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Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers, has the opportunity to work with an array of wonderful people, Rachel & Andre are no exception.  Both Rachel & Andre work in the hospitality industry for Station Casinos.  In fact, the couple first met almost 8 years ago at Sunset Station while they were conducting training & launch the Grand Cafe.

Each date is a memorable one, but Rachel recalls their first date taking place February 14th, 2011 at the Lindo Michoacan in Henderson.  Rachel was a bag of nerves, she shared, “….I was nervous, excited, shy and tried not to drool in my food while talking to the most incredibly handsome man I have ever met.   We enjoyed good conversations about college, careers, families and each other’s company. He then walked me to my car and it was there that we had our first kiss which was sweet, long lasting, passionate and unforgettable.”  WOW, how PERFECT!

Of course, we had to know what Andre recalled about their first date.  Andre shared that he too was nervous and had butterflies in his stomach.  Andre said, ” I walked into the door. The minute I saw her I felt as if I was struck by lightning like Michael Corleone in The Godfather when he first saw Apollonia in Sicily. I remember being in awe of her from not only of her beauty, but her voluptuous lips, her dark brown eyes, thick brown hair and an amazing smile. She had this confidence in her that was so attractive and I knew I was going to fall in love with. We had really good laughs that night as well as deep conversation about life, careers and families. When I walked her out I knew it was the moment of truth that was about to take place…..the first kiss. I knew that this first kiss would tell me everything and I knew from our first kiss I was hers forever and fell in love with her that night.”    You must admit, it seems the two were truly meant for each other.  The chemistry the two shared could not be denied.

Fast forward to June 2015, the couple walked down and their first Kiss at the altar at their church sealed their marriage in front of God, family, and friends.  Special memories were created that night that the couple felt were special to them.  Among them were, Rachael walking down the aisle towards Andre accompanied by her parents by her side.  Andre has a permanent vision of how beautiful & breathtaking she appeared in her wedding gown.  Andre would say “I DO” to Rachel each and every day, as he feels she is even more stunning each & every day thereafter.  What a beautiful memory.

Wedding planning is a time consuming task, one that needs a lot of attention to detail.  And, therefore, details matter!  We asked the couple to share with our readers which details were most important to them, and why.  We were humbled and delighted by their responses.  First, the couple said, “Making the decision to hire a videographer…..Memory Lane Video,  because it is one of the most important moments of our life.”   Secondly music selection was vital for the couple.  The couple chose the song, I could die for you” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to illustrate the kind of love they share for one another and continue to feel.  They loved sharing their first dance with their family, and that song fit them perfectly.  Lastly, the couple said the menu selection was an important detail of their wedding.  Chef  Jose at Red Rock Hotel did an absolutely amazing job creating the vision for their culinary delight.  In fact the attending guests are still raving about the food offerings.  Sounds like the couple had a perfect evening with all of the important details of their wedding night.

Vendors are important to every weddings because the help to orchestrate and execute the vision the couples have.  We know that it takes a team to execute, and Rachel & Andre had the best.  We know that Andre & Rachel both met us at the Bridal Spectacular Show in Las Vegas where they fell in love with our work, but they also met the very talented photographer, Jenna Ebert, of Jenna Ebert Photography.  They loved her style, personality, and honesty.  Trust us, Jenna does Fabulous work :-). DJ Britt Lee & DJ Justin Swayne were perfect and talents the couple were familiar with from their place of employment.  Shutter booth, photo booth was a perfect addition to the couple party as they provided them with customized albums and pictures for their guests.  Rachel and her mom met us at the Bridal Spectacular as well while the two were gathering ideas for the wedding.  Rachel confessed she would watch every video we would post on our blog and get more and more excited about her own wedding.  That to us is a huge compliment, as we here at Memory Lane take a lot of pride in what we do and create for our clients.

Video is such an integral and important part of a wedding, and we always like our clients to share why they chose to have a videographer and specifically why they chose MEMORY LANE VIDEO.  Here is what Rachel & Andre shared, “You guys made us feel welcomed at your home/office during the consultation, at the Bridal Spectacular and you were sincere and passionate about your work and ultimately the finished product.  You truly are great at your profession and good people who are a pleasure to work with. For these among other reasons, honestly, we did not look elsewhere.  Not to mention, on the day of the wedding, you were organized, knew what you were doing, non obtrusive, professional, friendly, detailed, you enjoyed being a part of our day and you were collaborative with the other vendors.  There is no one better than Memory Lane Video and your hard working and passionate team.  It is no surprise that you have all of these accolades and why you are in such high demand.  Your work speaks for itself but it is your love for making brilliant work and happy customers that is the key to your success.  Thank you Memory Lane Video!!!!!”   WOW, you leave us speechless, Thank-you Andre & Rachel.  We are so greatful that shared such a beautiful day with us, and allowed us to be a part of it.  For this we are forever humbled.  We wish you the very best!

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Images by Jenna Ebert Photography