Ardovino’s Desert Crossing – Sarah + Bobby – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Memory Lane Video would like to shed light on Sarah, whom is a hairstylist & makeup artist at Square Salon, and Bobby whom is an editor for UFC.

Bobby had been working for a student service bureau at his college while Sarah’s sister happened to attend the same college as Bobby. Sarah and Bobby had accidentally met when she had tagged along with her sister to return a camera back to the service bureau. Fate and history started to spark at this very moment leading up to there incredible wedding day!

Now when it came time for their very first date, it was by far an amusing and uniquely fun day. “We had originally planned a movie date, but it then turned into dinner and movie. We had both skipped lunch that day so we decided to go to Chipotle since Bobby had never been there before.” Sarah mentioned that she stuck to a salad to be lady like while Bobby went all out with a big burrito. “His burrito fell apart everywhere and I could see he was a little embarrassed, but it was cute!”  The couple later attended the theater, where Sarah had been working at the time, to watch Knocked Up! “We wanted to see something funny and this movie was perfect for a first date with someone you barely know!” Laughed Sarah.  As the night had come to an end, Sarah had turned out to not feeling so well, which then lead to Bobby thinking she was not interested in him. This was not the case, as Sarah would ask Bobby on a second date!

The most treasurable memory from their wedding was their ceremony. “We both really enjoyed hearing each others vows for the first time” Said the happy couple.  “We also can’t stop thinking about all the speeches from our bridal party. It was truly a humbling experience hearing everyone’s speeches to us.”

Memory Lane Video had asked Sarah and Bobby to give us three favorite details from their wedding day and to no surprise number one was “The Dress!” Sarah said with excitement.  Number two was, “Definitely the tux!” Said Bobby. Which leads us to the third being how all of the decorations came together. “It was a long process and totally worth it!”

When it comes to advice, this couple would like to say, “Expect to go over your budget, there are tons of things that you may not initially think about, which can cause things to really stack up! In the end, every penny is most certainly worth it.” Said Sarah and Bobby.

“In choosing our venue, it was just completely different from any other venue we had toured. The food and beverage options definitely allowed us to really keep budget from getting out of hand!”

Sarah and Bobby had also mentioned that they loved their photographer who had previously photographed Sarah’s sisters’ wedding. “We just had to have her! She was even willing to travel from Oregon just to photograph our wedding!” Said enthusiastic Sarah.

Memory Lane Video asked how they had heard of our services and it happened to be a friend who works at Memory Lane Video, Edwin Colon.  “We checked out their site and seen their amazing reviews and knew our wedding video was going to be absolutely amazing!”

Looking back on their special day, Sarah and Bobby had stated, “We learned weddings can actually be fun! We realize that stressing is not worth it and in the end everything will turn out just the way you had visualized! Scheduling your wedding and having a dependable person to help you, is definitely a good investment.”

“We admired how professional Memory Lane Video was! The crew were so easy to work with and so much energy set to dedication in capturing the most amazing footage for our video!” Said the newly weds. “Pictures are one thing, but having video is by far an amazing investment. You can look back and relive the entire experience! Memory Lane Video is like no other that we have ever seen, they think of literally everything, taking wedding videos to an entire new level!”

Sarah and Bobby will be honeymooning in paradise Garden Isle, Kauai as well as Oahu for a little more history of Pearl Harbor.

Memory Lane Video would like to thank Sarah and Bobby for their great story and wish them all the best to a long, happy future together. Congratulations to the both of you!