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JW Marriott – Chelsey + Desmond – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Images by The Black Chicken – A division of Studio ATG Desmond and Chelsey first met in nursing school when they were studying for exams and prepping for clinicals. During those stressful times, it was common for classmates to become close while helping each other with their studies. It was no different for Chelsey and Desmond….

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JW Marriott – Savanna + Dayton – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

“Dayton is becoming a Millwright and one day hopes to own a shop with his brother while I work at a boutique flower shop one day hoping to own it!” explains Savanna!   There’s always a funny story behind a married couple’s first meeting.. “Dayton and I met when I transferred junior high schools. We’ve been…


JW Marriott – Emily + Phil – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Loading… Provided by WeddingWire   Provided by WeddingWire Emily and Phil met in high school and kept in touch throughout the years and started dating in July 2010.  Emily finally got on Facebook and that is how they were able to start talking again. Their first date was a limo ride down the Las Vegas…