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For a living, Allen works as an inventory control analyst at Caesars Entertainment Corporate and Jessica currently works at a Korean restaurant.

Jessica and Allen never officially had a first date. In the beginning, they both had mutual friends in middle school. Throughout high school, Allen sat behind Jessica in several classes but hardly spoke to her.  “It wasn’t until we were 23 and both working at Marquee Dayclub/ Nightclub that we ran into each other and rekindled our friendship. The friendship bloomed into something more romantic and eventually we became inseparable.” stated Jessica and Allen.

Being around someone you love, undeniably does feel like time stops. Jessica and Allen experienced the whole world stop before them, as they announced their vows to each other. “The most memorable moment of our wedding would be when we said our vows. The reception went by so quickly with people stopping us left and right, but standing up on the altar was just for us. We were both so nervous, but in that moment no one else was around and time stood still. It was unforgettable.”

The three details that Jessica and Allen adored most were the flower decorations, their slideshow, and their flipbook!

Jessica and Allen advise that, “Even though it is your day, the guests are what really make the night. With that said, keep in mind what they would consider entertaining.” Also, while choosing the details of your wedding, go with your gut. “Pick what you like and stick with it. Don’t over shop.”

The main factors that influenced the couple into choosing Red Rock Country Club for their wedding reception, was the design of the main room and their wonderful coordinator. “We wanted somewhere that was open and where everyone would have a decent view. We also loved the convenient and beautiful location. Another key factor for us was Gina, our coordinator, she made us feel so comfortable and welcomed.”

All of our vendors did an excellent job with their appearance, kindness, and professionalism. We heard about Memory Lane from Jessica’s sister, Kayssi Kang. She used them for her wedding when marrying her husband, Patrick Kang. Their videos were one of a kind. We simply couldn’t imagine booking with anyone else after seeing the Kang’s results. Memory Lane was the first vendor we booked the moment we got engaged. The uniqueness and quality of their work cannot be replicated. We did our shopping for other videographers and it was a waste of time.”

Now that their wedding has taken place, Jessica and Allen actually saw how important having a wedding day is to every couple. “To be honest, we never imagined having a large wedding or saw the true importance of having one. But once our wedding day had arrived, we never wanted it to end. It was one of the most amazing days of our lives.”

Having a Videographer film their wedding day was extremely important to Jessica and Allen. As time passes, it just won’t be as easy to remember every detail from your wedding. “Our wedding will one day become a distant memory, but with a video, we can relive the day over and over again. We can show our future children, and their children, one of the most amazing days we have ever experienced. We would recommend any future clients to book with Memory Lane because they capture the emotional feeling you can only obtain while physically being at the wedding. Memory Lane takes all of the amazing details and turns them into an epic wedding film.”

Congratulations Jessica and Allen, and remember to always be there for each other and to never forget why you fell in love.

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