full wedding gown could take up three of the seats alone! Another aspect of money well spent was when Brian made his choice of creating a custom pair of Chuck Taylors. These shoes were one of the best decisions he could have ever made because of their comfort and style. He had to keep up with Chris somehow with all their fast walking!

Chris and Brian stumbled upon Memory Lane Video when Chris was searching and planning their wedding. Chris was not only captured by the great reviews but the stories, emotions, and artistry that Memory Lane captured and conveyed in each of their videos. After watching these videos, she was convinced that she had to book Memory Lane’s services. No other video companies were seriously considered after that point. Looking at the videos to the prices, “no other company could compare in quality”.

On the day of the wedding, Brian and Chris were extremely grateful with how the videographers were so “personable, professional, polite, and never in our way”. The noticed that the Memory Lane crew seemed to also be enjoying the and that made them a joy to have around.

Chris and Brian put a great deal of effort into planning their perfect day. Throughout the wedding day, there were so many activities and distractions that with a blink of a teary eye and a skip of an excited heartbeat, the little details of the day could be missed or fade over time. With video, all of these could be captured with perspectives from an outside point of view and it would be treasured by family members who were not able to attend the destination wedding. The couple commented that “memory can fail, but Memory Lane Video will not” and they assure others that they will be re-watching their wedding video on every anniversary!

Apart from videos and Memory Lane, Chris and Brian felt remarkable lucky to have hired Todd Wilson from Bently&Wilson Photography who spent eight hours capturing gorgeous photos to document the special events. Also, the words of the officiant Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Union and the help of music from guitarist Casey Carmody had everyone in emotional tears. Chris loved having Amelia from AmeliaC and Co. work and perfect Chris’s hair and makeup. Chris said that she has never “ felt so pretty” like she did after Amelia was done working on her. Lastly, Chris and Brian would like to thank their limo driver Sam of VIP Limousines of Nevada for making everyone feel like VIPs.

After having their Ghost Town wedding, Brian and Chris returned home to have that large party with their family and friends who were not able to attend the wedding. This party gave life to a little Las Vegas in the state of Missouri by having blackjack and roulette tables, a Las Vegas photo booth, and a surprise appearance from an Elvis tribute artist (which Chris surprised Brian with once again). After this Las Vegas styled party, Chris and Brian went on an “epic” honeymoon to Venice, the Greek Isles, and Ireland. Once they returned back to the US, they settled into their home. They look forward to raising their blended family (his two daughters and her two sons, daughter-in-law, and grandson). They hope to continue to travel to adventurous locations around the country and the world. And just like what Chris and Brian vowed together, they will never stop chasing after each other!

Photography Company: Todd Wilson of Bently & Wilson Photography | Florist: Gaia Flowers Hair& Make Up: Amelia C and Co. | Cake/Sweets: provided by Treasure Island | Invitations: Etsy Shops Lucky Lady Paper (invitations), and Bunny Delicious (Thank Yous) | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Images by: Bently & Wilson Photography