Platinum Hotel – Lauren + Ryan – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Lauren & Ryan met each other  through mutual friends.  Both were attending a wedding in Vegas and each a guest at one of the maid of honors house when they realized that they both planned trips to Vegas at the exact same time.  They flew to Vegas, and met up here, and the romance begun.

Lauren & Ryan’s fist date was at Dave & Busters.  A round of mini golf, where Lauren was the clear winner, was the beginning of the night’s festivities.  The couple had dinner and drinks and continued to engage in other games at the same location.  They had a wonderful time.

Their proposal was perfect.  After almost a year of searching for the perfect ring Ryan finally found exactly what Lauren wanted. After buying the ring all of his plans of a weekend proposal were gone, and Ryan just had to propose that night. Getting prepped for the big night, Ryan sneakily put the ring in his pocket and made sure it was undetectable.  Ryan asked Lauren if she wanted to go out for a date night and she quickly responded “No, I have to work tomorrow and I am tired.” He said “Are you sure.”; she said “Yes”.  He sadly put the ring back and got ready for their night in.  Lauren’s mom encouraged her to go out and she threw herself together.  Ryan decided to go with his original plan, and propose where they had their first date.  He whisked Lauren off to Dave & Busters, a fine dining and elegant gaming facility serving the Denver area since 1997.  After a couple of nervous hours, lots of games and tickets, and about a hundred pocket checks to make sure the ring was still there, Ryan decided it was finally time.  While Lauren was intensely playing “Elvis”, a coin dropping game, Ryan asked her if she remembered having their first date there and she said she did.  He quickly dropped to one knee and said “I would like to continue what we have forever.  Lauren will you marry me?”  After a few minutes of being on his knee and trying to convince Lauren the ring and proposal were real she excitedly said “Yes, Of course!”

The couple had winning odds for choosing 7/21 as the wedding date –  because 7 and 21 are both lucky Vegas numbers.  Strategically, it was easy for Ryan to remember because we were engaged on 3/21.

The couple chose the Platinum Hotel  as their wedding venue, because they wanted their guests to have the true Vegas experience.  Although, once the couple caught a glimpse of the panoramic views from the Platinum roof top, they were hooked.  The Platinum’s packages were ideal for the couples taste, and the venue exceeded the couple’s expectations when it came to the food & beverage.  Simply divine.
Lauren & Ryan’s wedding is filled with memorable moments, the most memorable part of the wedding day for Ryan was seeing Lauren for the first time as she walked down the aisle to the Twilight song.  A memorable moment for Lauren was when she saw Ryan for the first time.  All of her nervous energy went away and everything became a blur except for seeing Ryan.  She couldn’t wait to get to him and be by his side.  Because the couple chose not to see each other prior to the wedding their first look at the aisle was a very special moment for both of them.

Kimberly was the couple’s wedding planner, the couple was extremely happy with the level of service she provided on the couple’s wedding day. She was instrumental in keeping everything running smoothly, always ensured the couple enjoyed their wedding, stress free.  Kimberly is a true professional.  Lauren recalls that Kimberly even “busted a few moves with us on the dance floor.”  Who knew?

Memory Lane Video was honored to be chosen the couple’s wedding, we asked them how they heard about Memory Lane Video? And the couple shared they learned of our company through wedding wire.  Lauren said, “We watched tons of videos and every wedding video that we loved was done by Memory Lane.  We knew we had to have them to do ours. On the day of the event we most admired the friendliness of the camera men.  They made us both extremely comfortable while on camera and they were professional.  We feel that the video is a great way to relive your wedding day.  The wedding day goes by so fast and is such a blur that it will be nice to sit back and watch the day play out.”  Thank-you Lauren & Ryan!

The couple have some exciting news to share with our readers.  Lauren & Ryan are expecting a baby boy in the near future. Congratulations, we wish you the very best!

Photographer: Tyler Freear | Florist: Roxi Floral |Hair and Makeup: Make up in the 702 | Cake: Retro Bakery | DJ: All Night Long Entertainment | Invitations: | Wedding Coordinator: Kimberly Campbell with Platinum Hotel | Cinematography: Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photographer: Tyler Freear | Florist: Roxi Floral |Hair and Makeup: Make up in the 702 | Cake: Retro Bakery | DJ: All Night Long Entertainment | Invitations: | Wedding Coordinator: Kimberly Campbell with Platinum Hotel, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers, Memory Lane Video
Images by Tyler Freear Photography