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Hazim is an Aerospace Engineer working in the Stress Department at B/E Aerospace in Washington.  Viridiana is currently a Veterinary  Assistant, studying for her National exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Hazim and Viri met quite some time ago, in first grade.  At the time they were both quiet and disciplined.  They developed a friendship in elementary school but lost touch during middle school. It wasn’t until ninth grade when they were reunited in their final class of the day. English class, where flint met steel. Everyone around them could see it, but neither of them wanted to believe it.  As their friendship grew, so did confusion over allowing their friendship to develop into something greater.  This confusion lead to years of flirtatiousness, arguments, and stubbornness.  They missed several opportunities to express their love for one another. It was not until mid senior year that they became best friends, realizing they had little time left together before going their separate ways.  They saw each other almost every day and vowed to make time for each other after starting their college careers.  Little did they know they would end up going to CSUF and CSUP, campuses that are only 15 minutes away from each other.  While being the furthest apart from each other since they met, they would never be closer together. Their first date was on November 15, 2005 and was a birthday dinner for Hazim, November 13th.  Hazim did not have a car at the time, so Viri drove up to Pomona and they were off to a simple dinner at a local restaurant.  They were seated and quickly ordered. Hazim then reached across the table took Viri’s hand into his.  “Viri, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?”, he said. Without hesitation Viri responded, “Yes”.  Then they drove to the top of Cal Poly Pomona to enjoy the beautiful view and each other’s company, thus began and awkward 6 month transition from friends to significant other.

“The most memorable thing about our wedding day was looking deep into each other’s eyes as we said our vows and interlocking arms for the very first time as husband and wife to walk down the aisle,” recalled the couple.

“Our three favorite details from our wedding were 1, not doing a traditional exchange of rings, but rather a pinky promise, and ring tattoos to show our eternal love.  2, we were very excited to have our great friend officiate our wedding. He took our breath away and knew both of our personalities so well that it was a unique and amazing ceremony. 3, our DJ, Tom, from All Night Long Entertainmentwas amazing.  He followed everything we wanted beautifully, and was very compatible with our entire wedding.  He ran everything smoothly, and got all of the difficult unusual names spot on,” Viri and Hazim said.

“If we could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, it would be to remind them that a wedding is about the union of two people who love each other, not about the party itself. Your love is greater than anything,” explained the couple.

“The key factors that helped us choose The Platinum Hotel for our wedding reception were the views, accommodations, and location.  Las Vegas has always held a special place in our hearts, it was our first get away together, it was where we got engaged and it just made sense to tie the knot with a beautiful view of the strip,” said Viri and Hazim.

“Apart from Memory Lane Video, we were very happy we chose Black Chicken Photography and All Night Long Entertainment to be a part of our special day.  Black Chicken was very professional in taking all of our desired photos, and captured some amazing shots.  Tom from All Night Long Entertainment was our DJ, and he truly made it a lively night, with great music selection we could not be happier,” the couple recalled.

“We found out about Memory Land Video by doing some research online and seeing samples of their work.  We were very impressed with all of the videos that they presented online,” said Viri and Hazim.

“Now that the wedding has commenced we have learned that everyone shows stress in different ways, and it is important to have strong family and friends at your side who can diffuse that stress and handle any situation that may arise.  The most important things to us were our family, and the unity of our two cultures, Hazim being Iraqi, and Viridiana being Mexican.  This is something that plays a large role in both of our lives, and we are happy to share it with one another, and our families.  Everything ultimately was worth the stress, because we have such a great bond, we only stressed about the most important items, which helped us keep our stress to a minimum,” the couple explained.

“Some advice we can provide future couples is to start early, a year and a half is ideal, and although this day will be one of the most important days of your life, it is important to look beyond those few hours and look forward to the life you will create together,” said Viri and Hazim.

“The reason we booked Memory Lane Video is because of their quality of work.  In researching other videographers we were most impressed with Memory Lane Video.  Their work samples really made them stand apart for the others.  On the day of the event, we most admired how professional and genuine Memory Lane Video’s videographers were.  John was our head videographer and a great guy.  He is very calm, understanding, and does a great job of directing.  One of our favorite things was how moved John seemed to be by our story, and he was not afraid to show it.  It truly made us feel warmed and comfortable opening ourselves to him,” the couple explained.

“Photographs will only take you so far. It is important to capture the events of your special day on video because you will be so caught up with all of the events and guests around that the day will become surreal and a vague memory.  Capturing them on video will keep  the memories fresh forever,” said Viri and Hazim.

“The two of us decided to take our Honeymoon a few weeks after the wedding, it was a Honeymoon/Birthday (Viri 6/26).  We took a four day trip to Whistler, Canada and did all of the adventurous activities we have always wanted to try.  We went ATVing, Jet Boating, Hiking, and took a plane tour of the surrounding glaciers/volcanoes.  We decided on going to Canada because we purchased a house w few weeks before we got married, in doing so, we made the decision to keep our honeymoon simple, because a house was more important to us,” the couple explained.

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