Rev. Linda Venniro

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Memory Lane Video & Rev Linda Venniro

Memory Lane Video has been working with Rev Linda Venniro for many years now. We’ve enjoyed the friendship we’ve built with her over the years as we’ve shared several mutual clients. You can catch the warmth and kindness that Linda emits in many of our videos. I asked Linda to share with you a few words about herself and what she offers her clients.

Rev. Lina Venniro in her own words: “Many times, when my couples first call, I sense their excitement about their future but it seems they don’t even know what to ask. I am happy to gently walk them through the process. While we discuss everything from the venue, to the photographer and video, I’m able to contribute my professional opinion and we’re left with a comfortable and peaceful couple and a plan for the wedding of their dreams!

It’s interesting to me how most people try to personalize a wedding by using things you see: A color, a dress, a theme, a location, etc., while forgetting the sense of hearing. One person’s voice is heard above all during the ceremony, and that is the minister’s. Because of this, a couple should be most careful about wanting to choose a minister who reflects who they are. By choosing a minister, you are, in effect, handing them the reins very publicly. This person has to be someone who has taken the time to know you and knows how to tell your story! I enjoy spending time with my couples, either in person or, if that is not possible, we Skype or phone conference. My desire is to gather information regarding what makes this couple special and what makes their love story uniquely beautiful. This is how I am able to weave their answers into a beautiful, personal ceremony where my words can truly reveal their hearts to their loving family and friends. A flower, a dress and a venue say something about your taste but nothing says,” You!” like the story of your love!”

Memory Lane Video is proud to share a very special friend, Rev. Linda Venniro.

Rev Linda Venniro