Sara & Warner’s Highlight Reel

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We first met Sara & Warner September 26, 2010.  Sara fell in love with Memory Lane Video’swork from watching us online.  She wasted no time in securing us before anything.  We’ve had  a long journey with them and had the pleasure of helping her find some amazing vendors.  Her Photographers Orange Soda, convinced Warren to change in to his clothes on the parking garage of Palace Station.  FIZZ!

Sara was inspired with the Memory Lane Video & Julie Reed Booth at Bridal Spectacular booth.  She used that as a template for her wedding ceremony.  You can see Julie does amazing work.

Most important, Aerial Cinema showed breath taking shots of the venue and all of Sara’s hard work.  My heart skips a beat every time I review footage from our Memory lane Video helicopter swoop over the ceremony area at Angel Park Golf. Simply WOW!

If you’re considering getting married on a golf course, consider the aerial cinema for your wedding.  Here is a short glimpse of Sara & Warren’s Wedding Highlight Reel.  Enjoy.

Angel Park & Palace Station – Sara Krostag & Warren Perkins from Memory Lane Video on Vimeo.


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Sara and Warner – Vintage Cars and Pinball Orange Soda Blog – Las Vegas Wedding Photography

13.06.2012, 12:35

[…] Sara hadn’t decided where Warner was getting ready and I suggested the roof of the parking garage and that’s exactly where we ended up on a perfect day. With a few odd looks from security and some people looking out their windows the guys transformed into gentlemen in the least likely place you’d look for them. And that was just the very beginning of the day. We had vintage cars, Elvis, pinball machines from the real heyday of the Bally Table Kings, a trip to the famous (in)famous Hogs and Heifers and more on a day none of us will ever forget. Memory Lane Video was on hand for some killer aerial footage. […]


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