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Kevin works at Fort Bragg, NC for a private contractor as a network administrator and Priscilla has recently returned to college to obtain a second bachelor’s degree. Kevin and Priscilla met in the eighth grade and dated briefly. They weren’t supposed to be dating being as young as they were with Priscilla’s family being very traditional. They only had one date. They went to see The Tuxedo starring Jackie Chan. Priscilla still has her ticket stub. It was a very scary situation for Priscilla because she wasn’t allowed to go out with boys, period. They parted ways after four and a half months. They attended high school together, rarely spoke to each other and lost touch. About two years after they graduated, Priscilla had an epiphany and knew Kevin was the one all along and had to find him. Everything has been smooth since then.

“The most memorable thing for Kevin was seeing Priscilla for the first time” while “The most memorable thing for Priscilla was all the emotion she received from her usually reserved family.”

Our top three details from our wedding are the food, our cake topper, and the venue. They wish they could have been able to savor the bites and eat more. The cake topper was custom made to look like the couple and was based on Priscilla’s inspiration from Far East Movement’s song “Rocketeer”. The Westin at LLV was gorgeous and the staff was just the cherry on top.” explained Kevin.

For other couples planning their wedding, Priscilla advises “NOT to have a wedding because it is quite stressful. Kevin and Priscilla both agreed that had they not already been married for over three years prior to having the ceremony, it would have been much more stressful. Their advice is to get married before. Or before getting married, learn how to act as a single unit while keeping your own identity.”

“The key factors that helped us choose The Westin at Lake Las Vegas were the lake, which provided a great scenery, the restaurant Rick’s Cafe provided a great brunch atmosphere, and the flexibility. The Westin does not force couples to use their preferred vendor list.” said the couple.

“Our favorite vendor who helped us on our special day was Orange Soda Photography. Chris and Alicia are amazing. Chris went above and beyond, and by that I mean he stayed an extra three hours with us after the wedding to get the shots we wanted. It was fun, memorable, and stress-free. Of course The Westin is at the top of the list as well. All the other vendors weren’t great, they weren’t bad, but they had hiccups that made us unhappy.” added Kevin and Priscilla.

“We found Memory Lane through the internet, the Bridal Spectacular magazine, and at the Bridal Spectacular Expo.”

Looking back to the wedding,  “we would have liked to eat more of the delicious food we chose. We are huge foodies and The Westin knows how to make some amazing food. The vendors didn’t cause us grief, well not really until the day of, but still no where near as much as family did. We should have just stayed eloped.”

Kevin’s advice to other couples  is “if you are going to go through this, be warned. We learned that the opinions of family and friends causes chaos. Not to say we didn’t anticipate it, but we feel we didn’t prepare enough to stay strong. We had a plan about how everything would go down, but we were trying to be flexible and help out others. We were trying to spread our time with everyone in a short weekend. It made Priscilla stressed out and she wanted to be left alone. You ultimately have to stand your ground. Also, if you are having a destination in Las Vegas, if the vendors don’t tend to you until the last month, heck even the last two weeks, don’t worry. They got this. We weren’t worried because we trusted our vendors and knew they knew what they were doing, so if it is coming close to the wire, relax.”

“We chose Memory Lane because of their style of videography, and the unique Cinematography style. Priscilla had a vision of a music video with a specific song in mind. She could see it in her head, the drama, love story, type of film and the other companies did not have that type of style. Priscilla hadn’t seen the type of video she had envisioned, but she felt confident that Memory Lane was the only one who could deliver. We didn’t consider other companies purely because their style was not what we were looking for. Sure, they were cheaper, but they weren’t awesome. We are firm believers of quality and getting what you pay for.” said the couple!

The couple also included that “When Memory Lane came to film, everyone knew what they were doing. They were all very patient and inviting. They communicated with us and everything was very professional.”

“We think video is important because it is proof, he said it, she said it, vows were made. We can be very forgetful, to be honest, we don’t even remember what we said to each other, but we know the basics. Video helps take us back to that day and one day down the road when we need help to remember it will be there. If we get in a sticky spot or a bump down the road, a video and the songs will remind us where we started. It also helps those who couldn’t attend our destination wedding. We think it will make our family and friends feel the emotions of those who were present. Memory Lane can display your story in an artful way, with personal touches. It’s not just a video for them, they have met with us and know us as a unit, so we believe their work will reflect our love story.” explained the couple.

When asked about their honeymoon, Kevin and Priscilla said “We have not been on a honeymoon. Most of our major travel is going back to California. We did go on a weekend trip to Atlanta after we got back to North Carolina and the restaurant was delicious and helped us celebrate. We don’t see trips as “honeymoons”, they’re just adventures. Every trip is a honeymoon when we are together.”

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