Paiute Golf Club – Tya + Sebern – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Ceremony & Reception Location: Paiute Golf Course  | Photography: Norina Kaye Photography | Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero, Celebrations Bridal Boutique |Bridal party Attire: Seamstress | Groom’s Tux: Seamstress in LA | Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes | Music: DJ Sincere | Hair and Makeup: Hair by Kimberly and Makeup Beauty by Bre’ | Flowers: Blossoms by Gayle | Stationery: Paper and Home | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

His engagement to me has been one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened in our relationship. It started as a mere question last summer when he asked if I wanted to get married. He later said ”Ok, lets get married”, when I said Yes. We later fulfilled the purpose of this conversation when we engaged ourselves alone without telling our friends and family. We however saw the need to make it official with an engagement ring.

It finally became official on thanksgiving morning when Sebern Presented Tya with an engagement ring. It was such a perfect timing especially as all our immediate family members were in town for the holiday weekend and they were more than thrilled to witness the most special day of our lifetime. It was such a memorable day for Tya and myself.

Our wedding date is such that was selected with nothing but a heart so filled with love and the drive to live together and forever, the date was never selected for any reason. Initially we wanted it to be in December 2015. Our desire to marry as quickly as possible was based on the love we shared coupled with our intention to be married at the Paiute. Realizing that we hadn’t made the right arrangements, we saw the need to shift the date to some other and this happened in September 2015. Because we wanted to get married on a date that will be so convenient for our friends and family travelling from out of the city, we decided to marry on the 28th of May which fell on a weekend holiday.

Choosing Paiute was a fueled by none other but the love we had for the place the very first time we’d attended a wedding there. The view was awesome spectacular and the most fascinating is the level of eagerness in the heart of the members of the team as they continually helps through the planning process of our big day. Apart from these, the place also had floors made of reinvasions or hard woods

Frankly speaking, from the bottom of our hearts, we loved our wedding. We were fortunate to have the best team of vendors and most of all, we had the most wonderful friends and family who wanted nothing but the best for us. We were speechless to discover that nothing, no detail had been left out during the planning process and as destined, everything turned out to be even more than we’d initially planned. Our visitors showed their love as they turned out in large numbers and they actually did enjoyed our warm reception. We ensured a sit-down dinner was never served until we’d passed hors d’oeuvres and an open bar with white furniture which in a way provided our guests the best lounge sitting experience ever. Also appreciated was the hip-hop violinist we’d employed who made sure the venue was never dull. The brought a lot of encouraging compliments from the guests. Another thing that was so intriguing was the kind of attire worn by the guests – what a classy look on them as they were all nice to wear the black attires we’d recommended.

Comments from the bride showed that the money spent on pictures was worth it as Norina ensure to capture all the memorable moments of our special day.

Even though I have not seen the video, I’m positive that it is the most expensive part of our will also go a long way in the future as it would help remind us of the way we’d walked into the reception at the onset, the vows we’d made. It would be one of the most adorable piece we’d ever be grateful to have.

Everything went as planned and I am grateful to the services of the photographer, DJ Sincere, and the services of the hair dresser, Kimberly as well as Beauty by Bre, the makeup artist.

Memory lane video has always offered the best video coverage service. He did a very wonderful job for Ashley who’d been married two years before our time. We actually love to keep good things close by and so we once again called for the services of memory lane videos.

The videos you’d shown when we had our initial consultation had overwhelmed my husband and he couldn’t afford to make another choice other than the one that would bring the best on our special day. This was the one my husband chose for the special day our lives.

Professionalism has always been a quality respected by all. This was exactly the most obvious attribute of the Memory lane team. Apart from these, the team comprised of members who were not only good at what they do but also friendly and patient. Your presence in our special event gave us more than we’d ever wanted. We knew all we had to do at the right time and most of all, we had enough time to breathe and these are the reasons why we can never appreciate you enough for the services rendered.

Memory lane had been the only service we inquired. This is because they had the best services as well as the team players.

Everything happened so fast I even more than I’d expected. It was a normal thing for a bride to get nervous and panic, stressed or have anxiety, but I saw the readiness in after I had a 4 hours’ sleep the night before the actual. Waking up that morning, I felt so ready, and the nervous energy I’m supposed to have were all gone from me, I no longer saw the need to stress myself. It downed on me that there was nothing more I could do at this moment, about the details, I was so calm and this was the more reason I could take everything without panic. The cool chat I had with mom and sister had been so effective as they slowly worked on my hair and apply the makeup on my face and what’s more, I also had a glass of champagne during the bridal party which tasted much like the sweetest day of my life.

There were negative thoughts and statement, but the honest ones like “I was amazed to see my beautiful bride”, “It was great to be around friends and family”, who meant so well and wanted the best for you and other normal statement from everyone but there was so much on the heart of people as their hearts were filled with such feelings as Excitement, Joy, Anxiety, Gratitude as well as sentimental expressions. But despite these, the day and the long waiting and all the emotions cleared as the ceremony began and everybody became happy again. The days that seemed much like forever before the big day suddenly began to sublime turned out to be no more within the blink of an eye. We made it a religion to always honor our rehearsal dinner and reception, this we did by making it look like the actual party. By so doing, we found no difficulty in bringing out same excitement all night long. This amongst other things actually went a long way in making sure our day was such a memorable one. It was a weekend even and such that seemed like we would normally hosted.

I would recommend future celebrants, event planners to put their worries away, have fun and handle the business the best way you can and as early as possible. This would actually allow you have a fun-time with your friends and family before and during the special event. Generally, people will say the event is more for the bride than it is for the groom, you on the other part has to make it your own event also. Weddings are special and happy occasions during which families and friends come together and have a few drinks, chat and talk about the future. The other event that would have done same is a funeral, but everybody knows funerals has a lot of tears than smiles to offer. With this, I think its best to have the best time with the people that came to support you during your special time for you’ll never know when next you’ll see them again, and if you’re sure of seeing them again, what you’re not certain of is if you’ll actually see them at the same spot ever again. Wedding videos are so special because they’ll help you remember the little details you’ll never remember on your own.

Ceremony & Reception Location: Paiute Golf Course  | Photography: Norina Kaye Photography | Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero, Celebrations Bridal Boutique |Bridal party Attire: Seamstress | Groom’s Tux: Seamstress in LA | Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes | Music: DJ Sincere | Hair and Makeup: Hair by Kimberly and Makeup Beauty by Bre’ | Flowers: Blossoms by Gayle | Stationery: Paper and Home | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Photography: Norina Kaye Photography