Paiute Golf Club – Anna + Roger – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photographers/Photography Company: Chris Purdum @ Orange Soda Photography  | Décor Company/Linens: Paiute Golf Resort  | Florist: Flowers by Michelle  | Cake: Denae Christiansen | Ceremony/Reception Music: Las Vegas Music Oasis (Three String Trio) | DJ: Steve Merino   | Invitations: Liana Pahukoa | Lighting: LED Unplugged  | Photo booth: Shutter Booth   |Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

I arranged for the proposal to happen on Christmas Eve 2014 with the help of family and friends. The setup was as follows; I sent Ana a single beautiful Ecuadorian Red Rose to her job with a simple message that read, “I can’t wait to see you later, I Love You” signed, Roger. The plan was for all the guests to assemble in front of the home and with the help of Roger Jr. and Angel would line up with roses in hand to enter the door individually in order. I had changed into my suit, which I had purchased just for the occasion using my truck and guests as cover. Inside, Janeth finally convinced Ana to change, stating that she needed to take pictures with the grandbaby before her nap, that is what finally got the event rolling. Janeth took one picture then grabbed the baby as Ana was now in place and instructed her to not move, surprisingly Ana did not move. Robert was nice enough to start the music “Amazed by Lonestar” then began opening the front door allowing guests in one person or a couple at a time allowing a few seconds of personal time with Ana. This continued till it was my turn. As I entered she looked beautiful as always and you could see the emotion on her face. Something else she did not expect was the fact that she was standing next to her ring the whole time. I had purchased an elegant ring holder ornament, which was strategically placed within easy reach for me at the moment of truth. I mentioned a quote “Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life God grants us a fairy tale, Ana you are my Fairytale” I dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and would she marry me…she said yes!!  ”

The factors that led us to choose the Paiute Golf Resort venue was the cost and value of that cost. We researched many venues and read through many reviews. After deciding on the Paiute we were very pleased with Pam, Sarah, and Genie as our venue coordinators. They were always happy to answer questions and quick to return phone calls and emails. They made our experience there an exceptionally wonderful one. The food was fantastic, and the service was amazing! Martin, our bartender, was outstanding and kept everyone’s glass full at the bar at a record pace. Being 5 minutes north of Las Vegas allows the venue to be at a distinct advantage with breathtaking views all around in a uniquely open atmosphere. It was amazing to escape the clutter and bustle of the city and slow down to enjoy our day.

I would like to say that the photography and video services were money well spent because after all is said and done seeing it again in pictures and video really helps you capture and re live the day and the moments you tend to forget. With everything that’s going on it, all goes by so fast. Nothing can compare to being able to share our memories throughout our years better.

While doing our research for our special day it came time to choose a video company. We found Memory Lane Video on You tube and were really drawn to the style they presented in their body of work. They didn’t just put a video camera up and call it a day. They presented a story along with the wedding. The services offered were really above par in our book. We opted for just about everything they offered to include a camera on the Ring Bearer, which was something we never even thought of. They also offered a drone just before and after the ceremony and during our photos on the golf green. The first look was amazing and to see it from an Arial view is going to be breathtaking. During our ceremony and reception, the Memory Lane Video Crew and staff were professional courteous and helpful in every aspect they could be. Anna and I arrived at the venue at pretty much the same time and if it were not for the MLV crew stepping up and coordinating our paths to our lockers it could have spoiled our first look moment.

We were exceptionally happy with Orange Soda Photography. Chris Purdum and company were outstandingly fun and felt as though they were family and part of the bridal party. Aside from taking spectacular photos for our entryway and sign in book he was extremely courteous and helpful in many areas besides photography.

In short, the video is extremely important to share your memories and re live your special day whenever you wish. As far as value, how can you put a price on memories? The simple answer is you cannot!

Memory Lane Video is by far the best video service hands down. Anyone looking to book a video company would be remiss to not take advantage of the many hands that go into every production. From the one on one consultations with John, the onsite camera crews of which we had 3, to the 10 or so behind the scenes staff that really get involved in making every video a standout production.

Photographers/Photography Company: Chris Purdum @ Orange Soda Photography  | Décor Company/Linens: Paiute Golf Resort  | Florist: Flowers by Michelle  | Cake: Denae Christiansen | Ceremony/Reception Music: Las Vegas Music Oasis (Three String Trio) | DJ: Steve Merino   | Invitations: Liana Pahukoa | Lighting: LED Unplugged  | Photo booth: Shutter Booth   |Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videogr
Images by Orange Soda Photography

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