Red Rock Country Club – April + Joshua – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers


Venue: Red Rock Country Club | Photographer: Tammy LaBar |Hair/makeup: Nicole LaPree & Alexandra Frederick | Florist: Catherine Thompson with Layers of Lovely  |Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes |Dj: Patrick with The Music Solution |Lighting: Red Rock Country Club | Photobooth:ShutterBooth | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers  
“Shortly after we started dating, Josh had been telling me that he was going to marry me, but I had no idea when he was planning on asking the official question.  I would tease him and say that I didn’t believe him, but I had no idea he would end up conducting a public proposal. He planned it for when I had her my sister Alex and friends in Las Vegas to visit.  August 13th to be exact. It was a very tricky situation, as I have a knack for ruining surprises (albeit inadvertently), so everyone involved had to be extra careful. Josh set the girls up to visit the Bellagio Gardens since one of my friends had never been there before. It was a perfect cover.  He told me he would “meet up with them” since he was “running behind,” when in truth he was already there waiting, which everyone knew except me (for once)!  As my friends and I were in the Garden, Alex made sure to keep me distracted long enough for Joshua to sneak up behind me. She then quietly began to video them as he greeted me as usual, but quickly bent his knee and presented an heirloom ring, which had been his mothers.  I was speechless, honored, and happily accepted to the cheers and clapping of the other visitors to the Gardens.”

 There are many different choices when it comes to venues in Las Vegas, so we asked the couple for their reasoning as to why they chose the site that they did. They said, “We chose our venue as it had sentimental value to us.  When I first took Joshua as a date to meet my friends from work, it was for my friend’s wedding at Red Rock Country Club.  The food was fantastic, the grounds were beautiful, the building was gorgeous, and I caught the toss bouquet!  It was only fitting that once we became engaged that we wanted to celebrate our special day at Red Rock Country Club as well.  When we went for our consultation at Red Rock Country Club, Gina blew us away with her phenomenal energy.  She was friendly, professional, and made us both feel very secure and comfortable. She made us feel that Red Rock Country Club was truly devoted to our day.”

 Money is valuable and where it on is always chosen wisely. We asked the couple what they think was money well spent for their wedding day. They answered; April- “I would have to say one thing that is definitely “money well spent” are the memory vendors; the photographer and videographers. I have always been big on pictures; I also used to scrapbook, so visual memories are significant to me. One day, as the excitement of the day fades, I can look at my pictures and video and recapture that feeling. I can share with family that could not travel to come to Vegas, and I can see all of the things I missed! I am thrilled we spent the money we did on memories.”

Joshua- “I think that the money well spent for us went to the venue. Red Rock Country Club had great vendors associated with them- our package included the cake (delicious and beautiful), the DJ (people on the dance floor all night long), the photo booth tenant was fun and kept people entertained, and the florist nailed what April envisioned.  We didn’t have a wedding planner, but Gina was essential in making sure our day went as smooth as possible.  This venue can’t be beaten.”

 A variety of vendors make up the beautiful weddings that we see, but we wanted to know what vendor the couple was exceptionally happy with overall. They said, April– “I enjoyed my photographer, Tammy LaBar. I had worked with Tammy previously, and she is extremely talented.  She was fun and precise, and she is very easy to work with. She also does fantastic work to top it off!”

Joshua- “I enjoyed Las Vegas Custom Cakes.  We never felt rushed when we met with them, they were always very friendly, and they took the time to make sure they had our “vision” right, and in the end, they nailed it.  Our cake not only looked amazing, but it also tasted good. Everyone enjoyed it.”

 The couple was asked how they heard about Memory Lane Video and why they chose to hire us to film their special day. They answered, “We heard about Memory Lane Video from a co-worker who had recently gotten married.  She was not able to book with Memory Lane as they were already booked for her date, but she strongly encouraged me to check them out.  I went to the website, and WOW!  I was getting glassy-eyed watching these videos of complete strangers!  Their quality of work just pulled emotion from me, so I showed Joshua their work, and we decided- we had to have them! We booked with Memory Lane not only because of the just outstanding work we saw but when we went to the consultation, we were made to feel at home.  John was great; he was very friendly and had a nice calm energy to him.  We were easily able to talk to him, and he came across as someone who genuinely loves what he does.  We watched more videos and as the consultation went on, Josh and I looked at each other and without a word we knew- we had decided.  No need to consult with anyone else, we booked on the spot.”

Some couples might be on the fence when deciding to book a videographer, so we asked the couple to give some advice to these couples, “A video is something I had initially considered ancillary, and that if we had to make any budget cuts, that video would be a thing we could do a.  I WAS WRONG!  I had taken a poll with my married friends to see what they regret, and the video was something that many regretted not getting. Once we saw Memory Lane’s work and booked, we immediately felt we made the right decision.  People will tell you the day “flies by,” and let us tell you, that is a gross understatement!  Between the prepping, getting through the ceremony, then dinner and cake cutting, followed by everyone wanting to congratulate you, toasts and special dances, you are being pulled in a million different directions.  I know there are things that we missed that Memory Lane was able to capture for us.  We completely and wholeheartedly encourage any couple thinking about skimping on video- DO NOT.  We are so happy we were able to have Memory Lane be the ones to document our day.”

 We asked the couple thoroughly enjoyed about Memory Lane Video and they answered with, “On the day of the wedding I admired Memory Lane’s professionalism.  They always explained what they were doing, and why they were doing it.  We never felt “out of the loop, ” and they kept things flowing.  They were very prepared and professional without being cold. We could not have asked for a better team. We highly recommend Memory Lane if you’re looking for professionalism, quality, and the ability to capture the energy of your wedding day.  There is no “cookie cutter” videos here; everything is custom and specific to each couple down to the last detail.  Anyone can carry a video camera, but it takes talent and skill to be able to recreate and draw emotion through a film, and that’s exactly what they do.”

Venue: Red Rock Country Club | Photographer: Tammy LaBar |Hair/makeup: Nicole LaPree & Alexandra Frederick | Florist: Catherine Thompson with Layers of Lovely |Cake: Las Vegas Custom Cakes |Dj: Patrick with The Music Solution |Lighting: Red Rock Country Club | Photobooth:ShutterBooth | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers
Photographer: Tammy LaBar