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Jeremy and I are both in the field of education.  I am a special education teacher and Jeremy is a teacher’s aide at a school for the deaf.” explains Jennifer.

Love is a funny thing isn’t it? Apparently, Jennifer and Jeremy met in the most unexpected of ways…“One day in the middle of February, just after a blizzard, at the Jackson/Mann school where we both worked, Jeremy realized that the student he takes to the bus was absent. Jeremy decided to leave work a few minutes earlier than usual and upon leaving saw that I was directing my class in a single file to the bus to be dismissed. Once Jeremy stepped out of the doors, I noticed him walking towards me. I was trying to play it cool, and started doing a motion telling my students to follow me. While I was walking backwards, I didn’t realize that I was walking right smack into a brick wall. I proceeded to turn around and apologize to the wall for walking into it.  Realizing it was a wall that I had just spoken to, I said to myself, “I hope that cute red-headed guy didn’t see me do that…” (luckily he didn’t so I could have kept that part to myself but aren’t you so glad I didn’t??) I got back on track, still walking backwards, and just as Jeremy was about to pass me, I slipped on some ice!  Jeremy, with his jungle cat like reflexes, caught me before I hit the ground, stood me back up, and asked if I was alright. I said I was fine and was about to continue the conversation when Jeremy said, “that’s good, be careful” and walked away.  I stood there open-mouthed about to say something but he was gone….”.

The couple shared their most capturing memories from the wedding by stating, “My most memorable part was how happy I was seeing everyone having a blast dancing.  Also, how awesome it was staying the weekend so we didn’t have to worry about seeing everyone for just one night! One of Jeremy’s preferred memories from the wedding day was… how I looked walking down the aisle!”.

Jennifer’s most memorable details were 1) the cake topper, 2) hair and makeup, and 3) The gorgeous lights.” On the other hand, Jeremy’s three favorite details were, “1) The view of the Las Vegas strip, 2) Having a destination wedding, and 3) Spending time with his family and friends!”

To future couples planning their wedding, Jennifer and Jeremy advise you to simply do and choose what you genuinely want.  “I know it’s hard, but my one piece of advice is to do what YOU want to do.  We had some resistance from friends/family about having a destination wedding at first but everyone had an AMAZING time and ultimately thanked us for doing it!” shared the couple.

The key factor that ultimately influenced the couple’s decision for their venue was none other than its beautiful view. Jennifer and Jeremy stated, “We knew we wanted to have the wedding and reception outside but couldn’t decide if we wanted more of a nature experience or a flashier “Vegas-y” experience.  Once we saw the view from the Platinum on the website, the decision was easy!” 

We were so happy with all of our vendors…Hair and makeup from Makeup in the 702 was amazing. Our photographer, ChiemiPhotography took beautiful pictures of the whole night!  Our DJ with All Night Long Entertainment was awesome too. Lastly, the cake from Peridot Sweets was another hit!” admitted the couple. Jeremy and Jennifer could not have imagined a greater experience.

Memory Lane Video was recommended to us by our wedding coordinator Faith of Faithfully Yours.  Faith said they were the best and with having a destination wedding, many people couldn’t join us so we wanted to have a beautiful keepsake to show people.” said the couple.

Looking back, something that wasn’t worth the stress to the couple, was the time spent “worrying about everyone else and what they would think.  It’s hard not to when you care about people, but ultimately, they just want you to be happy.”

To future couples planning their wedding, Jeremy and Jennifer have some advice! “Go destination!  We had such a WONDERFUL time all weekend.  We arrivedThursday, as did many of our guests, and left Tuesday morning.  It was so great getting to spend more than just the wedding seeing everyone.  I got to spend time with people I don’t often get to see and it really kept the celebration going for days.” happily shared the couple.

We chose to book Memory Lane because the videos on their blog spoke for themselves.  The fact that the videos seemed so personal with the interviews, music and the quality of the wedding film made it a no brainer. On the day of the event, I appreciated the professionalism of the videographers and their friendliness!When discussing necessity for video, I would definitely recommend their services. The company is extremely professional and the quality of the videos surpasses so many others.  I really appreciate the time that it took to edit a video of this much quality especially since we will have it to remember forever,” recalled the couple.

For their honeymoon, Jennifer and Jeremy will be road tripping this summer along with their 3 dogs. The couple will be spending 7 weeks traveling the country!

Congratulations Jennifer and Jeremy, Memory Lane Video wishes you a safe road trip and a happy marriage.

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