Caesar’s Palace & Fabrizio – Wendy + Anthony – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Venue: Caesars Palace & Fabrizio Banquet Hall |  Photography: Kandylane Photography &  Xochitl Rodriguez Photography | Florist: Luis Cardona Lou Design Decor and Flowers | Hair and Makeup:  Joey Sal |Cake: Golden Cake Bakery | Entertainment: Dj Shai Peri | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Wendy and Anthony first met each other when Anthony moved to Las Vegas. Anthony’s father asked one of his hairdressing clients (who happened to be Wendy’s friend) to get Anthony out of the house just two days after he moved to Las Vegas. The client/Wendy’s friend agreed to get Anthony out of the house and took him to Wendy’s house for the day. As soon as Anthony laid eyes on Wendy, he knew that she was “the one” and dedicated the next two years of his life convincing Wendy to date him!

After those long two years, Wendy finally agreed to date Anthony and they spent their first date at the Jupiter Bowl in Park City! They were living in a mansion in the city for their work! However, the date was not an intimate first date. They decided to have all their housemates join them on a group date. Anthony claimed that he ‘didn’t know how to bowl’ but ended up winning the whole game and being the superstar for the night! That night Wendy knew that Anthony was the one for her and regretted not saying yes throughout the last two years whenever Anthony asked her out. Throughout the night, she was intrigued by Anthony’s star spangled socks and she was ‘enlightened’ by him! She recalled how funny and nice he was and how she realized that she really really liked him!

Birthday’s are memorable events that happen every year. May 2015, on Wendy’s birthday, Anthony made sure that Wendy would remember that specific birthday for the rest of her life by proposing to her! He took her to the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and after they had an amazing dinner, Anthony began acting weird. Wendy thought the worst by assuming that Anthony was going to break up with her. She did not know that it was quite the opposite. While she was thinking these thoughts, a waiter came out with their ‘dessert’. Once the waiter got to their table, he opened the steel tray and revealed that instead of dessert inside the steel tray, there was a ring inside an Eiffel Tower stand! Before Wendy could comprehend anything, Anthony got down on one knee and told Wendy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Wendy. She started to laugh really hard because Anthony was known to be a jokester and she did not believe him at first. After she calmed down and saw that Anthony was serious, she immediately said “YES” and became the happiest woman in the world.

They chose their wedding date based on when the Las Vegas weather would not be too hot or too cold, but just right. They had to move their original wedding date a few weeks ahead because the original date was set for Easter. Luckily a friend told them this before they booked the date! As for their ceremony, they picked to be married at the Caesars Palace because Anthony is a Lord and Wendy is his lady so they felt as if they belonged in a palace and that it was the only suitable place for them to have their magical day! After the ceremony, they traveled to Fabrizio because the room was beautiful and was the only location that would give them the intimate feeling that they wished for with their family and friends.

Wendy’s most memorable part of their wedding day was their ceremony when all her boys (Anthony, Devante, and Frank) and her all united to become one family! Anthony’s dance before the garter toss was amazing and Wendy cannot wait until they can watch that moment in their wedding video. Meanwhile, Anthony’s most memorable moment was watching Wendy walk down the aisle! He said that she looked ‘so beautiful’ and everything after that was the icing on the cake.

Anthony and Wendy’s wedding was very expensive! However, Wendy believed that it was all money well spent.  For her, just being able to have all their families together in one room while they celebrated their love and union was the best day ever! It was everything Wendy imagined it to be and even some. Anthony shared the same thoughts. For him, the whole wedding was worth every penny of the $100,000 that they spent on everything! They were so glad that they were able to pay it in advance and that they did not end up in debt!

When the couple chose a video company for film their wedding, it was an easy choice when they learned about Memory Lane Video. The moment they met Ricky, they knew that he was a professional and knew what he was talking about. They wanted every moment of their wedding documented so they will be able to relive that special day forever!

On the day of Anthony and Wendy’s big day, they admired how the videographers were hands on and timely. They noticed how the crew captured every detail throughout the wedding day. The couple truly appreciated that (and Memory Lane in general)! Furthermore, Wendy and Anthony want to encourage future couples to have a video of there wedding day. It is a must!   Memory Lane will capture everything from the bride and groom getting ready to walking down the aisle to seeing each other for the first time. Wendy and Anthony are most excited to rewatch how both sides of their family came together to form one big family!

Apart from Memory Lane Video, Anthony and Wendy wanted to give their compliments to the other vendors that helped make their wedding day perfect! From Caesars Palace to Fabrizio to their DJ (“DJ Shai who was amazing!”) and Kandylane Photography and Xochitl Rodriguez Photography. Additionally, Wendy would like to thank her best friend Luis Cardona who did all of her amazing flowers and all the event decor and planning. Lastly, Kleinfeld Bridal in New York who helped Wendy customize her amazing Lazzarro dress and Louboutin for her beautiful shoes!

Wendy and Anthony’s plan for their future together is to be happy, stress free, continue to work hard, love one another more and more everyday, and eventually start a family of their own!

Venue: Caesars Palace & Fabrizio Banquet Hall | Photography: Kandylane Photography & Xochitl Rodriguez Photography | Florist: Luis Cardona Lou Design Decor and Flowers | Hair and Makeup: Joey Sal |Cake: Golden Cake Bakery | Entertainment: Dj Shai Peri | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Images by Kandylane Photography