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A Sunset Gardens Wedding by Las Vegas Wedding Videographers – Memory Lane Video.  Michael works for a local casino and Linda is in the wedding industry. They both lived in the same town and ran into one another several times over the years. Linda and a friend attended a wedding and ran into Michael and he invited them out for a meal. Linda and Michael started dating and 2 years later, they were married in a quiet civil ceremony.

“Our ceremony was filled with the love of God and was everything we ever dreamt it could be. Saying our vows was so special because we had already experienced sickness and health, wealth and lack, better and worse, and we know God had brought us through every stage of our lives together. We intended to make this ceremony simply a renewal of our 35 years together, but it ended up being the dream wedding we never had. Memory Lane Video set up a first look where I walked up to my husband and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around and saw me, the emotions were overwhelming for both of us.” Linda recalls.

“Our wedding was held at Sunset Gardens. I loved their chapel, so quaint and romantic. It just felt like a warm hug.” says Linda.

“I consider everyone at Memory Lane Video part of my wedding family. We have worked together for many years on numerous weddings and I love their style and their ability to capture every nuance of an event. Their personal excitement over my upcoming wedding touched my heart. John, Tony and Hailey made my husband and I and all our guests feel so important and valued. Their excitement about doing this for us was palpable. My family commended on their attention and focus. We just knew they were on a mission to make this day in our lives so memorable and we love them for it. Memory Lane Video has very skilled and creative videographers. They’re like ninjas! They’re bouncing everywhere and they miss nothing! They’ll do anything to capture a special moment while never impeding the flow of the day. You feel their hearts are in it,” Linda recalls.

“The day of your wedding, nerves are running so high and your emotions can be overwhelming. The wedding can seem so surreal and you can have a difficult time remembering what really happened. Having a video can allow you to really see what went on that day and view it from a whole different perspective. You’ll be able to see family and friends interacting, dancing and enjoying your day while you were focused elsewhere. Video is a precious keepsake that can be enjoyed at every anniversary and shown to future generations,” Linda explains.

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