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Lewis and Nicole first met at where Nicole worked at during that time, which is her family’s aquarium store, Trop-Aquarium. Lewis was a customer of theirs and Nicole always thought that he was cute and funny whenever he came in. Shortly after meeting Lewis, he came in to apply for a job at the aquarium store. Nicole’s parents hired him, and from then on Lewis and Nicole began to get to know each other and eventually secretly dating, because Nicole was only 18 years old and was still living at home with her parents while he was 26. Furthermore, the fact that he was an employee of Nicole’s parents was probably one of the biggest reasons why the two kept their relationship a secret for a short time.

Nicole described their first date as “simple and sweet”. Lewis had her over to his house where he picked up take-out food. Together they ate their food, watched a movie, and gazed at his fish tanks (which was something that they both admired).

Nicole and Lewis both live very busy and crazy lives. Therefore, Lewis’s proposal to Nicole was nothing short of that. Nicole could tell that he was up to something when Lewis took her to a few jewelry stores to get a taste of what she would liked. Nicole ended up finding the perfect ring, but weeks went by and nothing happened. One day, Lewis suggested that they should have a night out at a fancy restaurant and Nicole was able to pick the place. Unfortunately, all of their plans were ruined because Nicole ended up having to work much later than expected. So Lewis being as thoughtful as he was, went out, picked up food from the restaurant Nicole originally chose, and had it at their home all ready to eat by the time she got home. Nicole went into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes as soon as she got home. When she returned from her room, Lewis was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He told her that he loved her and that life was going to be crazy all the time, but he didn’t want to do it with anyone but Nicole! Then he asked Nicole to marry him and she could only say “YES” while crying tears of joy!

They chose March 19th as the day to have their wedding simply because it was a good month for a wedding and that was the Saturday that the venue had available. Furthermore, March had beautiful weather, not too hot and not too cold.

They were happy to pick Sunset Gardens as their wedding venue because it was everything they wanted! Lewis had requested to have the ceremony and reception inside, as he didn’t want weather to play a factor in their special day. They both knew that they wanted a very small, intimate wedding and Sunset Gardens had the perfect chapel for the ceremony that seated 60 people which did not cause a problem because they didn’t want any more guests than that. Plus the reception room was gorgeous and spacious but not too huge to where it would look empty with the limited number of guests that they were expecting. The whole venue was great but an added bonus was how beautifully lit the gardens were at night. The couple described it as “there was nothing quite like it”! The Sunset Gardens was the perfect choice for them!

Nicole and Lewis agreed that the most memorable moment from their wedding was how they could not stop thinking about was how much fun they had together and with all of their guests! They have been to their fair share of weddings that were nice, but they could not wait to get home. However, their wedding wasn’t like that at all! Everyone was up and dancing the entire time. With around 60 people, everyone pretty much knew each other which made for a comfortable setting, which caused everyone to let loose and have fun. They still have friends and family that come up to them telling them how much fun they had at their wedding.

When it came to budgets, they both were in agreement that their wedding video from Memory Lane was by far the part of the wedding planning process that money was well spent on. The ceremony was gorgeous and the reception was fun, pictures are nice, but the video makes it feel as if they were re-living their special day. There was not a dry eye when they watched it, remembering things from their wedding that they have already forgotten. They added that pictures are beautiful but definitely do not have the same effect as a video does!

Originally, Nicole and Lewis heard about Memory Lane Video from Petals Flowers & Events. During their initial meeting with Petals Flowers & Events, they went over other vendors they had booked and their consultant had asked if they had a videographer yet. They did not have one at that time, so she suggested Memory Lane Video. When the couple got home, Nicole watched some videos online from Memory Lane Video and she was hooked! Nicole knew Memory Lane Video had to film their wedding! And after their meeting with Memory Lane Video, they decide to book with them. Lewis and Nicole’s mother were the ones that did not know what a wedding video was all about, However, after watching a few highlight reels and seeing the different styles of video that Memory Lane did, they were hooked too! Memory Lane provided something more than just a video, it was Lewis and Nicole’s wedding story! Lewis and Nicole did not think anyone could capture the special day better than Memory Lane. They loved everything about the videos that Memory Lane created, from the editing to the music that was added. Their videos told beautiful stories and made it possible to re-live the happiest day of Lewis and Nicole’s lives.

What they admired most about Memory Lane Video on their wedding day was their professionalism. The Memory Lane videographers were right one time to where they were supposed to be and they helped Nicole and Lewis by guiding them on what to do. Most importantly during the interviews, they made Lewis and Nicole feel completely comfortable while answering the questions. Lewis and Nicole are both be somewhat shy, so speaking to a stranger especially about something so emotional could have been a hard thing. Fortunately with Memory Lane Video, they kept reassuring Lewis and Nicole that they were doing great, and to keep it going.

Nicole and Lewis added that a wedding video is an absolute must! Pictures are beautiful, you can put them in frames and they are pretty to look at, but they do not bring back the feelings that you have on your wedding day. The video did exactly that, it allowed Lewis and Nicole re-live their most precious day. The video will be something that in those rough moments, the two can look back on and remember the love that they have for each other. They would recommend Memory Lane Video to anyone looking for a videographer! Memory Lane captured all of the moments during their special day and in the end, put together a beautiful video that they can look back on and remember their very remarkable wedding day!

Even though Memory Lane was by far their favorite vendor, the couple was happy that they went with TK Photography to take their pictures! TK Photography was able to capture the most intimate moments and their pictures came back great! Aside from the photography, their venue Sunset Gardens did the majority of the planning and their coordinators were absolutely amazing. They made sure everything ran smoothly, so Nicole and Lewis did not have to worry about a single thing! Not to mention their food was phenomenal, everyone at the wedding raved about it.

For their future together, Lewis and Nicole are going to continue to enjoy life! They run two businesses together, which they will continue to grow to provide them with a great future.  They still make time for each other and went to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon! They plan on going back there for years to come on their wedding anniversaries. Neither of them have a desire to have children because they already have four adorable puppies that they treat as their babies. The overall goals that Nicole and Lewis have are to continue to grow their businesses, enjoy their families, and travel while enjoy many vacations and new experiences together!
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