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Carlton is an Instrument Technician at a local oil refinery. When Shelly moved to Texas to be with him, she became a homemaker.

“When asked to describe how we met, people look at me cockeyed when I say he was getting on my nerves at a bar when he was visiting Atlanta. Carlton is a VERY determined man. When he sees what he wants, he goes after it and gets it. Needless to say, it worked! After attending the Texas relays and getting sun poisoning, our first date should have sent me running, but I knew there was something special between us. I’m glad I didn’t let that keep me from experiencing so many other wonderful dates and trips while we discovered one another,” Shelly recalled.

“The most memorable moment from my wedding was when I saw Carlton standing at the altar. The processional song was a surprise. I knew it was a song he loved. Seeing him there, swaying and clapping his hands to the music in excitement saying ‘oh yeah’ while I walked towards him was priceless. At that point, my nervous giggling ceased and it calmed me,” said Shelly.

“Three details of my wedding that were favorites are as follows: I was given the gift of a spa treatment the day before my wedding by the best man, Scott. After nothing less than a euphoric experience, I returned to our suite and basked in candlelight, sparkling gems, flowers and decor compliments of my daughter and best friend Dai. It meant a lot that they wanted me to have a place of elegance and serenity and to carry that on through the evening. The next favorite moment was when I was walking into the venue on the arm of my daughter, seeing the people we most love there for us and my King in his excitement. Most men would have been proud, standing tall and nervous. Seeing him unable to contain his joy moved me beyond words. Lastly, would be the butterfly release in memory of my mother. It was important to me that she was there in spirit, but also with visual presence via the release, as well as the surprise rhinestone butterfly in my bouquet. I also wore one of her favorite blue brooches close to my heart. Having someone notice its presence discretely throughout the day brought me joy as well as a few happy tears,” Shelly recalled.

“The key factors for choosing our venue were understated elegance, the ability to keep it memorable, the desire for intimacy and a space to ourselves, and our own personal wow factor. Our venue, The Sugar Factory, delivered those points for us,” said the couple.


“Aside from Memory Lane VideoSugar Factory was a pleasant surprise. The food and drinks were exceptional. The guests kept pointing that out to us during and after the wedding. We were concerned at first with ‘American Fare’ and the venue being Parisian in nature. However, the general ambiance, as well as having a space that was just ours for that time was the icing on the cake,” Shelly and Carlton explained.

“I had heard of Memory Lane Video while researching vendors upon deciding to marry in Las Vegas. I was actually ecstatic when PinUp Bride Planners sent over a contract for Memory Lane Video, because I had been lurking on their blog site and viewing sample clips of their work from the very first week I began planning our wedding,” said Shelly.

“Now that the wedding and the planning is over, I feel I should be planning weddings myself! I learned that you really need to express what is most important and what items are negotiable. One of the things I thought were most important was how I was heard and what resulted from the requests I had. It’s important not to try to take on too much, but to maintain control. It’s very easy to let someone convince you of what you must have, or simply can’t work when you’re feeling overwhelm. It was important to me to have a live butterfly release to commemorate my mother who had passed. I was told no at first, but because I insisted, it was worked into our ceremony. Looking back, I have learned that stressing will happen, but so will the end result of all the planning. In the end, I’m married to a man I love. Anything else falls away in comparison,” Shelly explained.

“The biggest piece of advice that we would offer is not to wait when you have your heart set on something. Make lists and tackle a little bit at a time. There will be plenty of add-ons to the lists, so when you can systematically work through all the things to do, you won’t feel so overwhelmed later,” said the couple.

“What really made us want to book with Memory Lane Video was that we already loved their work. The great reviews sealed it for us. So when opportunity came, we never questioned the planners’ suggestions in using them to capture our important wedding moments,” Shelly and Carlton explained.

“What we most admire about Memory Lane Video during our wedding is the fact that they shadowed us and they were there for all the twists and turns of our wedding day,” recalled the couple.

“I believe I would describe the necessity for video as you only have two eyes, so the more eyes you have working for you to capture all the little moments you may have blinked for or been lost in thought or even trying to work through a snag. Video will capture things you may have missed otherwise. I would suggest booking with Memory Lane Video due to the wonderful experience Carlton and I had,” said Shelly.

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“We postponed our honeymoon to Hawaii so that we can plan it perfectly. With so much planning with the destination wedding, we wanted to concentrate on that. We chose to take a short escape after the wedding to South Beach, so Carlton could enjoy a court-side view of his favorite NBA team (The Miami Heat) in the playoffs, which was my wedding gift to him. What led us to this location was the beauty, the beach and the desire to share it with one another,” Shelly explained.

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