Havana Room at the Tropicana Hotel – Natasha + Matthew – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: Tropicana Las Vegas|  Cinematography: Memory Lane Video – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers | DJ Entertainment: Harry O’ Productions | Florist: Chapel of the Flowers| MakeUp: Glam Squad | Photographers: Andreo with Chapel of the Flowers


It was such a romantic surprise when Matt proposed to me. It all started when my mother announced a family photo session at the Arboretum during the Christmas season. Matt bought the idea as he agreed to come along, playing the role of a super caring and dutiful boyfriend as he continued to take pictures while we walked the arboretum holiday display. Matt knew how to search for the right spot. Just at the very end, very close to a picturesque location were trees bowed over the path, he pretended to be tying his shoe lace when he suddenly brought a ring as he asked me to marry him. The funniest part was when I realized my Dad actually stood a distance away with a camcorder with which he recorded all that was happening, the photographer also did his part as he left no memory uncaptured. It was such a beautiful moment. Moments later, I discovered Matt had staged the whole thing, he’d asked for my parents’ blessing and later arranged the photography event. It was in fact, one of the most amazing days for me.

After he’d proposed, everything came down to numbers. It was a normal thing for us since we’d always wanted to get married in June 2016. June is a very attractive month especially for weather, our date, June 10th however, was such a perfect Palindrome with 6-1-0-1-6. It was the same either ways and this felt so right in our nerdy engineering minds.

Based on the number of guest we had and their distance from the wedding venue, we decided that if they were going to travel and commit their precious time in order to celebrate our union, then their time is worth an unforgettable party. One they will never forget in their lifetime. Since Vegas was a city loved by all, we figured they’ll be here after all and a close look at the Havana Room at tropical Hotel, we knew there’ll be no other place for the venue.

To me, everything spent on the light-up glasses, money, time invested on the installation of batteries, packing them up and hauling them to Las Vegas was worth it. It started as a little ‘Add-on’ to the reception experience which turned out to be the biggest hit of the event. We were more excited to watch the dancing crowd as they enjoyed all aspect of the night with blinking, flashing glasses on their face. This was such a blast. I’ve never seen people this happy. Matt agreeing to what is said also had another point to add: The open bar the greatest enablers had a way to ensure the party remained in full swing at all times. This no doubt encouraged our more reserved guests to stand up and ease up a little. The efforts of our guests to travel from all around the United states is one that must be reciprocated and so we wanted to make the wedding a party to remember for them.

In order to make or break your reception, the services of a DJ must be involved. Harry O productions, a DJ service run by Harry was booked and he really was an essential part of the day. His skillful coordination along with his kind personality kept everything move and flow smoothly during the reception. DJ Harry got all the guest off their seats as they danced the night away.

The wonderful moments would be forgotten after days, but because of the professional services of Memory Lane Video, this will not be so. We found Memory Lane Video services during an online search for videographers in Las Vegas. It took us watching a series of videos after which we decided to pay for the services of Memory Lane. It was just the best amongst others.

A wedding is a day set aside to create a memory and for this reason, we knew photography would be a big part of capturing our special moment – our wedding. We also knew that a still photography will not be able to bring the life we needed especially during the time for the exchange of vows, our first dance and the celebration with friends and family. We were convinced that Memory Lane had the right team to capture these moments after seeing what they had to offer as we watched a series of works they did in the past.

Apart from recording an event, Memory Lane also had a big role in creating the grand feeling of our wedding. They conducted personal interviews, artistic shots of the bridal party, the celebrity feeling of the eyes. You just notice there are cameras all around leading up to the big moment our life. They actually made us feel special. At a time it felt like the whole world had stopped to salute our occasion.

Memory Lane is all we wanted, even though there existed other companies, their presence never seemed to matter.

The role of a wedding video cannot be undermined. It is such a special tool to relive the most precious moment of our lives as a couple and this is what we’ll hold on to for the rest of our lives. Though there are photo albums, they only capture instances, snapshots in time but the excitement and emotions that brought us all together that we can watch over and over again. It is intended to serve as a reminder for all the beauty and love of that special day and a video being live had a better way of bridging our gap to that moment.

 Tropicana Hotel