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Tyler is a Food & Beverage (F&B) analyst for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and works with some of the top restaurants in the city.  Allie works in F&B as well, having recently transitioned from working with restaurants as a publicist to the operations side of the industry.

Tyler and Allie met in college, however they did not begin dating until four years, and several moves later.  Tyler had transferred to the University of Wyoming and lost touch with Allie for several years.  It was a chance posting on Facebook that brought them back together.  Tyler invited Allie out for a weekend in Denver, where they spent five days exploring the city and surrounding nature.  “It was a beautiful long first date!” explained the couple.

The most memorable moment from Tyler and Allie’s wedding was when “we were announced as husband and wife.  Having a long engagement, it was a moment we had been waiting a long time for.  So to have it finally here….it was a moment we will never forget.

Our three (3) favorite details from the wedding were:  1) The wedding cake.  It was so uniquely us with the soccer ball popping out of the side with a the little soccer groom and supportive bride.  2) The groomsmen, who all wore soccer shoes for the ceremony.  3)  Having our guest’s book filled with photos from our photo booth.

If Tyler and Allie could offer a piece of advice, it would be “To decide what the most important things are to you.  If you want to have photos that will stand the test of time, make sure to invest in a good photographer first.  Find items that aren’t as important to you to save money to cover the more important details of your wedding.

The key factors in deciding the venue for their reception really came down “To getting the most bang for our buck.”  Allie grew up in California, and wanted an outdoor wedding and good food. “Rainbow Gardens was easy to access for our large number of out of town guests.  It had a lovely outdoor area, as well as a gorgeous indoor garden, and the food was a hit with everyone!  Best of all it was reasonable and their staff was very helpful as well!”

Other than Memory Lane, we were very happy with our flower vendor, Enchanted Florist.  They provided gorgeous bouquets for the day.  Our cake vendor was Cake Designs, whom we had an interesting request for and they were able to deliver!” enthusiastically recalled Allie and Tyler.

The married couple heard about Memory Lane through “A former co-worker of Allie’s, who had also used them for their wedding and were thrilled with their services.”

Now that the wedding is over, “We learned that things will usually work itself out and you won’t remember the little things that went wrong on your big day.  The important part of the wedding is really about spending time with people you love and celebrating with friends and family.   Things like seating charts and the colors of the linens, are not worth stressing about.

Tyler and Allie strongly advise future couples to “Pick the three items that mean the most to them for their wedding day and then work their way through everything else.

“We decided to book Memory Lane after getting to see some of their work at their office. The emotion their work evoked was so strong, we knew we wanted to have that for our special day as well.” said the couple.  “We did not consider any other companies aside from Memory Lane, they were the first and only company we looked at.  Their work was of such high quality, and we heard so many good things, that we didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

The thing that the couple ultimately admired about Memory Lane was “They were everywhere but you hardly noticed them working. I knew they were there, capturing all of the important moments, but they weren’t in our face or being obtrusive in any way.

Tyler and Allie felt that Videography is important “Because there are moments, feelings and thoughts that you simply can’t capture with photos.  Being able to hear and see how we felt, as well as how our families felt, on our big day, was something we believed to be invaluable.  There is long lasting footage of friends and family that may not be with you in the future, and if that is important to you,Memory Lane knows how to capture those thoughts and feelings like experts!

“For our honeymoon, we went to Cancun!  We wanted somewhere sunny, relaxing and full of adventure. Cancun met all of our requirements and we had the most relaxing time of our lives!” said the couple.

Memory Lane wishes Tyler and Allie a long lasting life full of joy and love.

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