Las Vegas Country Club – Kim + Julian – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

las vegas country club, alt f photography, memory lane video, las vegas wedding videographersJulian is a banker in the treasury area of HSBC and Kim is beginning a new career as a secondary school history teacher.  The couple  worked together at HSBC Bank on a number of projects and became friends before Julian plucked up the courage to ask Kim out for dinner a dinner date.

The couple both had memorable moments from their wedding day, for Kim it was walking down the aisle in the hands of her father watching  her future husband waiting for her with tears in his eyes. It was a surreal moment.

The couple both love Las Vegas and always have so much fun when they visit. When they got engaged they  knew without a doubt that they wanted to tie the knot in Las Vegas. Kim had done some research on some of the chapel alternatives (classier venues) and the Las Vegas Country Club was on her list of places to visit. When they toured the venue, they  were blown away by
how cool it looked  with the old style interior and how much it had to offer. The outdoor and balcony space just sealed the deal. Other venues/locations didn’t even compare, as their choice was simple.

Julian  joined LVCC on facebook and they posted a video about a month before their wedding . The moment he  saw the video he called us and arranged a consult .

Julian shared that Memory Lane, was discrete in filming and didn’t take over our day, but were always in the right place at the right time . All the guys were great to deal with, relaxed and had a good sense of humor ..our day was all about Fun and you guys played your part in it !!
Kim shared a similar sentiment, “to be honest it just felt so natural that Memory Lane Video was there that it was hard to remember that you were there! “

Julian: We had an amazing photographer in John Michael Cooper …and then we saw one of your videos at the last moment and we felt it would just offer something a little bit different and compliment what we already had …We both love going to the movies why wouldn’t we want our own !!
Kim: At the end of the day, pictures tell a thousand words but a video takes it to a whole new level! A video brings an event to life. It is a reminder of how we actually felt , what we said and how we said it, it captures the nerves, excitement and building tension of the big moment and then the ecstasy and celebration afterwards. Hopefully the video will capture the fun of the day and all the different personalities who were able to share our special day with us. I will definitely frame some of the photos taken that day and place them around our home but the video I can share with those who were unable to make it to Vegas and with those who are yet to come…  a photo just doesn’t compare in that sense.

The couple will be honeymooning in  Vietnam , Hong Kong and China.  The couple  lives in beautiful Bermuda and wanted something a little different !
Kim has never been out to Asia and its on her list of places to  visit. Julian is the natural born travel agent and loves exploring
all the options and best places to go. So he is arranging the whole thing… which is Kim’s  reward for planning most of the wedding.  Over the 3 weeks they are heading to Hanoi to relax in the old colonial city and visit the surrounding countryside, Hong Kong to be whipped into a frenzy by the city life and then Beijing to get culture/sightseeing overload in 3 days.

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Venue: Las Vegas Country Club
Cinematography: Memory Lane Video
Photography: Alt-F Phtography

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