Platinum Hotel & Spa Wedding

Amanda & Ryan loved planning their Platinum Hotel & Spa Wedding in Las Vegas, NV. The couple learned about Memory Lane Video by attending the Bridal Spectular Bridal Show, a few years ago. They met us at the show and were instantly drawn to the unique style of the videos our company produced. The couple pursued their research and continued to watch the many videos on our website. They adored the different examples and styles of our work and were ultimately convinced they wanted to partner with us on filming their special day at the Platinum Hotel.

We asked Amand & Ryan why they ultimately chose our company, and they shared, “How well put together your videos are and the way in which you seem to really capture the feel of a wedding. We made the decision to choose Memory Lane due to the high quality of the videos that were available on their website and how well they captured the emotion in each of the weddings they shot.

On the day of the wedding, May 22, 2021, the Memory Lane Video crew arrived at the Platinum Hotel & Spa to film and document the couple’s wedding. The goal is for us to film and capture every detail without obstructing or getting in the way of our clients. In fact, the couple shared this with us on their feedback on our team, the day of the wedding. “We admired how personable the crew was. Every single person was extremely helpful and easy to work with throughout the entire day. In addition, the crew never really felt like they were “intruding” into moments or “in the way” at any point.”

Amanda & Ryan’s advice:

The video is important because the day goes so fast that when it’s over it almost feels like a blur. You look back and remember bits and pieces, but there is so much going that it’s hard to take it all in. Having a video will allow us to remember and relive such an amazing day for the rest of our lives together.

– Amanda + Ryan, 2021
Las Vegas Wedding Videographer

Amanda & Ryan tied the knot on May 22, 2021, at the Platinum Hotel & Spa. They chose top-notch vendors to complement every detail of their day.

Photographers/ Photography¬†Company: Adam Frazier Photography | Wedding Officiant: Ralph Calaway (Amanda’s grandfather) | Decor Company & Linens: Jovani Linens | Florist: Jovani Linens | Hair & Makeup: Vegas Glam Team | Cake/Sweets: Las Vegas Custom Cakes | DJ/Band: Sound Fusion Entertainment | Invitations: Elegant Wedding Invites | Lighting: Sound Fusion Entertainment