Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Project

Here is an amazing short movie about how one family helped one family. Share this great story.

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My good friend, Kevin Cordova, asked me to help him deliver a travel trailer to a family who lost their house from the wildfires in Paradise California. The town of Paradise is approximately 75 miles from where I grew up as a kid….so needless to say, this fire could have been in my hometown of Nevada City CA.

I consider it an honor to know Kevin & Jackie Cordova. Their giving back to the community over the years never ceases to amaze me. It was a no-brainer for me when Kevin asked if I would help him on this adventure.

This video is the story how one family was connected through the Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Facebook page to help another. I am grateful for people like Jackie & Kevin who continuously give back to people in need.

There are still many families who need help. You can help them by sharing this video and/or going to the Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Facebook page.