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Edelweiss is employed as a Registered Nurse for an orthopedic surgical center while Eden works as a Medical Laboratory Technician in Las Vegas!

Eden and Edelweiss first met in 2008, but didn’t become close friends until the summer of 2011. They were reacquainted through mutual friends at the premier of Transformers 3 that summer. The couple stated they were both polar opposites and weren’t actively looking for a relationship. “We were both still in our early 20’s and we were really just looking to stay single. The more we chatted, the closer we became. Before we knew it, we were frequently running into each other and our conversations were getting deeper. We took our time… and made sure we both knew exactly what we were getting into. As time went on, we fell in love.”

 The most memorable thing I can remember from our wedding was the first time I turned around and saw my beautiful bride walking towards me in her dress. She looked glamorous, right out of a magazine cover, and her smile has this way of lighting up a room as well. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and it made me remember all the reasons why I fell in love with her. As she walked down the aisle, I decided to take it all in and realize I was about to spend forever with my soul mate.” said Eden. 

 Details from our wedding that were some of our favorite were definitely the beautiful scenery and background of the Siena Golf Course. The place looked stunning and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.” stated the couple.

 I will also remember how much fun I had performing with my groomsmen in front of my new wife while realizing these were the men that I grew up with. The music performances we did will always bring laughs and smiles to us, and add to the memories I’ve had with them over the years. We will also never forget seeing all of our close friends and family in one spot celebrating our love. It was amazing having everyone together, and maybe one of the few occasions we will ever see it happen due to everyone coming from all over the country.” said Eden.

Anyone planning their wedding will need a whole lot of advice. Eden and Edelweiss advise “to take a step back and enjoy each other. Don’t become overly stressed over the planning to a point where it consumes you, and it becomes a chore. Keep the invite count, vendors, and venue simple and within your budget. Treasure the moments and each other during the whole process.

The key factors that helped Eden and Edelweiss choose Siena Golf Club as their venue, was it had a big dance floor, friendly staff, an elegant and classy setting, and an affordable price.

 Along with Memory Lane, we were happy that Mindy Bean was there capturing the memories of our bid day through her photos. We heard about Memory Lane video through positive reviews and other wedding clients that we came across. We didn’t really consider other video services outside of Memory Lane.” admitted the couple.

 On the day of the event, we admired Memory Lane’s timeliness and professionalism. They made sure to capture important details of the entire process.” said the couple.

Edelweiss and Eden are going to be honeymooning in the tropical and beautiful Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic. They will be staying at an all-inclusive modern resort. “We chose this location so we can unwind and enjoy the beaches, scenery, weather, and being pampered together as newlyweds”.


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