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Desmond and Chelsey first met in nursing school when they were studying for exams and prepping for clinicals. During those stressful times, it was common for classmates to become close while helping each other with their studies. It was no different for Chelsey and Desmond. However, they became more than study buddies. After spending more time around each other, they became good friends and once the pressure of exams and clinicals were over, they found themselves falling in love.

Now their first date was no traditional first date but instead it was based on a bet. The person who scored the lowest grade between the two on the exam had to treat the person who scored a higher grade on the exam to dinner. Chelsey was the one who had the lower score of the two, therefore she had to pay for her and Desmond’s dinner. Although, this ‘bet’ was a simple disguise for just the two of them to find time to hang out together… alone.

While on a vacation in Las Vegas to celebrate Desmond’s 27th birthday, Chelsey wanted to have another reason to celebrate in the city where she believes is the “perfect place to propose”. After landing in the fabulous Las Vegas, Desmond took Chelsey around the Las Vegas Strip for one eventful night. From a skyline dinner at Alize in the Palm’s Hotel to the top of the Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris Hotel, it was a night that neither of the two will ever forget. However throughout the night, Chelsey was anticipating for Desmond to pop the question to her. Although she lost hope after being at two ideal places to be proposed at and Desmond telling her that he did not have a ring to give her. She grew tired and only wanted to go back to their hotel room to change into more comfortable clothes. But Desmond had another idea and brought her to the famous Conservatory and Botanical Garden inside the Bellagio Hotel. By this time, Chelsey thinks that it is another stop on their night out on the town. While they were enjoying the different types of plants creatively displayed, Desmond handed his phone to a person to take the couples picture in front of the scenery. Unbeknowing to Chelsey, the camera was taking a video instead of a picture. While the two were posing for a ‘picture’ under the tunnel of vines, Desmond dropped to one knee besides Chelsey, pulled out a beautiful ring, and asked her to marry him. Chelsey did not believe him at first, after a whole night of her anticipating the question but nothing happening, and asked Desmond if he was “for real”. Desmond reassured her that it was actually happening. After Chelsey made Desmond promise that he was not joking, she said “YES!”. For both of them, it felt like a perfect dream that went by too fast. But what a better birthday present for Desmond than becoming engaged to the person he loves the most.

Once the proposal stage ended, it was time to start planning the wedding! Desmond and Chelsey picked the month of September to become a married couple because they both knew that they wanted a fall wedding. Plus, working as nurses in a hospital does not give them much free time. They found the perfect dates in September to take a 2 week break and the 24th just happened to fall in between their break. And since becoming engaged in Las Vegas, they wanted to return but this time to be married in Las Vegas with family and friends by their sides. The couple fell in love with the wedding venue at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa. They loved how the beautiful hotel grounds are and the thrill of escaping the busy Las Vegas Strip to experience a “more intimate wedding”.

The wedding day finally arrived and after finishing touches, Desmond and Chelsey were ready to become husband and wife. Chelsey’s most memorable moment was walking nervously down the aisle, showing her beautiful wedding dress to everyone. Then once she saw Desmond, her nerves calmed instantly. Similar to Chelsey’s moment, Desmond’s most memorable moment was when he was waiting for his wife-to-be at the end of the aisle. As each person of the wedding party walked down the aisle, Desmond became more emotional as the seconds passed until tears of joy overcame him just before he saw Chelsey. He said that he “never thought she could be more beautiful” and that she should not have been worried about how she looked in her wedding dress because she was “absolutely gorgeous”!

Looking back, those who have planned a wedding know how expensive a wedding can cost but in the end, it is worth all the money spent. Chelsey said that her and Desmond spent more money than expected on their joint bachelor/bachelorette party. However, it was “money well spent” when taking a look back because it was the perfect way to kick off their wedding celebrations and that they were fortunate enough to spend it with their friends. Desmond added that their money was well spent also on the lighting at their reception. With the extra lighting, the area looked beautiful and had more character compared to if they did not spend the extra money on more lights.

Desmond and Chelsey read about Memory Lane Video through wedding planning websites and vendor reviews. After watching a few highlight videos from Memory Lane Video, they said that it was the “obvious who we were going to go with” and that “it just felt right” to book Memory Lane because of the “quality of service and professionalism” Memory Lane provides. Then once it came to their wedding day, the couple admire how professional the videographers were and how they were informed what the videographers needed. They were impressed on how “smoothly and flawlessly” everything went. They would like to share with other couples that “video allows you to relive moments as if you were there” and that “video captures the emotion”.

Apart from Memory Lane Video, Desmond and Chelsey were pleased with The Black Chicken Photographer Company. They are happy with the pictures and moments their photographer captured.  Now that the wedding day is over, Desmond and Chelsey have been working on buying and finalizing their own home and cannot wait to have children in their future.

Photographers/ Photography Company: The Black Chicken | Decor Company & Linens: LED Unplugged, Jovani Linens | Florist: Roxi Floral | Hair & Make Up: Susan Miller | Cake/Sweets: Freed’s Bakery | DJ/Band: Knight Sounds | Invitations: Ann’s Bridal Bargains | Photobooth: Smashbooth | Wedding Planners: Donna Quichocho, JW Marriott Resort and Spa Event Coordinator

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