WOW What at YEAR – 2013 – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

2013 has truly been an amazing year! Memory Lane Video has so many things to be thankful. I thought I would take a moment & reflect on some of the factors that contribute to Memory Lane Video’s consistent success!420x236

First & foremost, I have to acknowledge the team at Memory Lane Video. The talent that resides within our company is unsurpassed by no other. Memory Lane Video is a collective team of individuals that strive to construct the most creative work known in the wedding industry. Their attention to detail is meticulous and are always exploring new ways to create wedding movies that are completely unique and adorned with the BEST creativity. Hats off to the crew at Memory Lane.

Secondly, we acknowledge our colleagues in the wedding industry. Each & every day, we work with professional that go above & beyond their call of duty. They are synergistic in their craft. From Wedding Planners, Venue Catering Coordinators, Photographers, DJs, Officiates, and many more skilled professionals, Memory Lane is constantly reminded of how hard everyone works and what good friends we have accumulated in the industry. Hats off to the wedding professionals that make each & every client’s dreams come true each & every day.

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge our clients. the people that enable us to do what we do.  After ten years of being in business, our clients resuscitate and bring new life to what Memory Lane Video’s vision has stood for.  Quality, Professionalism, Passion, Innovation, and above all Leaders in Wedding Cinematography.  This year we filmed over 160 weddings, a new record for Memory Lane Video.  Each of our clients are so dear & special to us.  Every day, we are reminded that LOVE prevails in the world.  Each of our clients share such an intimate and touching event with Memory Lane Video.  We are humbled & Honored by their friendship and our relationships.

Here is to the close of another fantastic year, and we welcome 2014 with open arms.
We hope all of our Friends, Families, Clients, and Colleagues have a safe and Happy New Year’s Celebrations tonight.  Thank-you for a wonderful 2013, and we’ll see you ALL in 2014.

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