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Photographers/ Photography Company: J-Anne Photography | Decor Company & Linens: Nuage Designs & BBJ Linens | Florist: Wynn Las Vegas | Hair & Make Up: Jasmine Whitaker (Hair)  & Your Beauty Call (Make Up) | Cake/Sweets: Encore Las Vegas  | DJ/Band: DJ Vinh | Invitations: Minted | Wedding Planners: Scheme Events | Instagram (names): @crwnorris

Photographers/ Photography Company: J-Anne Photography | Decor Company & Linens: Nuage Designs & BBJ Linens | Florist: Wynn Las Vegas | Hair & Make Up: Jasmine Whitaker (Hair) & Your Beauty Call (Make Up) | Cake/Sweets: Encore Las Vegas | DJ/Band: DJ Vinh | Invitations: Minted | Wedding Planners: Scheme Events

Gaven and Candace first met while they were both volunteering at a fashion show. They began to talk and found out that they are from the West Texas town, lived in same cities at the same time, and have mutual friends. However, over 20 years, they never crossed paths until unknowingly volunteering at the same Ebony Fashion Fair Fashion Show. They believe that their meeting at the fashion show was “predestined serendipity”.

For their first date, Gaven and Candace went to a sports bar to have a few drinks. They described the evening was “filled with eye gazing, inquisitions, and riotous laughter”. They knew that this first date was the beginning to their forever together.

Gaven proposed to Candace during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday. He tricked her into thinking that they were going to take an Autumn portrait even though there was no reason to take a portrait. Unbeknown to Candace, as she was coordinating every detail to this ‘Autumn portrait’, she was also setting up how he engagement photos will look. Throughout taking photos for the portrait, Gaven kept expressing how much he loved Candace. In the middle of posing for the photo, Gaven dropped down to one knee and asked Candace to be his wife. After saying yes and finishing up their Autumn portrait/engagement photos, Gaven had another surprise for Candace. He took her to a nearby restaurant, Gristmill Restaurant that has a beautiful view of the Guadalupe River, only to be greeted by their families. They spent the night overlooking the river and celebrating their engagement.

Gaven and Candace always knew that they wanted a wedding in November but the day was unsure. From there, they decided to have their wedding date on November 7th. Once they picked this date, they soon realized that November 7th was also the Father of the Bride and Sister of the Groom’s birthdays. Fortunately, Candace’s father and Gaven’s sister did not mind sharing their special days with Gaven and Candace. Including their wedding day on November 7th only makes the day more special!

From the moment that they saw the Brahms Ballroom, they knew that it was the perfect place to dance the night away with their family and friends. It had everything they were looking for, it was luxurious surroundings, gourmet food, and attention to their guests. The ballroom was transformed to fit to the couples every desire- a warm and an inviting atmosphere overlooking “beautiful pools and immaculately manicured gardens”. Another part that they loved about the venue was the choice to customize their own menu. Everything flowed together in harmony, amazing each of the guests. From the feel of fine linens to the aroma of fresh ingredients to the sight of synchronized decor, everything took part in creating an unforgettable night. Their highest compliment was how wonderful everything was and how much fun the guest had at Gaven and Candace’s wedding. Gaven and Candace would like to send all their thanks to the “outstanding service” at the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel.

One of the most memorable events of the night for the couple was the first look. The first look was an intimate setting in the privacy of the Wynn Gardens between Gaven and Candace. They recall that the first look was a nice quiet moment before the ceremony that they will always cherish. Another moment that they can never forget was when Candace’s father gave a toast but instead of calling Candace by her name, he said his wife’s name instead. This caused everyone to laugh and making it a speech that no one will ever forget.

One part of their wedding which they spent majority of their money was their DJ Vinh Duong from Living Entertainment. The couple cannot speak highly enough about how amazing DJ Vinh Duong was. He was able to grasp Gaven and Candace’s vision and feel for the night, he got a sense of the crowd and made adjustments accordingly to keep the dance floor lively throughout the night. The energy that the DJ gave during the reception came alive and was “truly epic”. Thanks to DJ Vinh Duong, the guest and newlyweds will always remember how they literally danced the night away.

Gaven and Candace found out about Memory Lane Video through the Wynn Hotel. The couple watched a video of another couple whose wedding was at the same location as theirs. While watching the video, they felt as if they were celebrating wedding with the newly married couple even though the newlyweds in the video were complete strangers. After this point, Candace knew that she did not want anyone else but Memory Lane to capture their wedding day. Also, the couple knew that they wanted a “reputable and reliable” video company that would produce a quality film and deliver exactly what they wanted on their wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, Gaven and Candace admired how omnipresent the Memory Lane crew was throughout the day. The videographers captured every detail and moment while also blending in with everyone. Candace said that it was “professionalism at its best”.

Gaven and Candace  ultimately chose Memory Lane because they knew that Memory Lane would create a “unique, detailed, and creative video”. They loved how Memory Lane was able to keep Gaven and Candace’s vision in mind while still remaining professional and exceed the couple’s expectations.

To other couples who are debating whether to have a wedding video or not, Gaven and Candace want to say that they think that it is “completely necessary to not only have a video to reminisce” the wedding day but to also “use Memory Lane to document it”. Having a wedding video makes a couple able to relive the moments and emotions of a wedding day.

Apart from Memory Lane Video, Gaven and Candace were happy to work like Jodi and Janelle from J-Anne Photography. The J-Anne crew were “simply amazing and did an incredible job with our wedding photos”. They were able to make a (what could have been) stressful event into a “fun, filled with laughter, and enjoyable” everlasting memories.

In the future, Gaven and Candace plan on traveling to various places and reminiscing about their wonderful “mini-moon” in Las Vegas. They are planning to take a full honeymoon to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. They do not have a set in stone plan of what they will be doing 5 years from now but as long as they are together, everything will be alright. However, they do know that their wedding video will be viewed for many years to come.

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