Westin Lake Las Vegas – Amanda + Keith – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa | Photographers/ Photography Company: Adam Frazier Photography |Decor Company & Linen: RSVP Party Rentals | Hair & Make Up: Academy of Hair & Makeup Design | Cake/Sweets: Mad Batter Bakery DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Cinematography: Memory Lane Vide0 – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers | Invitations: Mayla Studios 

Amanda and Keith met in 2007 at the Weston Playhouse in Weston, Vermont. They both were working there for the summer. Keith was working as a stage carpenter while Amanda was working in the wardrobe department. They began to talk to each other about the Harry Potter series and how they were excited for the final book to be released that summer.

Their first date was not a super romantic date but being in the middle of rural Vermont, they had a blast! They began their first date when Keith picked Amanda up at her house in his 1974 Super Beetle and they went to see the fifth Harry Potter movie. After watching the movie, they went to Applebee’s for dinner.

Unlike their first date, when Keith proposed to Amanda, it was extremely romantic. Keith asked Amanda to be his wife after seven years of dating at RiSE, a paper lantern festival. He wrote the lyrics of their favorite song on three sides of the lantern and left the fourth side to write “will you marry me?”. Right before letting the lantern go, he turned it so Amanda would see the question. Once she did, Keith got down on one knee to give her the ring. They described the moment as “perfect”.

When deciding on the perfect date to be married, Keith and Amanda did not have any special date in mind. However, the date that they first settled on was already booked at the venue they chose so they settled on getting married the week after.

For their wedding venue, they decided to host their wedding reception at the Westin at Lake Las Vegas because the venue and the view were both “outstandingly beautiful”! Even though both of them now live in Las Vegas and call it home, they did not want to have a “Vegas” wedding that consisted of having and spending the night on the Las Vegas Strip. Also they wanted to be married in the place with a similar name to where their lives began together. They met in Weston and now they were married in The Westin!

Keith and Amanda both agree that their first dance and the cake cutting were the most memorable moments throughout the night. The first dance was a special moment for them because Amanda loved the song they picked and loves the Waltz. Keith was happy to do anything that would make Amanda happy, so he was willing to brush up on his dancing moves to make her first dance dream come true. For the cake cutting, Amanda surprised Keith with his all-time favorite type of cake: Funfetti. Amanda described Keith’s face as “priceless!” when he noticed that it was his favorite kind of cake.

There were a few aspects of their wedding that they did not bother spending more money on. They were pleased to spend a little extra cash on their DJ and the flowers. DJ Jazz from Harry O’Productions played the perfect music to keep everyone dancing all night long! For the flower arrangements, Keith and Amanda did them all by themselves, with the help of family and friends of course. They had a blasted arranging the flowers and said that it was a great bonding experience for the bridesmaids who did not know each other before hand. “Everything was so beautiful”!

The couple discovered Memory Lane Video through Wedding Wire and knew that they wanted to have Memory Lane to document their special day because it was extremely important to the couple to have their ceremony documented. They wanted to remember what was said as well as what everything looked like. After doing their research, they knew that Memory Lane would be able to tell their story perfectly.

On the day of Amanda and Keith’s wedding, they both admired how Memory Lane and their photographer were able to seem almost nonexistent. They both had a very low impact on Amanda, Keith, and all their guests’ personal space during the ceremony and reception. Everyone was able to have a great time and not worry about stepping on anyone’s toes or having a camera in their face all the time.

Originally, Amanda and Keith wanted to hire a friend to film and put together their wedding video. Unfortunately, their friend had back out two months before the wedding. After that, there was only one video company that they felt they could trust with their wedding video and it was Memory Lane Video! And lucky for them, Memory Lane was available that day.

For future Memory Lane clients, Amanda and Keith want to give a piece of advice to them: get a video of your wedding! Amanda and Keith’s friends and family kept telling them to get a video of their special day (or at least the ceremony) because so many people who did not have a wedding video later realized that it was one of their biggest regrets. The couples who did not have a wedding video could remember what everything looked like because of the photographs but over the years, they could not remember what was said throughout the night. Keith and Amanda did not want to have the same regret.

Apart from Memory Lane Video, the couple was pleased with Adam Frazier’s Photography. They described him as “perfect!” and so enthusiastic about his job. He was able to capture many great pictures along while making everything look so easy and everyone felt very comfortable around him. Amanda and Keith could not have been more pleased with Adam Frazier’s work!

For the Keith and Amanda’s future, they are looking forward to enjoying the lifelong journey of the married life. Furthermore, they are planning on purchasing a house and starting a family in the near future!