Las Vegas Golf Club – Lia + Eli – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers


Venue: Las Vegas Golf Club | Photographers: Amit Dadlaney |  Hair & Makeup: Platinum Blonde Studios Cake/Sweets: Melissa’s BakeshopDJ/Band: Blissful EntertainmentInvitations: Vista Print | Lighting: Blissful Entertainment | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

The proposal was quite romantic with Eli proposing to Lia on August 13, 2015 in Murphy’s, California at a Mexican restaurant called El Jardin. He had arranged with the hostess to have them sit outside in a corner by a small river that was near the restaurant. As Lia ate with her mouth stuffed with a churro, Eli brought out the ring and popped the question. She was quite surprised but manages to say “What the heck?” with a stuffed mouth. She then says a resounding “Yes” after swallowing her dessert. He asks her to “Put the ring on” to which she replies “No you put the ring on”. He says “Oh”, laughs, gets up and places the ring on the wrong finger and then the right one after she corrects him. The proposal is what you could call a personal one as no one was around except them. Even when the waiter came, he had no idea what just happened. They simply asked him to take a picture of them which she sent to her family and friends to share the great news.

We chose our wedding date because we wanted to have our honeymoon over the weekend. In choosing our venue however, we had to consider certain factors. The first factor was that we wanted to have our wedding at a golf club. So we felt that the Las Vegas Gold Club was the most affordable for us. We were also excited about the fact that we could have our ceremony whether it rained or not as we had it in the patio area.

Another reason for our choice was because of the coordinator, Amanda Knox. She was quite responsive during the whole wedding planning always answering our questions and concerns right away. She never tried to take a nickel and dime us; on the contrary she worked with our budget and would even suggest ideas to help us stay within our set cost.

Weddings are no doubt quite expensive but the one thing we both feel was money well spent was the video because we can watch it over and over again and relive every moment of our special day.

We had wonderful vendors especially Memory Lane. We also loved Amit, our photographer. He worked quite well with Memory Lane’s team. He was very cooperative and even helped out with coordinating at the venue with the DJ and a few other things. He knew the venue well and helped smooth out some bumps we came across during our reception.

It was Lia who actually found out about Memory Lane at a bridal convention she had attended a few years ago. She really loved their work. Her best friend, Eun Johns had also hired them for her wedding and was quite impressed with the video. This of course made her recommend them.

We went ahead to book Memory Lane after meeting with John. We saw how dedicated he is to his work and the attention to detail he put into creating such great work. Eli was really impressed. Lia saw how professional they were at her best friend’s wedding and was impressed by their overall work.

On our wedding day, we really loved how much fun our assigned Memory Lane videographers Tony, Fausto, and Ubelio were. They did an excellent job in making us

feel comfortable and easing our anxiety. They made us laugh all the way. Their level of organization and professionalism was also quite impressive as they were able to deal with challenges with stress.

While planning, we had considered High Class Studios but we decided to go with Memory Lane instead because we already knew what kind of work they did and knew that they would deliver. We were certain that we would be happy with their work.

The importance of video in an event especially a wedding cannot be overemphasized as it captures moments that you will forget down the road but remember when you watch it on a screen. Photography captures a moment and freezes it in one frame but video captures the whole emotion and feel of what is happening at that time, the essence of the moment.

In our opinion Memory Lane’s work indeed speaks for itself and that alone is a sufficient reason to book their services. Watch some of their trailers and be prepared to be moved emotionally. If you do not feel any emotion, then you might want to get a heart transplant because they capture love and happiness in such a beautiful way. Not only do they do amazing work, they have a great team of people that are a joy to work with.

Venue: Las Vegas Golf Club | Photographers: Amit Dadlaney | Hair & Makeup: Platinum Blonde Studios | Cake/Sweets: Melissa's Bakeshop | DJ/Band: Blissful Entertainment | Invitations: Vista Print | Lighting: Blissful Entertainment | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Images by Amit Dadlaney